Newly Established IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph

The Timezoner from IWC is the ideal travel companion. A quick turn of the bezel reveals the new time zone, while the built-in fly-back chronograph makes this watch an exceptional timepiece at an affordable price. Traversing time zones with the fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph is a reliable task, not least because IWC’s expertise in pilot’s replica watches dates back to 1936. Once the programming of the time change has been completed, it always works perfectly.
The programming sequence relies on a special arrangement between the case and the movement. To set this world-timer correctly, you first press the rota-table bezel onto the stainless steel case, which has a diameter of almost 46 mm. When positioning the bezel, you must press the rotating ring down firmly at two opposing points and ensure that it snaps securely into the desired setting. This is not difficult as the swivel ring snaps into place with a click that you can hear and feel. The click indicates that the adjustment process is complete. Now, the rota-table ring cannot be repositioned incorrectly.
The next player in the re-positioning play is the crown, which must first be rotated to the left to unlock it. When you pull the crown out to the extracted position, the movement allows you to reset the hands of the replica watch. Unusually, the screw-down crown does not offer a quick reset of the date in the middle position, as this role is played by the rotatable bezel. This is a particularly handy feature at the end of a month with only 30 days in it. If you turn the bezel clockwise in hours, the date switches every time the hour hand and the other 24-hour hand pass the midnight position. Now you continue to turn the bezel, which will push the hands to the correct time in the local time zone. The only detail to note is that the 24-hour hand must also show the correct local time. Its red arrow shows the corresponding time on a smaller 24-hour circle near the center of the dial.
And then you’re done! From now on, you can simply turn the bezel at any time and reset your fake watch in hourly increments to display the time in the new area. If you are traveling east, you can turn the bezel clockwise. This is logical because the sun is already in the east, so the time will be later. If you are traveling west, you turn the rotatable bezel counterclockwise because you are going “backward” to an earlier time. The date display always switches with the hour hand, either forward or backward.
If you live in a foreign country and want to know the time at home, or if you are at home and want to know the time in the rest of the world, simply apply even downward pressure to the bezel and turn it until the desired position swings to 12 o’clock: a fascinating pastime.