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About The Textbook for Financial Astrology, by Kaye Shinker

The Textbook for Financial Astrology has been divided into three sections and is designed to be used with the online classes I offer. It is a Textbook, but it equally useful as a guide to investing using the aphorisms of Financial Astrology.

Dear Potential Reader/Student:
This is where you begin your study of Financial Astrology.

Textbook One explains the basic aphorisms required for a successful start with any financial transaction. The book explains the financial do's and don'ts of a void-of-course Moon. It details the financial consequences of Mercury, Venus and Mars retrograde. It describes the importance of a New Moon, Full Moon and the Eclipses. The second half of the Textbook is devoted to Jupiter and Saturn and their role in a business chart.
The example charts used in the Textbook are for six well known companies listed on the NYSE.
Upon completion of this text you will have acquired enough of the current knowledge to help yourself with various business transactions as well as the ability to pick a desirable time and date to start a small business.

Textbook Two builds on this knowledge and adds details to the ideas presented in Book One. It explains the astrological research involved in choosing an equity or a mutual fund. You learn how to use the transiting planets to anticipate the rise and fall of prices for equities. Included are sixteen charts for major corporations listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ used as examples in the text. Textbook Two details the role of the planets beyond Saturn and describes the important Red Flags these planets signify in the analysis of transits to a company's chart. Upon completion of this text you will have acquired enough of the current knowledge to help you buy and sell equities in a timely manner.

Textbook Three builds on One and Two (I'll bet you guessed that) with additional information concerning Jupiter and Saturn transits, synodic cycles, rulerships and the Sun spot cycles. In this book you experience several types of research models that will help you discover trends and reversals. Also included is the brief history of Financial Astrology. The charts for the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Index are included and used as examples throughout the text. Upon completion of this text you will have acquired enough of the current knowledge to set a specific buy and a sell date for stocks.

Textbook Four builds on the concepts offered in the first three textbooks, providing current research and details as to the effects of the outer planets on Corporate as well as First Trade, or IPO, astrological charts.

I begin with a review of Books 1, 2, and 3 and then give a fun and interesting look at some non-technical astrological market indicators! Lessons include a detail of Neptune's Red Flags, Uranus' splits and spins, and another look at the Moon in corporate charts. Additionally, the lesson on the Moon is intended to help you to understand Commodities as well to help you interpret the New Moon chart for your area. Interpreting the New Moon in your area will provide information that helps you to anticipate trends.

I also introduce a new way to pick stocks by sectors and another way to predict prices using solar returns.

Additionally, Michael Munkasey has contributed two articles to Book 4 to explain how he collects data.

Scattered throughout are useful foundation financial charts. These include the NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, OPEC, the Dow Index, the dollar, the Euro, the USA. Included in Book 4 is an introduction to trading commodities as well as natal charts for corn, coffee, wheat, oil, gold, copper and soybeans.

Classes add information to the books as well as assure you that you have understood the concepts as they have been presented.

From time to time the website and the Newsletter will have articles that update these Textbooks. Serious Financial Astrology began in 1985 and these Texts summarize the current thought and verified research. Since there are plenty of questions to answer, students will find interesting research projects and hopefully we can share their answers on this website.

Kaye Shinker

P.S. Yes, you need to know basic astrology to read the Textbook. Usually a 6-8 week class that explains the planets, signs and houses is enough.

P.S.S. I like to sell this as an E. Book so that after you print it and put it in a binder you can increase its value to you and your portfolio by writing notes all over the pages. My copy is priceless.

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