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Dollar vs Euro
by Kaye Shinker
November, 2007

The dollar has made headlines since October 1, 2007. Its value relative to the Euro and the Yen has decreased steadily.  Even the Chinese have suggested that they might reconsider pegging their currency, Yuan, to the value of the dollar.

At the OPEC meeting November 17th, Saudi officials were overheard suggesting that they might sell their oil for Euro's instead of dollars.  Speculating reporters at the OPEC meeting suggest that if the dollar is further devalued it could trigger a world wide recession.

OPEC is feeling very wealthy and powerful. (Jupiter is conjunct the OPEC natal Jupiter.) However, over supply problems loom in the future with Jupiter opposed Mars and then square Mercury.

Reality check
I'm hoping all of Europe drops by and fills their suitcases along 5th Avenue or the Mall of America.  I'll even invite them to Disneyland. (My Chicago stock club owns Disney). The French Canadians have already begun their invasion of Louisiana. I counted 10 Quebec license plates in our RV park this morning.

However, I am staying in the USA this holiday season.  I'm shopping on my computer. The reason is that I reread the chart for the Dollar in my Textbook on Financial Astrology #3. Before I published it, I researched a dozen original texts and came up with the date for The Dollar Coined.  October 15, 1794.  For a natal chart time and date I use 9:00 am in Philadelphia.  Rumor is that engraver Robert Scot spent the first ones minted that day.

One way of checking the accuracy of a chart is to check the position of the transiting Moon when you start writing about it or happen to see a news broadcast concerning the subject of the chart.  I'm pretty sure that this is a good chart because as I am writing this the transiting Moon is conjunct Mercury and Larry Kudlow just spent most of his hour show talking about the Dollar.

Reversal of the current trend for the dollar?

When will the value of the dollar regain it value especially in relation to the Euro?  All 18 of the USA presidential candidates suggest that maybe it will happen if they are elected.  However I'm trusting the astrological chart of the Dollar.

The Natal chart for the Dollar has a great deal of power with its Sun trine Pluto.  However, occasionally it has a fit of irrational exuberance with its Jupiter conjunct Mars trine Uranus and jumps out of its box. (My bet is on Silicon Valley inventing the USA out of oil dependency)  It will probably take all of 2008 for the Dollar to return to the currency of choice world wide since its natal nodes will be under the influence of the February and August eclipse cycle.

My astrological reasoning is that the transiting South Node is very close to the Dollar's Uranus. The Transiting Sun will be conjunct Dollar's Venus, Jupiter will conjunct Jupiter, and Pluto will be conjunct the Dollar's Mars on December 15, 2007.  That's enough to cause a crisis and therefore a trend reversal.

I know you all are looking at the Sagittarius stellium December 11th.  The date of the regular meeting for the Federal Reserve.  It's right at the Galactic Center.  My advise: Stay home and decorate the house and stir up some homemade cookies/eggnog.  Then turn on CNBC and your computers and trade long.

Oh, the Euro was first used as currency Jan. 1, 2002.  It has the South node at 27 Sag. and Chiron at 2 Capricorn. Definitely a reversal aspect.


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