New Mysterious Omega Watches

In addition to producing some of the world’s finest luxury watches, OMEGA also has a strong philanthropic focus, supporting a number of different charities and conservation projects. As a brand, OMEGA is best known for its ultra-functional professional sports replica watches. However, despite this pedigree of producing some of the world’s most noteworthy tool watches, Omega has an even longer history of producing classically styled dress watches.
The latest addition to the collection, the fake Rolex watches, is a pair of Omega De Ville Trésor models. Both timepieces are made of stainless steel and measure 40mm in diameter, with rich blue dials and matching leather straps. The only difference between these two Orbis versions of the Trésor is the style of bezel they are fitted with, with one receiving a classic smooth bezel and the other set with brilliant diamonds.
As a tribute to ORBIS and the great cause the organization supports, the second’s hand is varnished in light blue, the same color as ORBIS. Orbis’ mascot is a teddy bear named Seymour, a cuddly toy given to children undergoing eye surgery. In addition to the non-profit organization’s signature light blue company colors, various Orbis editions of fake Omega watches produced in the past have subtly placed Seymour the bear somewhere in the design.
On the new Omega De Ville Trésor Orbis Edition, the number “8” on the calendar dial has been replaced by Seymour, the company’s iconic light blue Orbis bear. On the first day of the second week of each month, Seymour will be unveiled, complemented by a bright blue second hand, an acute and constant reminder of the amazing work Orbis does around the world.
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