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Saturn in Libra
by Kaye Shinker

Saturn's Ingress into Libra

Inventions that were rumors during the transit of Saturn in Virgo are ready to come to market.  When Saturn transits Libra the inventors put on their final artistic touches and include extra value to their product. Behind the scenes of bringing to the public a new product are a myriad of contracts, agreements, and financing deals. Initial Public Offerings will return to the stock exchanges.   For example: Apple computer has Saturn in Libra in their IPO.

Renaissance in Communications

Libra favors inventions and new products that enhance the delivery of information to the public . Saturn in Libra presents inventions that offer every one equal access to knowledge. Previous transits of Saturn through Libra have introduced movable type, Morris code, talking movies, color TV and the personal computer.

Saturn begins transiting Libra October 29, 2009

Saturn plans on visiting Libra on October 29, 2009 only to return to Virgo on April 8, 2010. He returns to Libra July 22, 2010 and plans to stay until October 5, 2012.

The Symbol for Libra is the Scales

Consider how difficult it is to balance the scales.  The sign Saturn transits indicates there will be numerous problems concerning a fair deal for all parties involved.  Saturn is not afraid to explain the problems and in Libra he will insist on fair and equitable solutions.  In the world of business the plethora of various communications devises will help solve the problems quickly.

Saturn seeks to identify the problems in relationships between financial partners and while in Libra he will seek solutions. In the world of finance, hedge funds, and mutual funds will have unique partnership problems that threaten to shorten the life of these funds. Negotiations concerning mergers and acquisitions will be difficult. Confusing laws as well as tax consequences will add to the negotiator's challenges. Fortunately Libra prefers to argue until all of the parties have made a fair decision or are exhausted.

Libra is the great referee of the Zodiac.

Saturn's transit of Libra makes it very difficult to determine which side of the issue is correct.  Pluto's transit of Capricorn during the past year has quickly changed the rules.  Government's regulations as well as rules of the various exchanges have been dramatic and often with unintended consequences. Courts and judges will have difficulty applying the new rules so that each litigant is treated fairly.  Legal issues abound with government officials unable to help either side of the question.

While moving through Libra problems will occur in sectors considered to be luxury items.  Since disposable income will find its way into the communications sectors, the sectors that include wearable art, home furnishings and luxury toys will find their customers have empty pockets. Saturn is going to make it very difficult for merchants of all things beautiful and expensive from jewelry to gourmet candy. Generally cooler weather is in the forecast therefore shoppers will purchase warmer clothing including wool and fur. Apparel makers find thrifty consumers insist on quality at a fair price. The list of sectors ruled by Libra can be found in The Textbooks for Financial Astrology

A Macro History of Saturn in Libra

Saturn changes signs in the Fall.   He was in Libra from:

1774-1778, The American Revolution

1803-1806, Maritime Prosperity and Peace at Amiens

1833-1836, Bank Credit Land Boom, Morris Code

1862-1865, Civil War Boom

1891-1894, Railroad Prosperity, radio

1921-1924, Movies invent Talkies

1950-1953, Korean War Boom, Color TV

1980-1983 Reagan Boom, Personal Computer


These years were either war economies or post war booms.  Inventions of communications devises were made practical and available to the public.  The Saturn 1980-1982 transit through early Libra was difficult for leaders. President Reagan and Pope John Paul were shot. and Anwar Sadat was killed.

Saturn's entrance into Libra also announces the devaluation of a currency.  Historically fiat currencies of the various nations were beset by hyper-inflation.  In 1923 it was the Mark, in 1950 it was the yen, and in 1981 it was the Peso. The countries involved borrowed too much money without the reserves required to back their paper currencies.

USA Saturn Return. Is the dollar in trouble?

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of business.   The business function of both planets is explained in detail in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.  Both are in very powerful positions.   In the Sibley chart of the USA both are angular and the business of the USA is business.  Jupiter is in the seventh house and rules the first. Saturn is in the 10th house and rules the second and third house.

When a transiting planet makes a conjunction with its position in the natal chart, it is called a Return.  During 2010-2011,  the USA chart will have a Saturn Return.   If the USA is on the right path things will be great.   If the USA is on the wrong path then a Saturn return will kick her in the pants until she arrives on the exactly correct path.   Read my article on the dollar on our Blog.

The USA will have a Saturn return three times during the week of November 26, 2010, the week of March 21, 2011 and the week of August 20, 2011.   Saturn is conjunct the Sun of the Dollar on November 2011, and in May and July of 2012.  Saturn conjunct the Sun is very tough,  forcing Americans to take a strict account of their currency.  Barter is the second choice.

Note: Saturn was in Libra from 1862-1865 when the USA was heavily involved in the Civil War. Read the history of the Greenback online in a Adobe PDF format, or the read novel, Gone with the Wind (available from our Amazon bookstore)

Knowledge is Power

Saturn in Libra announces a revolution in communications and the old rules of who has access to information are changed forever. The previous method of controlling which group has access to information is forever replaced.  New and exciting media becomes available to everyone changing our world view.

People love news, information and great stories told and retold. Each invention of new media soon becomes available to everyone . The underemployed work force created while Saturn was in Virgo had plenty of time to think or study. Creative folks refined their ideas while skilled workers returned to school to learn new techniques. Once retrained the workforce will find new jobs and money in their pockets to spend on the new inventions therefore a Saturn in Libra.

Saturn's ingress into Libra is the culmination of each generation's information Renaissance.  Saturn's ingress into Libra allows new inventions and great ideas to move into the public domain. And simultaneously all sorts of new IPO's, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, legal issues and a huge problem with the currency.

My Prediction

In two and a half years we will all be wireless and hopefully off the grid. Remember to read Fiscal Cents, I've been suggesting ideas for each Sun Sign on to make the New Economy work for you.

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