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The Summer Solstice, June 20, 2012*
by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

Chart for Washington, D.C. USA
The first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere
*June 20, 2012 is the Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere

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Significant Upcoming Astrological Events of the Season

June 24, Uranus square Pluto at 8° Aries/ Capricorn (first of two passages this summer)

June 25, Jupiter square Neptune at 3° Gemini/ Pisces

June 25, Saturn direct at 22° Libra

June 27, Venus direct at 7° Gemini

July 13, Uranus turns retrograde at 8° Aries, continuing Rx for a repeat of the Uranus square Pluto aspect in September at 7°

July 15, Mercury retrograde at 12° Leo

August 8, Mercury direct at 1° Leo

September 15, Pluto direct at 6° Capricorn

September19, Uranus square Pluto at 7° Aries/ Capricorn

September 22, Autumnal Equinox

The Summer Solstice occurs Wednesday, June 20, 2011 at 7:08:48 pm EDT, Washington D.C.

Chart Analysis with discussion of Astrological Events

Uranus square Pluto is the astrological theme for this chart and for the summer. The season begins with, and ends with, a repeat of the Uranus square Pluto aspect in September. (see exact dates in list above) This aspect is MOST significant not only because it is the closest planetary aspect by degree, but because of the implication of its meaning.

What it suggests in the Washington D.C. chart is a summer filled with demonstrations and demands from the people. It's an election year, and people want change and reform in government. (The first house represents the people. Pluto is the demand for transformation and reform - the fourth house Uranus, is the restless urge for reform in their government.)

Actually, they want change and reform NOW - and their demands will persist.

A square aspect is tense, dynamic energy pitting the nature of the planets and the signs they are in against each other to force an outcome. Uranus in Aries is bold, impatient, impulsive and rebellious in the quest for individual freedom; Pluto in Capricorn, like a dark version of the comic book superhero, Superman, will only accept "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". Pluto will expose corruption and eliminate whatever is necessary for a positive end result.  However, Pluto in Capricorn DOESN'T want to "throw the baby out with the bath water" and likes to move slowly and deliberately with control, destroying what stands in its path, but resisting impulsive, impatient rebel rousing and "change just for change sake".

Randall Ashbourne describes Uranus - Pluto energy in his Eye of Ra Report, (click the archives for the week beginning June 18)... "I mentioned last weekend the symbolism of the Uranus-Pluto square as being an Aries/Capricorn confrontation of aggressive rebellions against "the powers that be" ... and I discussed in (my) Forecast 2012 how this had started with the so-called Arab Spring uprisings, which would continue to spread as they have in Syria and Bahrain, but how the same sort of energy would also manifest in other parts of the world.

And it's fairly obvious almost everywhere. There are all sorts of power struggles going on in China. Dissidents are getting bolder. Greece is an obvious Western example, but so is the growing angst in Germany. In terribly polite Britain, Prime Ministers former and current, have been called into the public forum to explain their relationship with the Murdoch empire and whether policy was traded for publicity.

Uranus represents an energy which demands change, reform and radical restructuring of everything it considers "wrong". In Aries, the demands are aggressive and, if thwarted, will turn to direct action ... from taking over the streets to taking up arms.

Pluto represents great power and great wealth concentrated very narrowly. In Capricorn, it is very much all about control by the plutocrats. There are nuances between nations in exactly how it manifests. In some of the Arab nations, it's pretty easy to pick the dictators." - Eye of Ra report, week beginning June 18, 2012

It will be an intense summer in which the political climate will match the heat of the summer!  

In the USA, political parties will officially nominate their presidential candidates at conventions - the Republican National Convention, during week of August 27; the Democratic National convention, during the week of September 3, 2012. With Pluto and Uranus in cardinal signs, we can expect ruthless, negative campaigns and rowdy demonstrations.

June 24 - Uranus square Pluto at 8° Capricorn (exact) - This is the first of a series of waxing squares between Uranus and Pluto during 2012 - March 2015.

According to Raymond Merriman in his book, Forecast 2012, "..this is the most challenging time for world leaders to resolve their economic and political crises. In such a venerable climate, Gold is apt to remain a safe haven. Investors and speculators will seek protection by diversifying their portfolios with precious metals. A time that stands out in 2012 is the last tens days of June."

Uranus in the fourth house suggests the possibility of unusual, disruptive, destructive weather.  One never really can predict Uranus energy as it represents what is unexpected.  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and loss of electricity due to the unusual weather are possible. Have a first aid kit handy, along with plenty of batteries, and extra food and water supplies in case of emergency. Keep your fuel tank filled in case you need to evacuate quickly.

Uranus turns retrograde July 13
When Uranus turns retrograde, Kaye Shinker taught that for the markets "about 4 days before the exact retrograde Uranus reverses the market trend.  Following the Rx motion 80% of the time the markets creep up."

Pluto turns direct September 15
Stay alert in the market. Pluto has been known to coincide with a short term cycle low or high 4 to 8 days after the aspect occurs.

Summer Solstice Sun appears in the Seventh house with the Moon
The seventh house is the house of partners and significant others, as well as one's public enemies. (Sometimes partners can be open enemies!)  Consider the Congress and the Executive branch of government. They need to work together for the people (first house represents the people, seventh house, others), but very often they put their own agendas first, putting politics before the people.

The Sun and the Moon in the seventh of this USA chart emphasizes the need for co-operation and working together as a nation and with allied countries.  The seventh house is basically a balancing act for the people and the nation as a whole, recognizing who our enemies are, within and wherever.

Jupiter (chart ruler) in the sixth house
Jupiter rules this Sagittarius rising chart, spotlighting the importance of foreign affairs, and emphasizing the position of the Sun and Moon in the seventh house.

Jupiter will square Neptune on June 25
This aspects suggests higher fuel prices, and driving (third house) to work (sixth house) is going to cost more! Also taking small holiday out-of-town trips will be more expensive than we planned for.  Oil companies (represented by both Jupiter and Neptune) will profit during this time of high unemployment and an unhealthy economy.

Jupiter moved into Gemini June 11
Gemini sectors for investors are in the spotlight.   Also consider those things that will be in short supply are the sectors ruled by Virgo and Pisces. Kaye Shinker's Textbook for Financial Astrology discusses the topic Jupiter squaring sectors. (Lesson 10 on page 25 of Book #3 )

Watch the market as Jupiter touches off the Gemini eclipse degrees of 0° and 14 °mutable

Venus Rx in Gemini, in the sixth house with Jupiter
Lots of big scattered ideas and no realistic solutions for job growth!  Venus is retrograde until June 27, and until Venus turns direct we are going to see uncertainty in the banking industry and volatility in the financial market.  Venus rules money, and monetary policy decisions made will be reevaluated which in turn create an ever- changing environment of unpredictability in the market. 

June 27, Venus direct at 7° Gemini
We saw what happened in the market the day Venus turned retrograde - Venus direct can have the very same sort of implications. Venus direct often correlates with a reversal in the market.  

Mercury is in the eighth house, sextile Mars in the ninth house, square Saturn in the tenth house
The USA is getting no where fast on Main Street and with Wall Street.  Much work is needed to fix the problems we are dealing with this summer. The problem is that we are emotionally stuck to old ideas. Security is a big issue - fear of public failure permeates the minds of government leaders who are perceptive enough to know to try another way, but don't.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on July 15 until August 8th - We barely have a couple weeks after Venus turns direct before Mercury appears to go "backward" in retrograde motion in the sky! Thankfully, Venus doesn't turn directions three or more times a year! Mercury does.

Approximately every three months we should prepare ourselves for about a three week break.  It's a time best used to rest up, relax, rejuvinate...and do all sorts of things that begin with the letters "re".   And the REason we should do that is because Mercury retrograde is a time when communications break down, misunderstandings occur, computerized electrical gadgets are likely to go on the blink, transportation goes every which way but loose, and shipping anything becomes a nightmare.  That's because Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and has dominion over transportation, commerce, buying and selling, communications, and negotiations. And last, but not least - computers!

Back up your computers, take your car in for repair, and if you are in the market trading, "take profits too soon!" as Raymond Merriman likes to say.  It is a time when normal price support and resistance lines fail, and traders press the "buy" button instead of the "sell" button.  So do yourself a favor and REmember to take extra caution talking, traveling and trading during this time. Don't make major purchases or change jobs. You just might wonder why the heck you made those decisions when Mercury turns direct again!

Saturn goes direct June 25 - Saturn is finally almost done with Libra. Just a few more degrees and he hopes all the balancing and fair play rules are done for the summer and until next time - in the Year 2039!   So all you Libras can start to relax...well, for at least for 7 years when Saturn squares your Sun sign.  Hope ya'll learned your lessons well.  Scorpios, you are put on notice! Saturn goes into Scorpio, in October this year.

Saturn changing directions in the market often coincides with market reversals. Raymond Merriman says that "If prices are rising to a new cycle high in the primary cycle, traders might look for an opportunity to sell short. If instead prices are declining into this same time band, and a primary or greater cycle trough time band is also in effect, traders would be advised to look for opportunities to buy." (From his book, The Ultimate Book On Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.)

Neptune in the third house
Sensationalism in the media and literature.  It is hard to trust what the media reports.

When traveling, take extra safety precautions. Reconfirm reservations and pack extra in your carry on in case luggage is lost.

Happy Independence Day July 4th, USA

Happy Labor Day September 5th, USA

Have a safe and happy summer! Marley


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