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Newsletter - Libra New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - Oct 22, 2006

Yes, Libra folks I know you have all celebrated your birthdays and starting to paste on the stamps for birthday cards to your Scorpio friends. It just so happens that the Libra New Moon occurs at 29 degrees Libra.

That is the good news. If you thought the past 4 weeks were busy and bizarre, the next four are guaranteed totally confusing, frustrating and generally miserable. Arch Crawford and some others think that cycles are coming together predicting a fall from Dow 12,000. Fact is, Mercury will go retrograde on Saturday Oct. 28, 2006. and Nov. 17,2006. What this means is the Dow will start at a certain average and will finish within 1% of the number.

Mars is a half step ahead of the New Moon and Venus a half step behind. Male energy will get you into the fray and female energy will bail you out. Fortunately for most of humanity this will happen almost simultaneously.

The Money houses in a New Moon chart and every other chart for that matter are 2,5,8,11. Two is empty there for we can expect earned income remains constant. Folks go to work and generally speaking bring home the same pay check as last month.

So much for general remarks. This is a gamblers New Moon and they are going to loose. Pluto ruler of the Mafia types in the fifth of risk taking will be caught. A lot of hedge funds won't be able to bail out. Add this to the emphasis of the New Moon in the third and you will find all sorts of schemes exposed. My example is from Louisiana. The teachers pension fund was heavily invested in off shore online casino equities. Last week these stocks lost 65% of their value. Public servants in Louisiana usually get caught with their fingers in the till, you would think they would learn "honesty". My point is that this is the tip of the iceberg. Headlines across the Internet and some newspapers will expose greedy folks taking large chunk of funds from the public. Gambling Pluto's get caught.

Uranus is in the eighth. Be nice to your elder relatives. Don't expect an inheritance of something like real money, but be thoughtful and compassionate just in case. Gifts, refunds, acknowledgments are available. Your spouse, boss, doctor or lawyer could also use a please and thank you. This could be a difficult chore, but I know you can. Again expect an unusual gift such as a one time discount. But those magic words could suggest at least good manners from their guardian angels. Uranus in the eight is difficult for insurance equities. Mars on the 4th house cusp is great for weather disasters. I'll leave it at that.

Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in the 4th. This means everyone wants a bigger house, and they want to fill it with family and toys. This bodes well for the real estate market. The past six months has indicated a slow down, however this chart suggest otherwise.

There are two big problems for the equities and commodities markets in the month ahead. Mercury retrograde and Jupiter changing signs. Mercury retrograde is very difficult for commodities since they rely of time sensitive information. A report of a crop failure can send every agriculture commodity limit up and a surplus can send them all limit down. Mercury retrograde from Oct. 28-Nov.17 tends to send misleading reports. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is very intense and very stubborn and very interested in finding every scandal possible. A Scorpio Mercury loves the game hide and seek. This Mercury collects information in clearly labeled folders and then in clear concise verbiage tells the whole story at once. Traders be aware that you can't out think him. Just be ready to pounce when Scorpio Mercury springs his tale. Best thing for traders is to put your cash in a money market account and take a vacation. It will save you a ton of money.

The next caveat is Jupiter changing signs. This means that no one has any idea of which sector will prevail. You can guess that mining and oil will be out of favor since they ruled during the past year. New publishing sectors, Internet equities and travel will become favorites. Mercury rx will confuses the issue, so just make lists of your possible buys. There will be a New Moon in Scorpio.

Kaye Shinker


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