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The World at Large - March 29 & 30, 2008
Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis
by Randall Ashbourne

Click here for the full version of this report including technical charts in PDF format

Strange things began happening on world stock markets last week as indices began diverging, after many of them put in important low points during the previous week.

American markets pushed the Pollyanna button last Monday and surged above resistance lines, only to spend the remainder of the week whimpering.

However, other world indices began ignoring the latest bipolar funk from Wall Street, refusing to push either the Pollyanna button or the Panic button.

Australia made its high on Wednesday, before moving to a very small and narrow-range consolidation. England, Germany, France, India, Hong Kong and Japan all continued adding small increments to a potential rally phase.

Shanghai was popping pills, collapsing and suddenly recovering as rumours of financial initiatives being considered by Beijing pulled investors back-and-forth.

We now have an interesting case of intermarket divergence opening up – even between Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as between the New York stock indices and some sector indices.

It would seem that on a worldwide basis, we have laid the foundations for a potentially strong rally – but the various markets are still uncertain about how quickly to rise to the next level.

I did indicate last week that any rally would not carry all stock sectors higher and that could make for a patchy revival.

This coming Thursday, US Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, and Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, testify before the Senate, explaining the new plan for greater regulatory control of America’s financial system.

There are, reportedly, more than a thousand rail cars parked in Montana as container traffic through Californian ports slips from its highs. And yet, the Dow Transport Index remains blissfully unconcerned.

And on Friday, American markets will react to the latest jobs report.

Let’s review the astrological conditions ahead and then go to the charts …

We have just started to emerge from a period in which the key astrological condition affecting stock indices worldwide involved Saturn, the planet which symbolises fear and restriction.

It also symbolises government, institutions like the US Federal Reserve, rules and regulations - and astrologers could discuss the recent actions involving the Venus-Saturn symbolism and Fed bailouts, Fed handouts, regulatory changes et al at length.

But not here! I simply want to remind everyone that the period “translated” the very negative energy we can expect to unfold late this year when Saturn opposes Uranus in a series of repeating aspects.

I’ve discussed this action now for several weeks … how the Sun and Moon, followed by Mercury and Venus, gave us early warning of what to expect when the real thing happens … and, also, how Venus in her exaltation sign of Pisces could be expected to rule
a line under the negative energy.

Well the good news is … there will not be one single, further negative aspect to either Saturn or Uranus until early May!

And the even better news … there will not be one single, negative aspect involving any planets between April 14 and 24.

And, in fact, the only negative aspects from April 24 to early May involve Venus – squaring Mars and Jupiter, just as Mars opposes Jupiter.

In effect, however, this aspect may not actually be negative. The usual symbolism of Venus at the midpoint of a Mars-Jupiter high-energy aspect leans to the highly positive.

Let’s just say if one were trying to kickstart a romance and this aspect turned up in your personal chart it’d be all swoons, fireworks and multiple orgasms.

Which may, in fact, be the danger. We’ll need to watch this period very carefully for signs of being swept off our feet and getting carried away on a grand adventure.

Because, just around the corner, a new series of market-moving aspects begins to unfold – with Jupiter going Retrograde, Saturn going Direct, Mars changing signs, Venus squaring Saturn without the protection of her Pisces exhaltation and Mercury also going

Traditionally, May is one of the three best months in stock markets, particularly in the United States. This year, we will need to be very wary. Just as December and January, the other two months which are normally strong, turned out to be awful, awful, awful, we will need to be careful that May doesn’t also turn upside-down from its normal pattern.

This coming week, Pluto will go Retrograde. By early next week, it will also have received transiting squares from Mercury and Venus.

Among other things, Pluto rules debt and big money. The squares from Mercury and Venus tend to suggest there will be more bad news affecting world financial markets.

However, we need to remember Pluto will be moving towards repeating its trine with Saturn, an aspect involving stabilising Earth signs, which tends to suggest an easy flow of energy for implementing “the fix”.

While we can expect another major blow-up which again threatens to collapse the world financial markets, it is unlikely – now that the hard aspects to Saturn have passed – that stock markets will drop below their recent Low points.

And we also need to remember that from late last week, Jupiter moved to an exact sextile with Uranus – and because the two planets are moving more slowly than normal as they prepare to turn Retrograde, this aspect will stay in orb for much, much longer than is usually the case. The sextile does not normally have the strength of a square, opposition, or conjunction
and one of the rules of astrology is that one needs to take action to actually realise the “opportunity” provided by the sextile.

Well, we’ve been getting the action. The Fed and the White House have not only pulled every rabbit out of the hat to fix this crisis, they’ve resurrected rabbits that haven’t been seen since the Depression – and created new ones on top of those!

The Cassandra Crowd hates it!  All of it.  It’s the end of the world.  Like Cassandra, they may well turn out to be right. Personally, I haven’t seen one of them explain exactly where the US is supposed to mine all the gold that’ll be needed to restore the
Constitution-mandated, gold-backed currency they want returned.

Perhaps they haven’t considered that fighting gold wars, on top of oil wars, isn’t quite everyone else’s idea of a miracle recipe.

However, back to the astrology. I indicated in last week’s report that the energy unfolding in this coming week leans towards the negative. Wednesday, when Pluto goes Rx and Thursday, when Mercury squares Pluto, seem to be the worst of it.

By Tuesday of the following week, the negative aspects begin disappearing rapidly, with highly-positive aspects leading into the end of April and the first week of May.

As we go to the technical charts, we will see the divergence that is beginning to gather strength in various world indices – and between different sectors...CLICK TO READ MORE

Click HERE to download the full version of this report with technical charts and further comments in PDF format.

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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