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The World at Large - March 1 & 2, 2008
Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis
by Randall Ashbourne

Click here for the full version of this report including technical charts in PDF format

Volatility has made a sudden return to stock markets and two weeks of astrological high energy about to unfold makes for potentially dangerous and choppy trading immediately ahead.

We began last week with no clear signal from our technical analysis about the likely direction of trading.

I did indicate in last week’s report that the late-Friday rally in the Dow and the Nasdaq left alive “a small hope of a rally in the week ahead” and also mentioned the astrological conditions “show what appear to be fewer pessimistic tendencies”.

I also remarked: “Also potentially significant is that heliocentric Venus will trine Saturn and conjunct Jupiter. When Venus made these aspects on a geocentric basis in late January, culminating with the conjunction to Jupiter on February 1, New York markets rallied quite strongly for a few days.”

Most indices worldwide did, in fact, respond to the Venusian energy and stocks rose strongly for three days before losing virtually all their gains by Friday’s close.

A number of indices, including London’s FTSE and Tokyo’s Nikkei, actually hit their highest peaks since the bottom of the sudden plunge in January.

In the end, however, we got what the technical indicators predicted – no clear direction.

Starting this week, a rapid series of high energy astrological aspects will begin unfolding – within the same time frame as other mathematical cycles, including Fibonacci, indicate that stock markets are approaching a significant tipping point.

Dissecting the news is basically pointless. It simply gets worse. Markets rose into the Venusian energy pattern, despite the bad news. And then US President, George Bush, said there was no recession and US Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, said
there’d be no stagflation – but smaller banks would collapse.

And so did the markets.

First we’ll discuss the broad astrological conditions the markets will be operating under all this year and then we’ll look at the technical condition of the charts to see what the magicians of maths are telling us.

There are three major astrological aspects affecting world stock indices this year and they are:

1. Saturn opposition Uranus, the first passage of which occurs in early November

2. Pluto making a generational change from Sagittarius in cardinal Capricorn

3. Jupiter trine Saturn, the first of which occurred on January 21 as markets

These are the biggies, especially the first two.  A fourth significant aspect is Jupiter making a long sextile to Uranus.

Comprehensive research done by Ray Merriman, one of the world’s foremost financial astrologers, indicates Saturn conjunct Uranus and Saturn opposition Uranus coincide with major, long-term peaks and troughs in the stock market.

His work also places Pluto in cardinal signs at all-time Highs and all-time Lows … that is, both the record High and the record Low occur while Pluto is transiting the cardinal sign.

In short, Mr Merriman’s work suggests world stock indices will hit long-term cycle peaks, followed by a plunge into a long-term Bear cycle during the unfolding of Pluto in a cardinal sign and Saturn in opposition to Uranus.

Now, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the Bear cycle is actually underway right now.

However, astrologically and technically, there are indications it is simply too early to make that call; that the fundamentals of the Indian and Chinese economic growth story suggest there could be at least one, and perhaps two, further significant high marks to be reached before markets head into a long-term decline.

There is, also, the symbolism suggested by Jupiter trine Saturn, which we’ve discussed at some length during World At Large reports earlier this year; In brief, a period of slower, but steady and reliable, growth.

Another astrological indicator which is only just starting to unfold is the Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect. Jupiter is the symbol of growth and expansion, Uranus has rulership of stock markets – as well as company profits.

The sextile is not a particularly strong aspect; it doesn’t have the power of the conjunction, opposition, or square.

But! It is a valid and important aspect and it does have meaning. There are many modern astrologers who dismiss the power of trines and sextiles, believing that meaningful and important things occur only with the much more tense aspects.

Maybe that’s true. But, it is a Capricornian view of the world. Certainly, we are in a Capricornian period unfolding … Jupiter and Pluto in the sign, Saturn making aspects with both of them, as well as Uranus.

Nevertheless, even in Saturnian times there has to be some room for periods of expansion, growth – even optimism!

Such a period will come, I believe, as Jupiter sextiles Uranus – even though neither of them is currently residing in signs which give strength to their native energy.

(One reason for believing that is, as residents of India would be aware, in Vedic astrology, which uses the Sidereal Zodiac, Jupiter is currently in its home sign of Sagittarius and Uranus is in its home zone of Aquarius. While traditional Vedic astrology
does not use the Outer Planets, the Jupiter-Saturn trine would be occurring with Jupiter in a much stronger position than Saturn. In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Rat is only just starting – and Rat years are associated traditionally with economic growth and prosperity. Thus, the weight of the three great astrological traditions – Vedic, Chinese and Greco-Arabic – leans towards at least one more year of expansion.)

The Jupiter-Uranus sextile is unusually long-lasting. Both planets will station and retrograde in precisely the same degree – 22 Capricorn and 22 Pisces. In astrology, the sextile is given the symbolism “opportunity”. It means, that for a crucial period of several months, the opportunity for expansion (Jupiter) of the stock markets (Uranus) will occur.

It speaks of a period where the Bulls will gain control over the Bears. There is no question the two sides are locked in a fierce battle for the upper hand. We can see this quite clearly in the charts. Jupiter is the Bull – in fact, in Greco mythology he often
appeared in the guise of a Bull. Saturn is the Bear.

However, we will deal first with the immediate future – specifically the next two weeks.

The key signatures are:

Mars changing signs, re-entering Cancer
Mars opposed Pluto
Mercury and Venus conjunct Neptune
Sun conjunct Uranus
Venus opposed Saturn

The central period for this volatile energy is around March 7 to 9, extending out to midmonth.

This is also the period – especially March 3 to 8 – where various mathematical techniques involving cycles and Fibonacci numbers come into play.

Regular readers will be aware I’ve been guilty of expressing a bias – that these aspects will combine to produce a solid bottom, rather than a rally. I discussed some weeks ago a particular technical pattern we could rely on to produce a very strong rally, one capable of producing another Bull leg.

That pattern involves revisiting the January Low, perhaps even marginally breaking that Low.

Technically, the various indices have been range-bound since rebounding out of the January plunge.

We have discussed, over the past few weeks, the trend lines and containment zones keeping control of prices.

Inside those technical patterns is another one – that of horizontal containment. It bears many of the hallmarks of that period in mid-2006 when the Bulls and Bears engaged in a lengthy battle for control.

In any case, the nature of the astrological energy unfolding over the next two weeks is not particularly positive.

Apart from Mars changing signs, which always speaks of a change in direction, the two key aspects appear to be the combination of the Sun conjuncting Uranus and Venus opposing Saturn.

Venus square Saturn made an appearance at the start of the plunge, which didn’t stop until the first Jupiter trine Saturn aspect became exact.

When the Sun conjuncts Uranus, it will “translate” energy from its recent opposition to Saturn, possibly giving an early warning of what to expect when that major aspect really starts to impact late this year.

The next two weeks will be volatile – and dangerous.

However, if these astrological conditions combine to help produce a solid low we can verify with our technical indicators, it will prime the markets for an extraordinary Bull rally.

The astrological aspects beginning in the third week of April and running through early May, in particular, are also high-energy conditions – but they are, largely, very positive energy.

At the heart of that astrological combination is Jupiter and Uranus in close and slow sextile.

Entering the picture is Mars – trining Uranus and opposing Jupiter, just as both planets are at a near crawl, before turning Retrograde. Mars, Uranus and Jupiter acting on each other simultaneously is an extremely potent combination. It is high-energy to the maximum degree.

Over the same period, both the Sun and Venus will join Saturn and Pluto in a grand trine – with Venus applying from her home sign of Taurus.

This period – the third week of April to the end of the first week of May – seem to suggest the sort of energy we would normally associate with a very strong stock market.

In brief then, we face an immediate period of high-volatility and what appears to be quite negative astrological energy – suggesting an all-out brawl between Bulls and Bears, with the Bears having a stronger hand.

However, towards the end of that period – probably no later than March 13 or 16 – sellers will go on strike, refusing to part with their holdings at the prices offered, sparking the initial stage of a strong Bull rally.

However, what we need is confirmation that this is the pattern likely to unfold in the coming weeks – and for that we must rely on the signals from technical analysis.

And so, to the charts …....CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Click HERE to download the full version of this report with technical charts and further comments in PDF format.

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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