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Company Data
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Astrology Combined with Technical Analysis
by Randall Ashbourne

World Markets and Commentary on Technical and Astrological conditions affecting stock markets
by Randall Ashbourne

Click the Title to the read article online, or click to download the full report with charts in Adobe PDF format wherever indicated.

Our affiliate, Randall Ashbourne recently released the article, The Jupiter Cycle and Its Effects on Wall Street, from his 40-page forecast for the year ahead, Forecast 2012.

"Could the heavenly wanderings of an old Greek god have an impact on world stock markets? Could the position of the planet Jupiter consistently predict the timing of Bull market tops and Bear bottoms?

According to recent research tracking 140 years of prices on Wall Street, the answer is a simple: Yes.

In the Greek mythology, Zeus/Jupiter was head honcho of the Old Gods. The ancient Greek tales, when studied in depth, are Creation stories charting the history of the world.

And the tales form the basis of the system of astrology still used in the Western world. They also have counterparts in other cultures. In Vedic astrology and the Hindu religion, for example, Zeus/Jupiter has a counterpart in the figures of Guru/Ganesh.

In both cases, this “king” of gods introduces the concept that one can break free - spiritually or materially. In brief, Jupiter is the symbol of growth and expansion.

And Jupiter’s cycle through the zodiac shows up a very interesting statistical tendency in stock markets.

Since the 1870s, Wall Street has shown a distinct tendency to peak while Jupiter is in late Aries/early Taurus … decline into Jupiter in Leo … rise again until Jupiter is in his own primary sign, Sagittarius … and drop dramatically into Jupiter in Aquarius. "   
   Continue to read this article on the blog.

The Jupiter Cycle and Its Effects on Wall Street is now published as a standalone essay under the Articles button in the main navigation bar on Randall's web site, at

Ashbourne's, The Idiot & The Moon now comes with a 40-page forecast for the year ahead, including major turn dates and reliable price targets for the SP500 and ASX200 - and a guide on what moves the FTSE, the DAX and the Nifty over long-range trends.

Randall Ashbourne has delighted us by contributing yet another article to our website.  Randall intends to PROVE to us how to produce three-to-six times the profit of a simple, buy-and-hold strategy in this article. Click to read what he has to say about his method of stock trading using Lunar cyclesMoods of the Moon...

Click image to read
by Randall Ashbourn

 The Idiot and the Moon,
an e-Book, by Randall Ashbourne

Click to read Kaye Shinker's review of
The Idiot & The Moon

"The Idiot" will tell you "precisely what to watch for so you can let your profits run safely and exactly when you need to cut your losses and get out fast."- Randall Ashbourne

This is a short and simple, yet serious book that promises to increase your profitability and reduce your trading losses in the market using a unique trading tool Randall Ashbourne calls "The Idiot".

In his book, The Idiot & the Moon, Randall shares the method he has developed over years of trading with us.  Additionally, he shows us how to combine his "Idiot" method to profitably trade the stock market using lunar phases, (New Moon, Full Moon, First and Quarter cycles) with technical tools and astrology.

The Dow Theory -
by Randall Ashbourne, originally written in October, 2007

Although written years ago, this article is contains timeless information in regard to learning how markets work according to the DOW Theory...

"Dow Theory states that price rises in the industrials – the DJI – must be accompanied by similar price rises in the transportation index – the DJT – for any rallies in the overall stock market to be sustainable.." (read the article)

The War of the Gods
by Randall Ashbourne

In an excerpt from his last World At Large report, January 2009, Randall Ashbourne reports on The Great War Of The Gods...

Every few decades the planets, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto make hard aspects with each other which causes turmoil on American stock markets and a radical reshaping of society.

The latest episode of this repeating high drama began last year as Saturn made the first of a long-running series of five oppositions to Uranus.

This year, the drama goes into even higher gear with an enormous emphasis on the influence of Uranus’ home sign, Aquarius, which rules not only the stock markets, but things like volatility, shocks and sudden events.

While all of us are hoping for some relief after what has been arguably the worst year in stock market history, the relief may be short-lived. (read the article)


The World At Large, January 2009
by Randall Ashbourne

World stock markets remain trapped within a Bear market which currently seems unlikely to finish or find a final “bottom” before 2010 at the earliest...

Read Randall Ashbourne's first (and unfortunately, last) World At Large report for January 2009. This report includes trend analysis and a list of key dates for the first half of the year, along with technical charts of the US indices, and the tale of the War Of The Gods (listed above).


Despite a huge display of astrological energy highlighted by a Full Moon making a Grand Cross with the Sun/Mars T-square to the Saturn/Uranus opposition on Friday, Wall Street managed to hold its nerve.

... The only real worry is the similarity with what happened several weeks ago when US Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, and US Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, had their initial approach for a massive bailout program rejected... January 20 Mars completes the T-square pattern; Astrological aspects happening for the remainder of the year are Sun and Mars to join Mercury in making the move to Capricorn and conjuncting Pluto; Venus conjuncting Neptune after Christmas; and Saturn turning Retrograde to kick off 2009. Technically, we have a major Fibonacci turning point due between December 23 and 29. ...also the New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Mars and Pluto and with Mars still at what is called the Aries point, the first degree of a Cardinal sign... We’ll take an in-depth look at the broad Wall Street blue chip index, the S&P 500, this week to get a sense of what’s in store for worldwide markets as we close out one of the worst years in stock market history. And we’ll start by looking at the harmonic planetary price line influences...(click on the title to read the entire article and view the charts...)Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Stock indices are likely to see a spike in volatility this week as the Sun and Mars square off in a Fire fight with the Saturn/Uranus opposition.

For the second successive Friday, Wall Street rallied strongly into the week’s close. On one level that was reassuring – considering the rise coincided with Mercury T-squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition, the Sun was moving to an exact conjunction with Mars, and the fact it shrugged off another round of even worse employment numbers....   this coming week being the middle zone of the Sun/Mars square Saturn/Uranus aspects, Mercury moving into Capricorn, and a Full Moon in Gemini reinforcing the transiting T-square by turning the whole configuration into a Grand square. Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The rally which began on Friday, November 21, will begin to face its first real test of sustainability later this week and we will know by mid-December if we have seen THE bottom of this Bear, or at least this leg of the Bear.

And we should know by the middle of the month if we have made THE bottom...The reason I say this is the unfolding astrological conditions we’ve discussed in some detail over the past couple of weeks … the Sun, Mercury and Mars, now in Sagittarius, making a series of T-squares to the Saturn/Uranus opposition...Last week, Pluto re-entered Capricorn for a 15-year overhaul of everything related to government and the state of the “State”. It is accompanied early on this mission by a long-running series of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions. Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large - Week Beginning November 23, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

"Stock markets around the world are rearing to rally – but it may well be a case of premature expectation." Your memory is not playing tricks, dear reader; the above was the opening line of last week’s report – a report which finished with the words: “… I remain deeply sceptical and openly suspicious.”

That was then and this is now. Stock markets may have made THE bottom of this Bear, or at least this leg of the Bear, on Friday... In normal circumstances we would now be about to embark on a sharp rally; in normal circumstances we could be assured of a cyclical rally lasting at least 90 days and recovering a significant proportion of the entire downturn from late last year...These are, of course, not “normal” circumstances ...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Stock markets around the world are rearing to rally – but it may well be a case of premature expectation.

Most major markets, especially in Europe and Asia, didn’t even come close to taking out their late October lows during last week’s declines. Many intelligent, thoughtful and experienced market experts are pointing to that relative outperformance over the US stock indices as an example of intermarket Bullish divergence. Given the state of the European economies, I’m unconvinced...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

And I’ll probably remain unconvinced until mid-December is behind us – after the Sun, Mercury and Mars have finished reigniting the Saturn-Uranus opposition in a Firepowered transiting T-square.

The Obama Ascendancy has made four dramatic changes to the way we must now view what is likely to happen in world stock indices....

The single most vital component of an “economy” is not a fact or a figure … it’s an emotion; it’s a social condition. And that factor relates overwhelmingly to how people “feel” about the future. What rules … hope and confidence … or pessimism and angst? ... Astrologically- Uranus continues to be activated in major ways for weeks to come. As we all know, it is the Shock! Horror! Surprise! factor which has symbolised the wild price swings of the past few weeks...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large - Week Beginning November 2, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Both Bullish & Bearish scenarios remain alive in the world’s major stock market indices as we go into the week where Venus sets up a T-square to the first exact Saturn/Uranus opposition.

Unfortunately, we have arrived back at the position where that is not as near certainty as one could expect from historical patterns and technical conditions...Saturn represents conservative values and Uranus symbolises radical reform – and it’s these two things which clash in this week’s Presidential elections. Uranus is also renowned for its Shock! Horror! Surprise! factor...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The Bear market will end tomorrow week with the DJI at a price of 7092, the ASX 200 at a price of 3710, and the FTSE at a price of 3489.

No, I’m not being serious. Well … not entirely. But, maybe. It is, you see, a possibility … because tomorrow week Venus will make a T-square to the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which becomes exact on USA election day.

...We are going to do something unusual this week … we are going to pay less attention to the “sensible” world of technical analysis and sifting of the news … and we’re going to play with the ‘Strological Squigglies, the planetary price lines..Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Stock markets worldwide remain dangerous even for very short-term traders for as long as the mob mentality rules.

... We’ve moved from the fallout of the housing crisis hammering the financial system to its exact opposite.
...On the astrological level, significant aspects are still unfolding over the next two months which suggest continuing volatility; and on the technical level, the whole zone is littered with significant turn dates and Fibonacci clusters...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The good news is that a bottom for the crash should occur between Monday and Wednesday. The bad news is that it may have occurred on Friday. The worse news is that it is not “the” bottom.

...we will examine previous Bear markets, including the Great Depression era, in an effort to gain an understanding of where we might now be – and what we will probably face in the coming months.Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The Dow Jones Transport index and the Russell 2000 have collapsed, removing the potentially Bullish set-up of positive intermarket divergence in the main United States indices. American markets may bounce briefly early this week, but severe technical damage has been done to charts worldwide since the last World At Large report on September 21.

In that report, I indicated the conditions were ripe for the rally to continue and laid out two primary scenarios – and two alternatives. I also indicated that narrowing Bollinger Bands on the weekly chart of the DJT “is a sign of an approaching sudden move”. Displaying the DJT’s monthly chart for further analysis, I indicated the most recent price Highs “were not endorsed by new highs in any one of our three indicators” and that the move was likely to be down...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The Bear is dead! Yes, that is a gross exaggeration. However, it is now distinctly possible that the Bear is playing possum and that his reappearance as a growling grizzly has been delayed significantly.

Finally, we have some resolution to the weird and contradictory signals and are beginning to get a clearer picture of where things are now likely to go...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Volume turnover on Wall Street last week was massive, but the “breadth” of the Up days was truly awful, with the number of stocks hitting new Lows very much higher than the number recording new Highs...

This week kicks off with a Full Moon in Pisces and conjunct Uranus and may be the last kicker for the Saturn/Uranus opposition translation, since the New Moon occurred conjunct Saturn.

What that means is there is a potential for a Low to be made on Monday in most markets and the chance of at least an intermediate term rally to develop, lasting 7 to 12 days, which puts us into the time frame of the Mercury Retrograde period beginning in the middle of next week...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The weakness of the corrective “rally” out of the panic lows which hit major world stock indices in mid-July resolved itself last week as Americans began returning to their trading desks from summer holidays.

Wall Street turnover and the number of stocks recording new Lows hit records at the July nadir. As I’ve stressed over the past few weeks, such a condition has always led to a retest.

And that retest began in earnest last week as the Sun conjuncted Saturn, reigniting the negative energy pattern of the still-to-unfold Saturn/Uranus opposition series – just as did the earlier aspects of Mercury, Venus and Mars conjuncting Saturn...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The slow grind upwards out of the July Low continues … and the contradictions between various indices are becoming even more strained. Conditions in the technical indicators have not deteriorated to any significant degree...

We now enter a week in which there are 7 significant astrological events...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The rally which got underway on many world stock indices in mid-July will face its biggest test late this week, or early next.

I had expected the astrological conditions unfolding during that time were sufficiently negative to mark a likely bottom from which a cyclical rally lasting at least one to three months could develop. However, I now need to reconsider that scenario.

We are entering another high-energy zone – with Venus due to conjunct Saturn late this week, Mars squaring Pluto next weekend as we get the Lunar eclipse (conjunct Neptune) matched to the recent Solar eclipse, and the Sun opposing Neptune. Any one of these three can move the markets in a big way; the combination of all three happening virtually simultaneously with an eclipsed Full Moon compounds that potential...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The contradictions continue to build in technical charts as we enter several weeks of high-energy astrological conditions which suggest stock indices should sink to retest the July Lows.

However, there is one indicator which points to an imminent and massive intervention by Wall Street’s Plunge Protection Team to goose the American indices higher. Weekly charts suggest a bottom arrived in most worldwide stock indices in mid-July and that a multi-week rally is underway.

The extreme uncertainty can be explained by the astrological conditions affecting world
stock indices. We have been discussing all year the highly-negative impact of the long-term
Saturn/Uranus cycle and have been tracking the effects as faster-moving planets like the
Sun, Mercury and Venus “translate” the energy as they contact Saturn and move on to
aspect Uranus....Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Contradictions abound. Even within the North American markets, the divergence between some indices just doesn’t make sense – and that’s not including the behaviour of the Canadian stock market.

We now appear to have a double non-confirmation of the overall Bear trend from the Dow Jones Transports. The Nasdaq looks as if it’s primed to rally. The small cap stocks are outperforming the big caps, which is just bizarre if we’re really in a Bear market. Earnings are outperforming expectations. Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

How long will it last and how far will it go … they’re the two key questions for the rally which appeared to get underway last week, following the dramatic decline in worldwide stock indices over the past two months.

Let’s deal with the bad news first. As is so typical, Wall Street swapped Chicken Little for Pollyanna and put on too much, too fast – going from extreme oversold to short-term overbought in only three days as the venerable Dow Jones Industrial index shot up
nearly five per cent. The good news is that a day or three of pullback might help with a cheaper entry point for anyone who didn’t trust last week’s rapid turnaround. Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Astrological energy patterns are shifting to a more positive flow over the next three to four weeks, suggesting a strong rally is now only days away from getting underway.

There is, however, a caveat … and it is based on both astrological and technical conditions.
And the caveat is that the exhaustion washout might not yet have hit absolute bottom. Astrologically, the worst of the negative energy symbolised by last week’s conjunction of Mars with Saturn should now recede rapidly.Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Six significant astrological aspects occur over the next nine days, indicating the potential for a growing turnaround in major world stock indices.

This week, we will take a look at the weekly and monthly charts of some key indices to try to get an idea of whether the next rally will be a second-degree countertrend which lasts only a couple of weeks, or whether it will be a longer, cyclical movement...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The United States celebrates its birthday this week and Wall Street trading will be shortened.

It’s not a particularly happy birthday for many stock market investors worried by the new bearish Lows in Wall Street’s most famous index, the Dow Jones Industrials.

However, the divergence between markets continues to build – worldwide and in the United States....Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Stock indices worldwide are diverging from each other, with notable divergences opening up between different American markets.

While In a relatively rare event, the Dow Jones Industrials did not end the Mercury Retrograde period back within a per cent of where prices were when the astrological phenomenon started in late May....Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Most worldwide stock indices have a lot of ground to make up in short time if they are to return to levels they were at when Mercury went Retrograde late last month.

Technical indicators suggest most stock markets will bounce higher this week and the Wall Street indices are within relatively easy reach of returning to within a per cent of the Mercury Rx price levels by the time the communications planet returns to Direct motion late this week...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large - Week Beginning June 2, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

The confusing technical signals typical of a Mercury Retrograde period have started already, making for a trading environment that’s difficult to predict.

While Bulls have taken control of some world stock indices, the Bears have control of others...Divergence has started to appear between markets. In the United States, the Dow Jones Transportation Index and the Nasdaq re-entered Bullish mode last week – and small cap indices also gained significant ground...

Astrologically, we have a New Moon in Gemini and Heliocentric Mercury and Venus will both square Saturn.  Kaye Shinker’s New Moon newsletter has been emailed to members and Kaye points out it is an especially strong influence...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large May 25, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Both Mercury and Neptune go Retrograde early this week as Venus makes another harsh aspect with Saturn – and, this time, without the benefit of any special protection.

Oil is in an accelerating blow-off and oil prices are likely to be affected negatively by Neptune’s apparent reversal, since it has joint rulership over the oil sign, Pisces.

The Mercury Retrograde indicates a need for extra precautions...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large May 18, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Great caution may need to be exercised with Long positions in stocks this week as major American, European and Australian share indices appear to be putting in at least short-term tops...

This week opens with Venusian energy, as the planet symbolising money makes a sextile to Uranus and a trine to Jupiter – repeating last week’s pattern when the Sun made precisely those aspects early in the week...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large May 11, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Despite strongly positive astrological conditions which should be helping to push markets higher, the rally in some world stock indices is showing worrying signs of weakness.

However, it would take a dramatic slump in prices and confidence to cancel the odds now in favour of a new Bull market developing over the next few months. Major stock indices are continuing to hold above their new uptrend lines and positive divergence is emerging in both the British FTSE and the Australian ASX 200, both of which last week decided to brush off Wall Street’s latest bout of Chicken Little bird flu.

Astrologically Jupiter went Retrograde on Friday and Mars is shifting signs to Leo this weekend. I indicated last weekend that both are market-moving energy shifts... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large May 3 & 4
by Randall Ashbourne

The fireball of astrological energy building up over the past two weeks finally exploded to the upside late last week, propelling the breakout in major world stock markets above key resistance levels.

The odds now favour the launch of a new Bull market. I know, dear reader, your patience has been tested beyond frustration as we waited for the fables to unfold according to the interpretations of your correspondent... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Massive internal pressure continues to build in stock indices worldwide as the astrological energy patterns compress within a tight time frame over the next two weeks.

Key Asian markets began breaking out to the upside last week as the Western indices exerted growing pressure against the horizontal and downtrend resistance levels defined by their plunges out of last year’s High marks. As we enter another highly-charged week, most indices continue to bump against the overhead resistance levels – while the weekly charts are showing distinct signs of a strong Bullish breakout. The explosive energy patterns which were primed last week with the Mars trine to Uranus, followed by Venus in a T-square pattern with Mars and Jupiter gain even more dynamite immediately ahead..... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large, April 19 & 20
by Randall Ashbourne

A new Bull run – or just another bull trap? That’s the question … and the answer is it’s probably a little of both.

The astrological energy immediately ahead suggests the rally which began last week has further to run, despite the fact most world stock indices are now bumping their heads against strong resistance.... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large, April 12 & 13
by Randall Ashbourne

Friday's price collapse on New York stock indices, caused by disappointing earnings and outlook from GE, appears to have pushed markets worldwide into a weak position.

Weak Fridays tend to lead to weak Mondays - and last week's action has the majority of market technicians now calling for a drop in prices to retest the bottom of the horizontal band which has acted as a floor since January... Astrologically, last week began with Venus moving into Aries and squaring Pluto and by Thursday, the Sun squared Jupiter and Mercury squared Mars. I indicated last weekend that “all three suggest sudden moves up and down”... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large, April 5 & 6
by Randall Ashbourne

Let’s talk a little about fear – and the length of trends.

We’ll deal first with trends from a trading perspective. From an investing perspective, trends are easy … you just put two or three moving averages onto a chart, say a 5, 12 and 72, and so long as the 5 stays above the 12 and the 12 stays above the 72, you relax and stay there for the long haul. Trading requires more work... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Strange things began happening on world stock markets last week as indices began diverging, after many of them put in important low points during the previous week.

American markets pushed the Pollyanna button last Monday and surged above resistance lines, only to spend the remainder of the week whimpering.
However, other world indices began ignoring the latest bipolar funk from Wall Street, refusing to push either the Pollyanna button or the Panic button.
Astrologically we have just started to emerge from a period in which the key astrological condition affecting stock indices worldwide involved Saturn, the planet which symbolises fear and restriction...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large - March 22 & 23, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Stock markets have reached levels where we could now see the beginnings of a sustained rally, especially with astrological conditions starting to move towards more positive interpretations.

However, any rally will not carry all stocks sectors higher and that could make for a patchy revival in some world indices...Last week’s action by the US Federal Reserve and other Central Banks was designed to show that they will stop at nothing to prop up the world financial system. Gold, oil and copper have suddenly toppled from record highs... Astrologically I indicated last week we were starting out with Mercury and Venus opposing Saturn and moving onwards towards a conjunction with Uranus and that we “will see some volatile reactions to both the Fed’s decision and the results from the American banks”...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Awoe! Alas! The sky is falling – again; the banks are broke – still; and the Emperors of Wall Street have no clothes. Is there any part of this we didn’t know already?

One of the ratings agencies has declared the banks are “probably” now halfway through their writedowns. For some reason, the markets found that reassuring – as if it’s somehow nice to know the banks which are broke now will be only twice as broke in the
near future...
The news is awful, awful, awful. And that’s before the banks actually begin reporting in the next week! And yet. Stock markets, particularly the American indices, are still holding at the levels I showed in a series of charts back on January 12 when it looked as if a worldwide crash was imminent. The only questions we really have are … will markets be able to produce a strong rally from these levels – and, if so, when?...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Stock markets pushed the panic button last week as we hit the central time band for a series of negative, high-energy astrological conditions.

By Friday, so much damage had been done to the technical charts that many technicians are now calling an immediate crash which could wipe another 20% off the value of world markets.

In a huge leap of faith, I disagree - even though there is almost nothing on the technical charts I review each week to support that "belief". This week I am not going to show any stock charts. To be honest, most point to a continuation, perhaps even an acceleration of the downtrend. Instead, I’m going to tell you an ancient story ...

The World At Large - March 1 & 2, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Volatility has made a sudden return to stock markets and two weeks of astrological high energy about to unfold makes for potentially dangerous and choppy trading immediately ahead...Starting this week, a rapid series of high energy astrological aspects will begin unfolding - within the same time frame as other mathematical cycles, including Fibonacci, indicate that stock markets are approaching a significant tipping point.
There are three major astrological aspects affecting world stock indices this year and they are: 1. Saturn opposition Uranus, the first passage of which occurs in early November 2. Pluto making a generational change from Sagittarius in cardinal Capricorn
3. Jupiter trine Saturn, the first of which occurred on January 21 as markets
bottomed... Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

back to top

The World At Large - February 23 & 24, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

A period of astrological high-energy begins unfolding in the next two weeks which is likely to drive a major turning point in stock markets worldwide. For the past few weeks, stock index prices have been held within two converging lines, forcing them into a narrow range - effectively coiling them like a spring which is now on the verge of unleashing its energy.

Technical indicators are giving no clear and distinct signals about which way the breakout is likely to go. However, there are clear signs that banking stocks, especially in Australia, have been massively oversold during a panic plunge.

Kaye Shinker's research into The Jupiter Effect holds out strong hope for an imminent rally in the finance sector - and the astrological symbolism is receiving technical confirmation - which could spark a rally in two of the world's major indices...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

The World At Large, February 16-17, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Breakout - or breakdown - is now imminent on all the world's major stock indices. In the next few days, prices must break to one side or the other of the containment lines which have been pressuring them into an increasingly narrow range. It is possible we could have as much as another week of range-trading, but that time span is getting towards the outside edge of what is likely.

12.57 (Sydney time) on Tuesday, Mercury resumes Direct motion from a geocentric perspective. Before that, on Monday, the Lesser Benefic, Venus, moves into Aquarius … the planet which symbolises money moves out of restrictive Capricorn and into the sign which rules stock markets and company profits. And it’s followed the next day by Mercury going Direct. Effectively, the symbolism here is that communications regarding financial conditions and profits is about to become clearer and subject to less revision...Click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format

We will dispense this week with the normal format while I try to give a big
picture overview of where we’re at and, more importantly, where we may be
1. We may have entered a particularly nasty Bear market that could run for another five
2. We may be in a nasty secondary correction within an ongoing primary Bull market.
3. No-one can, this weekend, be 100% certain which of those two scenarios applies.
4. Absolutely regardless of whether 1 or 2 is the case, markets worldwide are
very likely to rally strongly within the next 3 months, probably within the next
few weeks.
5. Before that intermediate-term rally begins to be as near as we can get to "a sure
thing", we may all have to suffer through another sudden plunge.
As far as is possible, we need to put bias, emotion and media misinformation aside and
pay attention only to the charts.
click HERE to download full report in Adobe PDF format
If the American economy is heading into recession, why are the Transports showing signs of resurging strength? Do truckies make money carrying air?
When we come to the charts, I will show the Transports and discuss with you the alternative outlook – the potential for a new Bull run, rather than the gloomy Bear now being promoted by the media.

This week, around lunch time Thursday in Australia, we have a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius,
the sign which has rulership over stock markets and company profits.
It could be especially volatile because it takes place closely conjunct to Mercury and
Neptune and on the midpoint of a Venus-Uranus aspect, with the orbs tying Jupiter and
Saturn into the cocktail, as well! click to download full report in Adobe PDF format

On Monday, January 21, 2008 at 4:14 am EST, we get the first of the three Jupiter trine Saturn aspects occurring between the Earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo.  I dealt with the symbolism of this at some length last week, because of the eons-old link of these two planets in accurately depicting business cycles... click to download full report in Adobe PDF format

Welcome to 2008, the year in which we should see a breakout to new Bull market highs. It doesn’t feel like that at the moment. It feels like we’re in the middle of a crash … and it is entirely possible it’s more than a feeling; it’s reality...

Last weekend, Venus squared Saturn and this weekend it is squaring Uranus, effectivelygiving us early warning of what to expect late this year when Saturn and Uranus move into an exact opposition with each other. Late this month, Mercury will turn Retrograde and Mars will move back into Direct motion, getting itself involved in a repeat of the energy patterns which have been unfolding over the past few weeks … changing signs from Cancer to Leo, opposing Pluto and Jupiter.

In short, we remain in a high-energy period for weeks yet.
However, on January 21 Jupiter in Capricorn will make the first of three Earth trines to Saturn in Virgo. And that is the astrological reason that the fears of a deep American recession are suspect. click to download full report in Adobe PDF format


Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist with Uranus almost exactly conjunct his Ascendant.  His life has been full of sudden shifts.  He came to Astrology in the early 1990s after waking up one morning in the middle of a MidLife Crisis, a phenomenon in which he didn't actually believe.  Trying to get to the bottom of what was happening - he has Mercury in Scorpio - he consulted an astrologer ... and became hooked.  A decade later, as both transiting Saturn and his Progressed Moon were descending through his 12th House towards a conjunction with Uranus, and with transiting Jupiter conjuncting his first house Pluto, life changed dramatically once again. Realising that with his natal chart ruler, the Moon, his natal Sun ruler, Jupiter, and Saturn all now lined up for an extended sojourn in the "obscure" sector of his personal roadmap, he began casting around for something to do far away from a more public life.  Consulting his chart and pondering a natal Mercury trine Uranus, as well as Saturn in Scorpio, he decided he really ought to be able to trade the stock market.  And started using his knowledge of astrology to do exactly that.  Along the way, he discovered that astrology didn't answer all his questions about the stock market's gyrations and began delving deeply into technical analysis, getting buried under a pile of Gann plans and getting strung out on Fibonacci sequences.  But, while those studies satisfied the cravings of his Scorpio Mercury, they also ran counter to the basic needs of his Gemini Jupiter - that "knowledge" should be widespread and expressed in a way that's easy to understand.  In truth, Randall is in love with all his personal planetary placements - and he'd need to be after undergoing a major Pluto transit to every other planet in his chart, most of them conjunctions! He refers to his Virgo Moon chart ruler as "Miss Prissy" and to his Gemini Jupiter as "the Fat Boy who won't shut up".


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Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!

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