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The Summer Solstice
by Kaye Shinker - June 21, 2007

The solstice is a very important holiday in the Northern Hemisphere since it is the longest day of the year.
In the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year.

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer at 2:06 pm EDT June 21, 2007. The chart for Washington D.C. is the overlying/background chart for the Cancer, Leo and Virgo New Moon charts.

Summer Fun - Travel, Tourism and Entertainment
The Sun with retrograde Mercury appear in the 9th house which means tourism will be profitable to everyone this summer.  Folks will be inspired to travel and interested in educational exhibits. They want to play/teach their kids and will be ready to buy books and videos about the exhibits.

Venus in the 10th indicates that entertainment venues will earn a bit more than they expect. Folks are in the mood for concerts, picnics, thrill rides, and outdoor theater. They will share their experiences with cameras, videos, and cell phones. Photo shops will be busy.

Saturn cools off profits for shareholders
Saturn in the 11th indicates a slowing of profits for the shareholders during this quarter. Weather is a factor especially West of the Mississippi. Energy conversions are another factor as engineers begin their search for alternative sources of energy for their companies.

Crime doesn't pay, but costs the government money
Moon in the 12th indicates that government will concentrate most of their time and money reducing crime. Most of the criminals won't have a chance with videos everywhere. The problem will be where to put them.

Trains Planes and Autos
Trains, trucks, autos, bikes, and barges are in demand. People are very much concerned about the price of energy, however getting supplies from here to there is also a priority. With Jupiter and Pluto in the 3rd, industry will work with ingenious quickness to move merchandise. architects will design mini distribution centers for all sorts of merchandise. Energy and pricing pressures will force new capital expenditures in the transportation of goods.

Commodity brokers go for broke
Neptune in the 5th brings the commodity brokers onto center stage. Commodity exchanges should profit from increased trading. Entertainment will try creative new ideas. Children will find creative mischief. Gambling establishments could find their book keeping records the subject of government inquiry.

Tools of the trade
Engineers of all stripes will be over employed. Uranus in the 6th suggests that the tools of technology will dominate the market place. This could also indicate the demand for flextime jobs by employees. Also traditional office work is very portable and managers will have to start thinking out of the cubicle.

High energy and a call to fight for what's right

The Aries Mars in the 7th makes a trine to Pluto. Warriors will succeed.

Cash is always nice
The celestial events that make a difference are: Venus Retrograde July 27-September 8 and Saturn moving into Virgo on September 3. Therefore leading the way to the Saturn sign change is Venus Rx. Although traders may make money if they choose high quality equities, investors making selections for your portfolios between July 10 and 27 are advised to immediately put in stops at 8% and then take a vacation. Cash is a good position during Venus rx since we all have a tendency to buy what I describe as "money pits"

Kaye Shinker


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