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The New Moon in Cancer, Friday, July 1, 2011 at 4:54 am EDT Washington, D.C.

Cancer New Moon - Solar Eclipse Chart 2010

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The Cancer New Moon is a Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse at 9° Cancer
This eclipse is the beginning of Saros cycle #156.   A Saros cycle is a period of about 18 years between repetitions of solar and lunar eclipses.  The Wikipedia link gives an animated illustration of a Saros Cycle.

It is said that events and attitudes initiated during the first eclipse of a cycle carry through whenever an eclipse for the numbered cycle reappears. In financial astrology we watch for a Nodal Return and expect that technology associated with the particular company will change thus a crisis in the company concerning new personnel or machinery. A new series means this is the moment of the paradigm shift we are expecting. Expect change.

The eclipse falls across the South Pacific hugging the Antarctic.

Check the horoscopes of family and friends for planets within 5 degrees of 9 Cancer. (Cancer 4° through Cancer 14°) Click through to the article, Economic Implications of a Solar Eclipse in your Personal Horoscope for ideas of how these eclipses will influence events for you personally during the next few months.

Many USA corporations have planets in Cancer.  Be sure to check their charts before investing. The Textbooks for Financial Astrology 1-4  contain the astrological charts for the Dow 30, and a number of the popularly traded commodities. (IPO charts and charts of incorporation for the DOW 30 are also available to purchase separately from our astrology shop at

Important Dates this lunar month:

July Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011
The emphasis for July will be to assess your personality and your skills. It is a good time to evaluate your current residence. Companies will also evaluate their presentations to the public and possible new directions for their businesses as they anticipate changes in communications and transportation.

Weather should be rather calm and predictable throughout the month of July. Solar spots are in a quiet cycle, but still troublesome.

Calculate the New Moon chart for the area where you live and check the 4th house for weather problems. Example: Los Angles finds Mercury in the 4th house suggesting windy wet weather, whereas the East coast will have normal summer weather.  (Instructions for calculating this type of chart can be found in Textbook 4,  page 30 )

July 4, Independence Day in the USA - Happy 4th of July to all our American readers. Venus enters Cancer, America's Sun sign today at 12:17 am.   It should be a wonderful 4th of July in the USA; a day filled with parties and picnics, and maybe even a little romance! So spend it with friends and loved ones.   Have a safe and fun filled time. Enjoy the Fireworks, they should be spectacular!

July 7 - Jupiter trine Pluto 6 degrees, Taurus/Capricorn
This is a pleasant optimistic time. Families and friends will take advantage of the mild weather to attend concerts, festivals and picnics.

This is a rather insignificant factor for traders but does have an optimistic flavor to it as new leadership moves into various corporate offices.  Stock market wisdom is that the price goes down of a stock with a new CEO and rises according to the new CEO's performance. This will be particularly true of stocks in the Taurus sector.

July 10 Uranus retrograde at 4 Aries
Uranus gives us a sudden radical change.  He tends to be rebellious and disruptive taking events into a new and unexpected direction.  About 4 days before the exact retrograde Uranus reverses the market trend.  Following the retrograde motion, 80% of the time the markets creep up.

Long Void of Course Moons
Students at have been watching long VOC moons during the trading day. Their conclusion is a long void of course Moon will indicate a volatile market with dramatic ups or downs in the Index averages. With Neptune at zero Pisces and the other planets in early degrees of their sign, we will find a few dates with a long VOC Moon. Check the calendars on our blog at Astrologicalinvesting.blogspot.html if you are trading in Australia or London time zones. Lesson 1 in the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 describes the hazards of a Void of Course Moon.  

New York VOC moon for the trading day: July 6, July 8, July 12 July 15, and July 29.

The New Moon, July 1st, appears in the 1st House (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4,  page 30 will help you interpret the new moon for your own country) 

Folks are in a happy mood feeling very patriotic. They are sharing their experiences over the past few years and evaluating the changes required on a personal level. Managers are examining their business plans as they reorganize how they present their products/service to the public. Expect change at every level of the retail sector.

Saturn appears in the 5th House
The problem of governments at every level will be to admit that many of their programs need to be returned to charity.  Government agencies are perplexed by the changes in business and hoping to find new ways to tax business.  There is a completely new way of finding customers, providing services, and sharing information.  An increase in information theft is baffling since it rarely produces cash.

The rules for trading gold on the FOREX have changed for US citizens. Note these changes and be sure to divest yourself of any gold ETF's you currently own.

Pluto appears in the 7th House
Trade has been complicated by difficult spring weather. There are problems with power struggles among various national interests for natural resources.  Public Relations are finding the new channels of communications difficult to navigate.  Partnerships in new businesses will need to work diligently on new ways to use the tools of Web 3.0.

Neptune appears in the 9th House
Neptune, now in its home sign Pisces, is exerting its ability to rewrite the rules of traditional banking and totally rewriting the rules of currency.  Neptune is introducing new styles of currency and trashing the old ones.  Neptune rules currency and likes paper backed by precious metals.  He is not happy with the price of precious metals and suggests miners add more supply.

Uranus appears in the 10th House
Uranus loves to surprise everyone.  He will spend the summer rearranging the leadership of business' and governments. He is not happy with officials who are pokey and failing to makes changes quickly.  It is wise to continuously watch for management changes in governments as well as equities.  Most will benefit from a management change.

Jupiter appears in the 11th House
Finally initiating his transit of Taurus, Jupiter will increase the supply of corn, beans, copper, and bling.  He will increase the supply of financial institutions as new styles of banking form start-up companies.  Private investing will continue to be the source of capital for new business.  The Internet is initiating various new financial opportunities for venture capitalists.

Networking rules the summer.  Folks are practical and will find opportunities to earn money with social networking as well as the traditional venues.  Businesses will continue to benefit from social networks, therefore new ones will appear.

Mars appears in the 12th House
Competition is hiding in the background ready to pounce on any weakness.  Mars in Gemini would rather talk and prefers not to be involved in any conflicts.  Expect warrior type behavior to decrease.

Venus appears in the 1st House
Summer fashion is quite remarkable.  Folks are adding scarves and hats to add drama and change their summer wardrobe.  Wearable art kiosks will find new customers anxious to add a touch of unique to their summer outfits. Traditional retailers will find their customers purchasing the basic plain clothes with the idea of enhancing the outfit later.

Mercury appears in the 2nd House
It seems that the value of currency is in a constant state of change.  Expansions of commerce and trade are continually forcing the demand that exchanges for money move quickly and accurately. Communications companies are extremely flexible when investing cash. Expect daily change.

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