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The Leo New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The New Moon is in Leo, August 12, 2007, exact at 7:02 am EDT, set for Washington D.C.

In the July New Moon Newsletter I suggested that you place 8% stops on your
stocks. It still isn't time to remove them and of course the End of July
debacle may have given you a supply of cash to invest. Keep researching
and with plans to reinvest after the September eclipse.

On A Personal Note
I'm pretty optimistic about this market. I think financial stocks are going to have problems, but agriculture should do well.

The previous transit of Saturn through Virgo in Aug.1978- Sept 1980 the market went up more than 10% starting at 800 and ending at 1000. Just before Saturn changed sign from Leo to Virgo the market was down from about a high of 850.

Plan to Celebrate Venus Direct September 8th
Have a party, go shopping, join a group to make new friends. Venus turns direct on Sept. 8th, only a few days before the eclipse Sept.11,2007.  In the meantime avoid buying big ticket items since they tend to become money pits.

Pluto Direct
There is a Wall Street aphorism "Buy the rumor and sell the news". These gambles usually require careful research. When Pluto is retrograde rumors abound. Pluto turns direct (Sept. 7) and this change in direction usually exposes the news concerning the rumors. It also exposes illegal activity within corporations worthy of headlines. Scan your portfolio and divest yourself of any high risk investments.

This particular Pluto direct means that it is starting the move into Capricorn forcing change in corporate governance as well as political change.  Pluto's previous transit of Capricorn was 1502-1532 and 1762-1777.

Pluto Trines New Moon
Three Trines from Pluto suggest corporate executives seek the favor of shareholders.
Trines indicate plenty of tasks are in motion. We find 11th house Pluto trine the New Moon, Saturn, and Venus. Corporations have determined that the shareholders insist on dividends and this requires an increase in earnings per share. Therefore expect that shareholders information will send glowing reports concerning sales and labor negotiations. Most corporations will report good earnings in the months ahead as foreign sales improve.

Five Oppositions Dominate the New Moon chart
Oppositions usually mean that a task is completed. This chart has five with the New Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury opposed Neptune also Mars is opposed to Jupiter.

We can expect financial headlines to explain various mergers and acquisitions have begun to sign the papers and the disputing parties have reached a compromise. Corporate leaders are also completing their assignments and choosing to retire or move into new ventures.

These types of changes within profitable corporations usually drives down the price of an individual stock and then once complete the price returns to its previous level if not higher. The financial newspapers will be worthwhile reading this month. Buy yourself a notebook and make notes.

Saturn Transits Virgo Until November 2009
Saturn will change signs before the September 12th eclipse. Saturn helps you understand where you earn money and how much you have made. In Leo people tried to find interesting ways to make money with entertainment, example video games, streaming audio/video, and new casinos. In Virgo people will try to discover interesting ways to make money with food, keeping stuff organized, and providing labor. There is a long list of business sectors ruled by Virgo in the Textbook for Financial Astrology.

From time to time we will discuss the problems Saturn exposes during its Virgo transit. The next few years will find labor in focus and negotiations concerning wages will be tough and prolonged. Supply at every skill level is the problem. Folks planning to retire will promise to return to their jobs on a contract basis.

Kaye Shinker


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