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The Winter Solstice
December 22, 2007 - 1:08 am EST Washington, D.C.
by Kaye Shinker

In The Southern Hemisphere December 22nd is the Summer Solstice and is the longest day of the year.
In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice and is the shortest day of the year.

Happy Winter Solstice, Happy New Business Year
The Winter Solstice occurs December 22, 2007 1:08 am EST set for Washington, D.C. 

Happy together: Pluto, Jupiter,Sun and Mercury
When I set the Solstice chart I set it for Washington D.C.  When you set a Solstice Chart you need to set it for the capital of your country.  If there is a stellium as powerful as the one we have appearing this winter, it is really a good idea to calculate the chart for your country/state.

The stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury blend causing most folks to be extremely happy about the area of life where the stellium appears.  For the Washington D.C. Solstice Chart, it appears in the third house and has its dramatic effect on communications, transportation and the media.  Audio, Video and the internet are in a battle for the eyes and ears of the population. Folks are happily multi-tasking with all three playing at once.

Transportation hubs find people packed and ready for adventure. The plane, train or bus may be late, but that is just part of the adventure. People will even include their automobiles in their restless urge for fun.

Imagination is powerful this winter and dynamic humorists will capture public attention. Sharing ideas and expressing opinions may become an indoor sport. Writers, cartoonists and photographers will continue to share their talents with the innovations available to them through the internet.

The stellium is very helpful
Folks west of the Mississippi will have the stellium in the fourth house. The emphasis will be on snow, wind, earthquakes and mud. Home owners in this area will find new mortgages and many will avoid losing their homes. Snow is good for winter wheat, therefore, expect an abundant supply.

This stellium suggests people know exactly what they think, what they plan to do for the next three months, and how to get there.  They can't imagine any thing could possibly be too difficult, too challenging, or too stressful.  People are interested in having a good time, and they refuse to be upset, worried or scared.  Every claim that the world is going down the clothes chute will be met with deaf ears.

Pollyanna folks with rose colored glasses will be the names that pour out of the mouths of frustrated doom and gloom mongers. People will emphatically tell them "Buzz Off". Pluto adds power to the Sun's radiant energy, Jupiter's expansiveness, and Mercury's ability to communicate the practical down to earth detailed thinking of Capricorn.

The Dollar and the Euro
The Dollar and the Euro will continue to spar with each other. The Dollar's advantage is technological innovation and the discipline to create new products. The genius of silicon valley will continue to help the balance the payments for foreign trade in the USA.  Winter will allow the dollar to slowly gain in value.  Malls in the USA will continue to provide bargains for those folks earning Euro's or Pounds.  Venus in the Second shows a slow but steady continuous increase in earned income for the general population though out winter.

Commodities Exchanges Profit
Neptune in the fifth is for traders. The commodities market should thrive. Expect some new products to be introduced. Scandals will add to the excitement. Various trading houses will be investigated and dishonest people will need excellent attorneys.  Oil traders will have to scramble several times to avoid losses.  Mortgage debt traders will have the same problem.  However, that will not stop the traditional traders who are betting on soybeans, corn and wheat.  The exchanges will have excellent earnings.

Insurance companies are set to have a few confrontations with the public.  Where they attempt to resolve disputes with litigation, they will have to confront judges and juries who are not listening with their logical mind.  Tax collectors will have the same problem.

Morticians will have a busy winter.  The Moon is in the eighth.

Mars Turns Direct January 29
Religious disputes continue to interrupt international travel.  Religious leaders lose their credibility and many do not survive.

Shipping lanes are over crowded and the slightest error will result in difficult accidents.

Traditional learning venues are losing their attraction and these few months will bring the controversy into the open. Teachers claim that their students are lazy, and students claim their teachers are driving them crazy. Pluto in Capricorn is planning to destroy anything that resembles an institution and will start with colleges. Online learning increases in popularity. Mars in the ninth retrograde will turn direct only to expose the corruption in the hallowed halls of higher learning.

Investors will find it difficult to insist that corporations pay dividends during the winter quarter.  Investors will communicate their ability to read the financial reports and insist that corporate officers pay attention to the bottom line. Some companies will prefer to offer payment that does not involve cash.  Shareholders will insist the corporate officers share the profits with cash and not stock buy backs, or spin offs.  Expect executive search firms to have a busy winter.  Saturn falls in the eleventh with the South Node.

Mercury is Retrograde from January 26- February 18.
Whatever you want to do make sure it starts with "RE" Retire, retreat, read, research, revisit. Avoid purchases over $10.

Jupiter will transit Capricorn with a trine to Saturn for a year, and the emphasis is on personal responsibility.

Kaye Shinker


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