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New Moon in LEO
August 20, 2009

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

Happy Solar Return to all of our Virgo readers! (Even though the New Moon is in Leo, the Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd at 7:38 pm, 2009) Read your financial horoscope in our monthly Fiscal Cents predictions.

The New Moon Leo appears August 20, 2009 at 6:01 am EDT Washington D.C..
Click for larger view (printable chart)

This is a Super New Moon which means the Moon is in Perigee (closest to Earth).

The ring of fire is very vulnerable since a great deal of its territory is in the path of the July 21st Solar Eclipse. This means Earthquakes, Volcanic activity and Tsunamis

If the Sun Spot cycle continues at its minimum then expect cooler temperatures world wide.

During the next four weeks there will be six market changing aspects for economies world wide. We are coming off a Sugar High initiated by Jupiter and Neptune on July 10. It will return December 21, 2009.

Basically, the economy will hit the reset button.  First on August 17th, then in September, Saturn will be conjunct Mercury.  First in Direct motion, then again Retrograde (rare) and everyone will realize they do not know what they are doing.  So here we go, hang on to cash and your computer, but most of all evaluate your talents.   Personal Responsibility is the KEY phrase.

August 22   The Nodes change signs from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. This will put a new emphasis on commercial real estate as well as home and family.  Think about the past two years and the sectors of the economy where consumer prices decreased.  Think about the demographics in each region of the world. The shift in sector emphasis will cause confusion in every market as traders carefully evaluate their portfolios.

September 1  From the point of view of Sun, Saturn and Uranus will be in opposition. We might actually find a Sun Spot and possibly a Solar flare, but at 25 degrees Virgo/Pisces flares may be at an angle that glances off Earth's orbit. However this opposition continues for several weeks so any thing can happen in the weeks ahead. This helio aspect is likely to be the trigger to natural disasters and sudden restrictions in Virgo/Pisces sectors. A generator is a worthy investment.

September 7  Mercury turns retrograde and will turn direct September 30.  The usual warning here. If it costs more than $15 then you do not need to buy it. Big Ticket items are a 'No-No'. It is best to do any task that begins with ”re” for example read, recycle, reward, review and reveal. The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 expands on the restrictions connected with Mercury Retrograde

September 11  Pluto moves direct.  This means that markets will reverse their trend.  What to expect?  If during the two weeks before September 11 the overall markets are up, they will go down and of course the reverse.

September 15  Saturn will oppose Uranus from Earth's point of view at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces.  This is the third shoe to drop.  There are lots of candidates ready to deflate the economy once again.  A sudden restriction within any Virgo/Pisces sector will send fragile markets tumbling.  Several I haven't mentioned lately are fish, shoes, and music. The obvious ones are currency, commercial real estate, and oil.

September 19   From the point of view of the Sun, Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and Chiron at 24 Aquarius.  This has proven to be a very cheerful aspect for the markets from earth's point of view.  Creative people have inundated the patent office with so many applications for great ideas that the office is backed up at least two years.  These folks may just take a chance, stamp patent pending on the product, and go straight to the market place.  Not a great idea, but some things just can't wait for bureaucracy.

In The Textbook for Financial Astrology, I list the sectors influenced by each sign of the Zodiac.  Look at the lists for Virgo and see if any sectors of the economy are left untarnished. Now look at the list for Pisces to see if any sectors of the economy are left that have not been turned upside down, inside out, and spinning backwards.  Watch for the Equinox report in a few weeks.  It will include a discussion of Saturn in Libra.

The Leo New Moon appears in the first house trine Pluto

Quick analysis: Power to the People. It is all about Me. The public is in charge and they are having a great time showing off their power.  They have remained close to home saved money and now they are ready to play. Folks are ready to spend their pent up energy on their kids and hands on education and possibly a Micro Business. Talk of inflation and continued slashing of inventories is waning.

Saturn in the Second House

Saturn indicates that thrift is a high priority.  Revenue from investments decreases.  Finances are stagnant.  Folks are evaluating various ways to stretch their income without sacrificing quality.  Many are examining their balance sheet and devising ways to cut expenses to match absolute necessities with absolute needs.  Saving money is a status symbol.

Mercury is in the Second House

Folks are using their intellect to earn money as well as save money. They feel very capable of thinking through their talents and putting together a list of priorities concerning ways to add income.  Discussions of business ideas will help the office supply markets as well as the internet search markets.

Pluto in the Fifth House

Students will have a successful school year and their parents are happy as a result.  The Commodities market is recognized for its power over all other markets and these traders are busier than usual evaluating the harvest and making their trades.  Commodities are a tough market to trade, and energy products in particular are going to make it even tougher.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

Technology continues making money selling stuff to students and the uniformed services. Young  folks are finding work helping older folks operate the new technology that is replacing a lot of outdated computer systems.  New systems plus depleted inventories force many companies to require overtime from their workers.  Overtime puts more money in their pockets and bank accounts.

Neptune in the Seventh House

Neptune here makes getting work done difficult for managers.  Scandals disrupt the flow of work.  Unpleasant episodes plague the work place.  Credit on the local level is easier to find but the paper work involved is a challenge.  Dealings with foreign subsidiaries are difficult and computer systems are finding new ways to invite bugs over for bits and bytes.

Uranus in the Eighth

Absolute confusion suggests that the insurance industry is spinning backwards and turning upside down.  Electric power is unreliable and in some places absent.  Folks are inventing ways to "fire the grid". New tax laws are impossible to pass at every level of government.

Mars in the Eleventh

Now what do you do with your super salesmen that know how to communicate?  They earned their bonus and the company can't pay it.  Their natural reaction is to quit the company and become self-employed.  Earnings from professional work are a source for animated discussions.  Men are evaluating their career path and learning about the various communications devises that will aid in forming a Micro business.

Venus in the Eleventh

Earned income is being invested in devises that enhance the comfort of working from home. Statistically, women are making all of the money - even bonus money. They are even earning extra money at home as well as providing the family with insurance,

Money Makes the World Go Round

This Leo New Moon chart finds the money houses two, five, eight and eleven occupied by planets.  That means money is the topic of discussion at every gathering.  Everyone is talking about bargains and bragging about their budget cuts.  Poverty chic reigns.

Goldilocks (the story continues...)

Mama Bear just phoned Goldilocks and explained they've started packing up the RV to return to their Wall Street cottage. She hoped they could stop by Washington D.C. then make a few museum stops on the way home.

Goldilocks told Mama Bear all the Wall Street gossip and described how homesick Ferdinand was ready to go home to Spain. They giggled about the roses sent daily by CNBC, and how Ferdinand would lament that they didn't compare to the fresh flowers in his home pasture. Goldilocks sobbed as she described to Mama Bear her good buddy's desire to return home.

She told Mama Bear of her plans to order a horse trailer to pick him up at the cottage and take him to the airport, and her desire to fly back with him to Spain.

Kaye Shinker


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Jupiter does not go Direct until October 12th. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has suggestions on types of business that thrive with Jupiter Retrograde.

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