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Financial Astrology E-Mail to Kaye Shinker, by Marlene Pfeifle, sent February 14, 2007

What goes on during Mercury's shadow and stationing period!

Author's note: This is an actual email I sent to Kaye Shinker regarding some trading transactions in our stock simulator game.  Kaye thought it would be a good article for the web site and asked if I would post it!  Thursday the 8th of February and Friday the 9th, before Mercury actually turned RX the following Wednesday, Kaye wrote me saying the stock simulator was down on Thursday and she couldn't get in to do trades she had planned for the day. Then, finally, it was working, but too late because the market had closed!  On Friday she wrote to say she had finally gotten her transaction done and that she sold one stock and bought another...

----- Original Message -----
From: Marley
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 11:04 PM
Subject: Re: our contest

Dear Kaye,

While updating the challenge page on our site, I noticed that you sold HAL on Friday the 9th, but there is no recorded purchase of GSK!

Now, THERE is an absolutely perfect example of what happens during the period when Mercury begins it's station!  Yes, I know Merc didn't go RX until today, but it began to slow down on Friday. (The market went completely volatile on Friday as well - a couple of my stocks plummeted. But they are already recovering...)

Today in my trading room*, one of the traders "bought to CLOSE" an option when what she intended to do was "buy to OPEN" and then she was stuck with an enormous transaction error on her account!  It really wasn't a major problem and everything worked out, but it's interesting that the system even let her make such an incorrect transaction.

That is another example of what happens during Merc RX - and what you need to be careful of.  Another trader (also a financial astrologer) has made many a transaction error during the RX period - buying instead of selling,  buying 5000 shares instead of 500 shares, etc...

Ray Merriman (in his book, Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations To Trading Cycles) states:

"The US stock Market tends to be rather volatile around the time Mercury goes RX. Sharpe swings of at least 4% tend to happen within only 4 trading days and usually only within 3 trading days of this signature. In addition primary cycles also had a greater than 50% probability of unfolding within 8 trading days and usually within 5 days or less.....(he goes on to say) Mercury direct is very similar...Traders are advised to look for at least a 4% trading cycle to unfold within just two trading days of Mercury turning direct. Generally an orb of 8 trading days one is advised to look for a half-primary or greater cycle to unfold. The probability is greater that this cycle will be a crest than a trough..."

My personal experience is that the market is very volatile right before the RX and I try to avoid that time.  I should have sold all my holdings in the game earlier last week, but I was so busy with personal things needing to be done I didn't get focused enough to do it.

Anyway, if you decide to buy GSK for the challenge let me know!


*Marley is an active trader in an on-line trading group, trading both stocks and options.



The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations To Trading Cycles,Vol. 3, Raymond Merriman. MMA/Seek-It Publications, W. Bloomfield, MI, 2001.

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