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Just Another Winter Solstice - 2012*
December 21, 2012 - 6:11 A.M. EST Washington, D.C.
by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

* The Solstice date varies depending upon the exact day/time the Sun enters Capricorn.

The December Solstice occurs when the Sun is at it's most southerly declination of -23.5 degrees in the Northern hemisphere and is the shortest day of the year.  The sun is directly overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern hemisphere during the December solstice, and it is the longest day (in daylight hours) of the year for those living south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

(read about the Solstice at )

The predictions derived from the Solstice Chart apply to the next three months until the Spring Equinox.

We will look at this Winter Solstice from the point of view of the general economy.   My analysis is set for Washington D.C.   If you live in another country, set the coordinates for your capital city.  But first...

You have all heard the stories of the world coming to an end because December 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calandar. Well, my question to anyone who says this is, "Does the world end when our calendar comes to end on December 31? Do you wake up on January 1 and celebrate a New Year?" The Mayan calendar moves in cycles with the last cycle ending in December 2012. And because it is a wheel, there is no end, only a continuation - just as Aries comes again after Pisces in the zodiac. (Read more at Time and and the article, "Beyond 2012: Why the World Won't End"at

Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 horoscope

(click image for printable chart)
Chart for Washington, D.C. USA

The first day of winter in the Northern hemisphere
*It is the Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere

Upcoming Astrological Events of the Season

Dec 21 - SUN into Capricorn
Dec 22 (Saturday) - VENUS Opposition JUPITER
Dec 25 (Christmas) - SUN Square URANUS, MARS into Aquarius
Dec 28 - Full Moon
Dec 30 (Sunday) - SUN conjunct PLUTO, SUN Sextile SATURN

Jan 04 - MARS Trine JUPITER
Jan 07 - MARS Square SATURN
Jan 11 - New Moon
Jan 16 - VENUS conjunct PLUTO
Jan 17 - VENUS Sextile SATURN
Jan 26 (Saturday)- Full Moon
Jan 30 - SUN Square SATURN, JUPITER Direct

Feb 01 - VENUS into Aquarius, MARS into Pisces
Feb 04 - MARS Conjunct NEPTUNE
Feb 06 - MERC. Conjunct NEPT., VENUS Sextile URANUS, VENUS Trine JUPITER
Feb 10 (Sunday)- MARS Square JUPITER, New Moon
Feb 18 - SATURN Retrograde, SUN into Pisces*
Feb 23 (Saturday)- MERCURY Retrograde*
Feb 25 - SUN Square JUPITER, VENUS into Pisces, Full Moon
Feb 28 - VENUS Conjunct NEPTUNE

Mar 01 - SUN Sextile PLUTO, SUN Trine SATURN
Mar 04 - SUN conjunct MERCURY, VENUS Square JUPITER
Mar 06 - MERC. Conjunct VENUS, VENUS Sextile PLUTO, VENUS Trine SATURN
Mar 08 - SATURN Sextile PLUTO
Mar 09 (Saturday) - MERCURY Square JUPITER
Mar 11 - New Moon
Mar 17 (Sunday) - MERCURY Direct*
Mar 20 - Vernal Equinox-SUN into Aries

Chart Analysis with discussion of Astrological Events

Notes regarding planets chancing directions

Feb 18 - SATURN Retrograde at 11° Scorpio, SUN into Pisces
The Saturn station retrograde follows the current market trend. It does not seem to point to a change in direction, according to research done by Kaye Shinker.  She noted that "about 60% of the time the market is in an up cycle. About halfway through the retrograde expect the market to reverse direction." However, because it occurs just before Mercury turns retrograde we need to be very cautions in the market.

Feb 23 (Saturday)- MERCURY Retrograde at 19° Pisces
The two planets turning retrograde within a matter of days is significant, and can be a turning point in the market.  During Mercury Rx the markets are unpredictable and volatile. Especially a few days before and after the stationing periods (when Mercury changes direction). Usually about half way through the retrograde cycle you will see a change in the direction only to return to where they started 90% of the time.

It is not a good idea to sign contracts, or purchase big ticket items. Important decisions made during Mercury retrograde often come back and regrettably haunt you - often they are reversed. It is a time to do things that start with “re”.  Example: read, research, recycle, repair, restore.

The Winter Solstice, Dec 21 2012, 6:11:37 AM EST, Washington D.C.

Celebrate the Season with exuberance and optimism!  The Solstice chart with Sagittarius rising is ruled by Jupiter... and yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus! The effect of Sagittarius Rising for the first three months of 2013 is quite good for the United States and the economy.

In a mundane chart, the Solstice Sun in the first house bodes very well for the Government, and the President in particular.  It brings prosperity to the nation and "some sort of national success accrues under this influence..the Sun is so strong in this position that it can overcome almost any affliction." (H.S. Green) So although Uranus is square the Sun, there is a very good chance after all the blustering and delay, with the Winter Solstice Sun in the first house the United States Government will work to solve the problems of the Fiscal Cliff.

The Sun here focuses it's attention on the general condition of the country and in what Raphael refers to as, in the general sense, "the public health". Square Uranus, ...

The markets will reflect the mood of people.

Mercury appears in the First house

Pluto appears in the First House
This position of Pluto is powerful

Mars appears in the Second House
......agressive in approach


Neptune appears in the Third House
foggy communications.

Uranus appears in the Fouth House
Creative folks will find ideas easy to implement and share via the Internet. Investors will be wise to listen carefully and assist whenever they agree the idea is viable.

Speculators in the commodities markets are very busy. Prices for various commodities will rise and fall quickly during the trading day.

Moon appears in the Fourth House
Unusual work opportunities appear. Part-time jobs will often lead to full time employment during this time period.

Jupiter appears in the Sixth House, near the cusp of the Seventh
The next three months promise an excellent time to form partnerships. Public Relations experts will find plenty of work. Doctors and lawyers will find clients particularly anxious for answers to their problems. Entrepreneurs will find individual investors ready to help and form new partnerships. It is a good idea to check your astrological calendars and record times and dates for any suggestions of new enterprises.

Saturn appears in the Eleventh House
Restrictions in congress.

Venus appears in the Twelvth House

The labor market is improving with fits and starts. Workers will find plenty of part-time or contract jobs. Local governments find property tax revenues are difficult to collect.

Currency markets remain volatile and the Euro will continue to have problems. Most international banks are under severe stress.The whole banking industry will continue to find it difficult to attract customers seeking loans





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