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The Aries New Moon - April 14, 2010
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The New Moon is in Aries, however the Sun will enter the sign of Taurus six days later on April 20, 2010. Happy Solar Return to everyone born under the sign of Taurus! And Happy Solar Return to late Aries Suns.

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New Moon forecasts show general trends and the financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead:

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The New Moon in Aries, Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 8:29 am EDT Washington, D.C.

Happy May Day, and expect an exciting Kentucky Derby, May 1st!

Happy Mothers Day, May 9th.

Enjoy the wonders of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beauty of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

The New Moon is illuminating opportunities for folks to identify deceptions by public officials and improve the governing of public institutions.  Interesting scandals will emerge, but folks will spend most of the month discussing these problems unable to agree on ways to fix them.

Mercury is Retrograde from April 18 through May 11th

Mercury retrograde starts April 18 suggesting it is time to relax, regenerate your energy, and repair your toys. Shopping is perilous to your wallet. Remember, if it costs more than $15 you need to research the product and wait for Mercury direct. This Mercury Retrograde will be in Taurus, the sign that tends to be very practical and very stubborn. No one needs a big ticket item with a stubborn defect. It is a good time for traders to rest.

Saturn opposed Uranus at 28 Virgo Pisces, April 27

(This astrological phenomena was not mentioned in the Spring Equinox report, but is very important to note! ) This opposition has proven to be a political issue and regulations concerning the financial markets will be the focus of attention. It has, so far, had little effect on prices in the financial markets, but thoughtful regulations need to be enacted. This time the opposition appears during a Mercury retrograde which just adds confusion and the inability of rule-makers to perceive unintended consequences.  When the markets get confused they hold still.

Structure verses change will be a world-wide event with a focus on currency and will relate to the transit of Mars returning and crossing its stationary retrograde point of 20 degrees Leo the week of May 17th. According to the research of Nick Dagen Best this is usually a turning point in the life of Fidel Castro and the Island of Cuba. Changes in the political system of Cuba could once again spill over into Florida and therefore disruptions to the fragile economy of Florida.

Jupiter opposed Saturn, May 23

This is also a political issue which signals changes in governments world wide.

This is a quote from Victor Ledeboer's E-book, The Master of Time An Epos of W.D. Gann's Master Time Factor. (available on our shopping page.)

“A negative Saturn half way 2010 could lead to heavy cuts in government budgets and thus in bureaucracy. People who think they are safe working for the governments could well be in for a tough time. The effect could result in a change in the citizen - politics relationship.“
Victor Ledeboer, The Master of Time, pg 85

New Moon in Aries in the 12th House

The New Moon concentration of planets in the 12th house suggests that public institutions are under intense pressure. Budgets must be cut. No public employee wants to lose their job, but lack of tax receipts insist that whole agencies disappear.  Elected officials will be required to make tough decisions. These decisions will be made behind closed doors.

Mercury in the 12th house

This Mercury, while direct, continues to discuss laws concerning helping the poor/disabled and institutionalized. Opinions are forcefully expressed and stubbornly held.

The real problem is when Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus.  The media on both sides of every scandal will discuss them, but no one is able to agree on a solution.  Don't ask anyone to make a decision any further into the future than an hour.

Venus in the 12th house

Institutions and governments try to increase their budgets by asking for donations and grants. Some are able to increase their budgets and benefits. Parks and recreation will gain more receipts than expected since they are the least expensive of recreation options.

Mars in the 3rd house

Auto sales are slow because of Mercury retrograde. Folks are anticipating future machines with better mileage than what is currently available. Recreational vehicle sales are also slow.

Commodities markets have problems. Commodities prices are all over the place. News reports concerning weather will cause volatile grain prices. Erratic demand for metals will keep traders extremely busy. The underlying problem is currency and their floats.

Pluto in the 8th house

Pluto is at home in the 8th and happily collecting taxes and insurance premiums. Tax collections are higher than expected. The party in power takes the praise and the blame for higher everything. You may begin to recognize the cultural shift will in attitudes toward personal responsibility. Folks are considering new ways to incorporate their businesses into a desirable lifestyle.

Neptune in the 10th house

Employment continues to be elusive especially at the managerial levels. Creative and ingenious personnel is the need. Folks with the talent to manipulate audio, video and the written word in an attractive setting are the desired employees as advertising returns to the media. Opportunities abound for those behind the scenes and producing creative material.

Jupiter in the 11th house

Jupiter is rapidly moving to a conjunction with Uranus. 80% of their conjunctions have produced a high in the market. The same is true for transits of Jupiter to the Uranus on a Corporation. Therefore corporations formed during the 1920's and still operating on their original incorporations documents should do well during this transit. Dividends paid this month will be excellent and higher than forecasted. Double check your research and try a few stocks in the materials and machinery sector.

Uranus in the 11th house

Tech stocks have outfoxed us. Note the ones with cash on their balance sheets. (See the topic, "New economy? Stocks with cash and no debt" in the community bulletin board) They have survived this crisis and learned the magic lesson of how to do it again. In the 11th they may chose to reward their shareholders with dividends. Unlikely but possible with Uranus the planet of unexpected changes.

Kaye Shinker


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