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Aquarius New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - February 17, 2007

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Hey You All Happy Mardi Gras! (February 20)

The Aquarius New Moon occurs February 17, at 11.17 am EST.  Saturn appears in the Fourth which could indicate the bottom of the housing market. Don't expect that house prices will suddenly rise, but if you are thinking about buying a house in 2007, now would be the time to start shopping and looking for a deal.  Saturn is opposed Neptune throughout the next month. Interest rates are part of Neptune's jurisdiction.  Expect that rates will stay the same, but closing costs will be volatile. Shopping for the best rate as well as closing costs is going to take some work, so expect to spend research time on the project.

Mercury is retrograde from February 13 to March 7th.

I love to watch the economists during a Mercury Retrograde!  They are so pessimistic, the economy is sinking like a rock, retail is dying, and motor vehicle sales are in a permanent slump.

Signing any agreement that deals with money borders on a high risk.  I try very hard not to purchase any non consumable that costs more than $10.   A good King Cake is about $15, so I'm planning that purchase on February 12th.   Be cautious of credit card agreements, savings accounts, and bond rates.   If you think they are confusing, you are correct.   The folks who write the conditions, rules, and payment schedules are extremely fond of twisting phrases.

Jupiter in the 7th bodes well for negotiations with other countries, thus we can expect many discussions concerning free trade.  Jupiter is moving into trine with Saturn.  This tends to send the company sales force out into the wilderness of ferreting out new accounts.  The aspect is in effect all of 2007 and will produce a plethora of increased earnings.  February is the beginning of the trend so be alert especially along the path you travel each day. You never know where a new business or franchise might pop up and become a great future investment.

Pluto in the 8th suggests a radical change in government culture.  Likely is an increase in military orders that further stimulates an already buoyant economy.  Be aware government contracts are changing their favored suppliers.  Superfluous government departments might actually see the chopping block, and possibly a change in the balance of power in the senate.

Mars in the 9th brings disputes among religious and sectarian officials. Leading figures in these areas may lose the argument and maybe their life. During Mercury Retrograde news reporters will find it extremely difficult to keep track of which contentious party said what angry expletive.

The New Moon stellium occupies the 10th and 11th houses indicating a great deal of emphasis on the leadership of companies and their board of directors. Yield on stocks will be the subject of long discussions.   Mergers and acquisitions as well as spin offs will be in focus as well. Spin offs will likely make most of the headlines since these Boards are looking to impress shareholders with visible increased equity.


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