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Books by Randall Ashbourne
Journalist, Market Analyst

Books by Raymond Merriman
Financial Market Analyst, AFA Certified Financial Astrologer, Author, President of the International Society of Astrological Research.



The Idiot & The Moon

by Randall Ashbourne

FORECAST 2014 IS A PASSWORD PROTECTED eBook published in Adobe PDF format.
However, you will be able to print the entire document.

In addition, you may want to print extra pages for the Moon Trading data and long-range planetary price lines tailored to the index you most commonly trade to keep pinned-up near your computer.

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With each purchase of Forecast 2014, buyers will also receive a special report on Gold personally sent by Randall Ashbourne

Click here for eBook review of The Idiot & The Moon Forecast, 2014"

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"There is only one real show in the skies this year ...
a dramatic escalation in the ongoing War of the Gods which has been underway since 2008 and is not due to end until 2015
"- R.Ashbourne

 The Idiot & the Moon

by Randall Ashbourne

 Index-tailored information providing all traders with enough information to generate returns regularly, reliably and safely.

 Major trend change dates for the full year, plus a month-by-month breakdown of high-energy trading dates and critical reversal dates.

 An index-by-index analysis of Moon Trading across major American, European, Asian and Australian stock indices showing variations in the performance which can help traders time Entry and Exit levels for greatly enhanced profitability.

  The analysis also identifies those of the major indices where following the phases of the Moon can dramatically cut profits, or even result in large losses.

  An index-by-index breakdown of long-range technical conditions plus long-range planetary price charts showing the exact levels traders can expect trends to hit and precisely where major trend changes are likely to occur.

In Forecast 2014, you will learn

  • The broad astrological themes in play for the year ahead
  • Key dates in order to identify short-term trend changes
  • How the Bradley Model performed during 2013, and the major and minor turn dates for 2014
  • How Moon Trading performed for various international indices during 2013, and the dates for lunar phase trading in 2014
  • How The Idiot...the central character of The Idiot & The Moon has performed in the past.

      "It's never too late to realise The Idiot may be the best stock   advisor we'll ever meet." R. Ashbourne

Randall writes a free stock market report using common sense, technical analysis and financial astrology techniques.  

Please bookmark and check each weekend for his weekly reports at


Randall Ashbourne, former journalist and political strategist turned stock trader, and author of The World at Large reports for Astrological Investing, has written an eBook designed specifically to help new traders find their feet – or burned out traders regain their’s - The Idiot & The Moon

In his book, The Idiot & the Moon, Randall shares the method he has developed over years of trading with us.  Additionally, he shows us how to combine his "Idiot" method to profitably trade the stock market using lunar phases, (New Moon, Full Moon, First and Quarter cycles) with technical tools and astrology.

Click here for the late Kaye Shinker's review of The Idiot and The Moon

Randall's books combine years of trading experience with a keen understanding of which technical tools work, as well as some unique astro-trading discoveries.  He is a dedicated student of astrology, and has used astrological techniques combined with technical analysis as a stock market trader.  His background in journalism made him well equipped to research and write, a talent that he used much to the wide approval from readers of his World At Large reports - a weekly technical marketing report written for Astrological Investing.

On a personal note, Randall shared "The Idiot" techniques with me before he wrote his book. Since then I have been using these techniques in my trading.  Randall's Idiot is nothing less than brilliant! It has been an incredibly accurate and predictive tool for trading and I would never buy another stock without using these techniques. - Marley

One of our members, an experienced trader, recently purchased the book and wrote to Randall saying:   "I was either missing the boat or staying too long at the fair. Return on cost of book: $1470 in one week. Thank you for that one. I would have missed it. "

Another subscriber recently wrote us saying:"... I have been trading for 8 years, and consider myself an advanced chartist who has gone from learning it all to keeping it simple. From what I have read of this book, that is his approach. I am also impressed that he describes how to use Galactic Trader which I found over whelmingly difficult when I attempted to learn on my own.    Thanks again for all of your help and for promoting a brilliant and simple approach to the markets."

NOTE! - Randall Ashbourne writes a free stock market report using common sense, technical analysis and financial astrology techniques.  Please bookmark and check each weekend for his weekly reports at

All of the written material and graphics are copyrighted by Randall Ashbourne. 

It is the policy of Astrological Investing to respect the copyright protections given to authors, owners, and publishers under Federal law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Please honor our policy and do not copy, reproduce, or distribute this, or any, eBook purchased from our web site except as expressly permitted by and with the written consent of the copyright holder or as otherwise permitted under Federal law. Thank you!

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