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Virgo New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - September 23, 2006

OK, I know OCTOBER, the worst month of the year for stocks, is just around the corner. That means buying opportunities abound. That means sell whatever is dragging down your portfolio, lick you wounds and in a few days replace it.

Rule #1 if it is a good day to sell a stock, it is not a good day to buy a stock. I don't care what your brokerage says. Online accounts usually make you wait three business days. That is just fine. It gives you plenty of time to diligently research your ideas.

So how will the markets manage the month after the Eclipse, Fall Equinox, and the standstill of the Moon (highest degree of declination to the ecliptic). I believe they will take after the Moon and standstill. Commodities will also standstill and who knows maybe even politics (opps) Next trick?

The New Moon at 29 Virgo is Sept 22 at 7:45 am in Washington, DC. Jupiter is in the 2nd house and promoting disposable income. In fact he is suggesting that we shop till we drop. "My kind of Jupiter" Who benefits from shopping behavior?

Saturn is in the 11th and the corporate accounting office is saying "hold those dividends" We may need some cash for a rainy day. Therefore companies that have been generously raising their dividends every quarter are standing still.

Neptune and Uranus are in the 5th and probably consuming a fifth of this or a fifth of that. This means there will be a great deal of pressure on gaming and leisure markets. Ah, by the end of the month there could be a bargain. Research the top three in each category.

Saturn will remain in Leo another year and the leisure market has the odds against them. Choose one or two in this category and put them in your long term research portfolio. As Saturn moves into the higher degrees of Leo, be ready to pounce.

The Virgo stellium is in the 12th. That means a plethora of detailed investigations and research. So much is going on behind the scenes in government, pharma, hedge funds, oil and gas futures that it is almost impossible for the experienced leaker to clue in the media. Oh well. Just stay away and enjoy the Mars in the first house, go on a diet and add a mile to your daily walk.

The Fall equinox Sept 23 at 12:08 am Washington, DC. This chart describes the trend for the next 3 months. I was surprised when I calculated it. The five planet stellium is in the 4th house. The housing bubble must have been an ugly rumor. Labor was in short supply and maybe folks just didn't have time to shop. The stellium describes people relocating because of weather related factors. Mars is very close to a conjunction with Mercury describing high winds.

Jupiter in the 5th sends everyone out to play. Hard working folks deserve time off and with Jupiter square Saturn they will tend to be thrifty and play around the house.

Neptune in the 8th usually defeats tax referendums.

Saturn is making a conjunction with the Pluto in Leo of the baby boom generation. As this aspect takes place in individual charts, the person tends to divest themselves of their material possessions. Ebay has become a spectator sport.

Doom and gloom October, not this year. Mercury goes retrograde October 28 and direct on November 18. Try to start important projects before the Aries Full Moon Oct 6th. Buy your Halloween stuff early, but not too much candy. The little gremlins will probably forget the holiday. Does that suggest avoiding stocks in candy companies?

Kaye Shinker


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