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Sagittarius New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - December 20, 2006

The December 10th sky show with three planets above the horizon at Sunrise was our first clue that this should be an intense New Moon. Folks will be as focused as a horse wearing blinkers on "get 'er done".

Astrologicalinvesting is going to "get 'er done" check the class schedule for January and February!

The New Moon discussion that follows will give you ideas of ways to use your peripheral vision to find sectors worthy of your investments and your time.

Symbolically the image for Sagittarius is a centaur with drawn bow. Sagittarians are extremely ambitious and financially inclined.

Jupiter is at 5 degrees Sagittarius followed by Mars at 11 degrees followed by Mercury at 18 degrees then Pluto at 26 degrees and finally the Sun-Moon conjunction at 28 degrees Sagittarius. This Sagittarius stellium is huge, and the intense magnetic force will cause all sorts of ripples in the Earth's volatile mantel.

Winter Solstice

The day following the New Moon is Winter Solstice. Yeah, Daylight hours will increase. Winter Solstice occurs Dec 21, 2006 at 7:22 pm EST. I set the map for Washington D.C. The Capricorn Ingress sets the tone for business during the year ahead.

The chart for Washington DC shows the stellium occupying the entire 11th house. The 11th house represents hopes and wishes and the dreams of the share holders. Shareholders want dividends and the board of directors for every public company will feel the pressure. If you own equities with dividends, keep them. If you don't, search out companies that have a good history of paying 4+% and buy them.

The 11th house means income you receive from your professional work.

In other words BONUS is the name of the game. Everyone will get into the act. Stock holders will be placated by the promise of higher dividends. Employees will find unexpected Christmas cash or gift cards. Management will find extra options as well as cash.

Who suffers? Banks, depending on their percent of credit card revenue.

Who benefits? Stock brokers and financial advisors gain more customers, the Dow and the S & P inch up to new highs, and retailers triple the number of gift cards sold.

Retail businesses are confused

Retail is amazed at the stuff they are selling. American's are laughing, I mean laughing out loud saying don't you understand. We are centaurs! All terrain vehicles and outdoor gear are the popular gifts. The general population has determined that sitting in an office is not required. Stuff traditional merchandise retailers expected to sell is selling on the internet, not in the store. Has Black Friday changed its name to Presidents Day?

You might notice the gifts small business give customers. They will actually be cute or practical, not throwaways. It will be obvious that they are meant to bring you back after the holiday season.

Impromptu celebrations and parties, eating, drinking and merriment are the order of the day.

Who benefits? Any place selling portable food.

Santa Claus reigns and he is very generous throughout 2007.

It is up to you to capitalize on the gifts Santa gives.

Saturn in the 2nd of earned income says be cautious and stash 10% in your savings account. This is especially true if your earnings are determined by an hourly rate. Saturn explains that wages will remain about the same. To earn a higher hourly rate you will have to aim higher and probably change jobs.

Venus and the Moon are in the 6th. First meaning: you feel good and your health is excellent. Second meaning: you have decided that your earned income is best spent on a present for you. Third meaning: Mom's earned a lot of hugs and a series of nice presents.

Uranus is in the 8th. That means the world of accounting, taxes, insurance and funerals will demand clever entrepreneurs. Estates need to rethink the concept of trusts. Insurance providers have to increase the terms of their policies. Accountants have too much work.

Blinkers on! Focus on your dream Entrepreneurs reign.

This Solstice chart was designed for the world of capitalists. The power is in the Sagittarius stellium in the 5th. Entrepreneurial business folks are going to take risks. The 5th is also the house of gamblers. Las Vegas is booked. Your favorite financial web site is running as slow as molasses in January. The commodities exchanges will add trading hours.

Employees will prefer contract work. Managers will become entrepreneurs. Talented artists, actors, writers, and musicians will divorce their corporate managers and agents. Amateur and professional athletes will insist on free agency, Casinos and gambling establishments could have a rough year because folks will not be lured by getting rich quick. Entertainment venues will make money. Our children will demand a private education.

The 5th also represents income from real estate. REITS are cheap and those paying dividends are really cheap. Check the list on the NYSE.

While you are trying to figure ways to invest in the ideas presented, remember that Sagittarians have very high pockets. They do not spend a dollar easily. Also they cannot walk down stairs. Avoid medical stocks, Sagittarius is as healthy as a horse.

This stellium will generate a breed of capitalists who focus on climbing up the stairs. They know that winning is fun. If you expect the unexpected and watch the IPO's you could add a few extra dollars to your retirement fund.

Kaye Shinker


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