What do you get for your money with Rolex?

Rolex has created a new alloy for its hairsprings called Parachrom. It also produced Cerachrom, a revolutionary ceramic material for bezels and inserts that is both scratch- and fade-resistant. In addition, Rolex forges most of the metals used in its watches in its own in-house foundry to ensure maximum quality, durability, and aesthetics.
Different from other manufacturers, Rolex uses 904L stainless steel, an incredibly strong material that is extremely resistant to corrosion and erosion and retains a luster like no other. It is also particularly difficult to machine, requiring Rolex to invest heavily in new tools and machinery.
Moreover, Rolex is one of the very few companies that creates and manufactures every movement in-house, instead of buying generic movements from companies like ETA and modifying them, giving them complete control over every aspect of their construction.
When you really break down the cost, replica Rolex watches are actually not expensive at all. Yes, you might look at the entry-level model and decide you can spend $5000 on something else. However, you will be hard-pressed to find something that has held its value over the years – especially in the luxury industry.
Some Rolex watches sell for significantly more than their original retail price, but this only applies to a few models. If you buy them brand new, some of the watches Rolex offers will depreciate a little bit after you leave the store with them – it’s just a fact of life. But there is a definite financial glass-bottom line that they won’t exceed – unlike, say, a top-of-the-line car.
However, if you buy a watch off the used market, the monetary loss has been taken by someone else, translating into huge savings on the price – and chances are you’ll be able to sell your piece for roughly the same price in the future, if needed, or if you want something different in your collection. You can purchase a Submariner today and sell it again in 10 years for a price similar to what you paid when you bought it, meaning you’ve been wearing the watch icon for 10 years completely free.
The popularity of some of Rolex’s stainless steel sports watches has only grown, and so has the amount collectors are willing to pay for them. Even if you don’t want to part with your fake Rolex, you can still rest easy knowing that with proper care, your watch will easily outlive you and can be passed on to the next generation to enjoy – few other items can make a similar claim.