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The Scorpio New Moon - October 28, 2008
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

The Scorpio New Moon is at 05 degrees Scorpio 54 minutes and occurs October 28, 2008 at 7:14 PM EDT

Neptune will turn direct November 2nd at 21°28' degrees Aquarius and Uranus will turn direct November 27th at 18°44' Pisces.

Read A Short Review:Lesson 13 in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Part 2

Saturn opposed Uranus is a unique aspect which will be exact five times from November 4, 2008 to July 26, 2010. The first Saturn opposition to Uranus is exact on November 4th and will return to an exact opposition February 5th. This means that the applying aspect really never stops during this time period.

One of the aphorisms of Financial Astrology is that all of the power of an aspect happens as it moves to exact. Its power is complete - or, when it is over it is over.

Ok, think of Saturn as the Chief Financial Officer and Uranus as the Chief Information Officer and the are sitting across from each other at a large round table.  They can see each other, but they cannot hear each other. The CFO says, "we can't afford it" and the CIO says, "if we don't have it then we are out of business". Neither one can hear the other. The message of the aspect, people can't hear each other, applies to the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Also, Jupiter sextiles Uranus on November 13th and trines Saturn on the 21st.

Opportunities abound in the markets, but careful research is required. Once you select a few companies to study, read all the information on your financial site, read the companies web sites, make an astrological chart, then check Randall's technical charts before you press the buy button.  No short cuts allowed.

Weather Forecast
The Super New Moon occurs with the Full Moon November 13, 2008.

A Super Moon means the Moon is at Perigee (the Moon is closest to the Earth) when there is either a new or full moon. A Super Moon will cause Earthquakes to score higher on the Richter Scale and capable of causing damage in populated areas. Volcanoes will sputter and spew, especially those in the Ring of Fire.   New particulate matter in the atmosphere will change rainfall patterns

Pluto changes signs, returning to Capricorn on November 27. The paradigm shift is upon us, once again taking out one whole sector and allowing another to emerge.

As with the Fall Equinox forecast, it is virtually impossible to decipher this New Moon chart's influence on the elections.  Pluto in the 8th suggests that the ruling party will go and the opposition party will move into power. My personal bias is probably in the way, but the electorate may just refuse to vote for incumbents.

The Dow traditionally moves up after the election since the uncertainty of who is the USA President is no longer a factor. However, the Saturn-Uranus opposition challenges the electorate and anything can happen.

Saturn in the 5th is difficult for entertainment and gaming businesses. You could include the stock and commodities market. Folks are not willing to take risks and new investments are weighed carefully. Markets will insist on regulations being enforced. For example: My business is horse racing and starting this month large fines will be levied for any steroids found in the random drug tests.

Mercury, New Moon, and Mars in the sixth puts the emphasis on the Uniform services. Everyone has more than enough work and a great deal of energy will be required to accomplish their tasks. Overtime wages will help these folks put a few extra dollars in their savings accounts. Tax jurisdictions responsible for paying these folks will be searching for ways to pay them. Also Police, Fire and Military groups will be given recognition for their work and a few will earn awards for heroism.

Venus in 7th helps everyone work together and use their earned income to the benefit of significant people in their lives. Mergers will be discussed, but the decision to merge will be delayed. This is a peaceful quiet time and much appreciated by those who were stressed by the recent Mercury Retrograde. Give yourself a time out and take advantage of your off hours.

Pluto in 8th - Fall is the usual time for elderly folks to leave the planet, therefore with Pluto here Funeral homes may expect a very busy season. Deep rooted traditions will change and wealth is redistributed. Inheritance proceeds will seek responsible management. Wills could reveal secrets that require prolonged judicial proceedings. The rule of law is questioned and military solutions are threatened. Protests characteristic of the 1960's could rekindle.

Jupiter in Ninth - Investors in foreign markets find bargains especially among transportation equities. American corporations have earned plenty of cash abroad. If they bring it home they will need to pay income taxes. There will be plenty of discussion concerning ways to avoid these taxes by acquisition of companies abroad. Upper level management will find themselves flying here and there. This November promises to be a good month for airlines.

Also check Boeing's chart in Textbook for Financial Astrology 3. It has a few conjunctions and oppositions to natal planets and the strike could settle when transiting Saturn moves away from Venus and transiting Mars returns to the natal Mars. Saturn represents the money managers keeping their funds Venus in the bank. Mars represents labor in a company chart. When it returns to its natal position labor must rethink how it shares its energy with the work it is required to perform.

Karma has a payday - The North Node and Neptune are in the Tenth suggesting the CEO's are getting caught and dismissed for misrepresenting the value of their corporation. Neptune is creating chaos for corporate officials. Subpoenas and maybe indictments will fly like tickertape down Wall Street.

With Uranus in the 11th it is the electronic footprints that reveal illegal activity.

Uranus in the 11th opposed Saturn says forget the bonus. Not news to most employees. Companies will prefer to preserve capital to insure against slower sales and therefore will tell their employees and shareholders, it is better to stay in business than to share profits. Gimmicks once known as investment vehicles face a multitude of legal challenges. Forensic accountants are working double time.

Goldilocks returned to Wall Street last week and found the Three Bears at home sobbing and their tears falling into their porridge. In the center of the table a "Notice of Foreclosure" Goldilocks immediately text messaged all of her friends. Santa replied immediately and told her to wipe away the tears of the Three Bears. He explained that along with his friends Ben and Hank, they were able to convert the gift wrap printing press to print dollars.

Help for the Three Bears was on the way.


IMPORTANT NOTICE! For those who own The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3

In the Appendix there are Incorporation and IPO charts for the 30 stocks included in the Dow. Those of you who own the book should delete AIG American Insurance Group, and replace it with Kraft. Since the change occurred during a retrograde Mercury, we anticipate additional changes.

The information for Kraft is: Incorporation Dec. 7, 2000, Richmond, Virginia 12:00 PM EST.(We use 12:00 pm since it is the middle of the business day and this particular state does not stamp a time on their incorporation documents) The IPO date is June 13, 2001 9:45 am New York, New York.


Kaye Shinker