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Saturn's Transit of Virgo
(2007 through 2010)
by Kaye Shinker

Saturn will transit Virgo from September 3, 2007 until July 22, 2010.  The last two previous transits of Saturn through Virgo were July 27, 1978 - September 22, 1980, and May 30, 1949 - August 15, 1951. (Saturn transits a sign every 30 years, spending approximately 2 1/2 years in each sign)

Saturn is the administrator and the taskmaster.  While transiting Virgo he insists on reviewing everyone's personal accounting.  Virgo divides the tasks into small sets and then tackles each set one at a time.

When will the Banking crisis end?
Details, Details, Details is the best way to express this transit.  Saturn's most recent previous transit of Virgo began in 1978 and finished in 1980 - a period when oil and oil services dominated the market.  

The trading range for the Dow was between 800 and 900.   The Dow average bounced off its low of 800 three times.  It is a time worth researching.  

Personal computers came to the market at this time, and the suppliers for these little wizards became terrific long term investments.   IPO research will be vital to your portfolio in 2008-2009.

Saturn represents the CFO and the accounting department of every business.   Saturn wears a green visor and sits in the back office.   He scrutinizes the expenses of the company and generally makes life miserable for the executives and the sales department.   While transiting Virgo, Saturn will find tiny indiscretions in the expenses of every sales and executive expense voucher.   Virgo believes in pristine balance sheets and Saturn insists that the task should be accomplished with efficiency.

The crisis in Financials will not end until Saturn leaves Virgo.   Virgo has divided the problem into sets and subsets.   Every solution leads to another problem.   Saturn concentrates on the work of the bookkeeper.  He does not miss an error.

Efficiency Plus
Virgo rules accounting and when Saturn moved through Virgo in 1978 and folks saw the advantage of a small computer keeping track of their sales and expenses, they immediately needed the devise.  The company ledger popped up onto a monitor for all to see.

Virgo's nemesis is inefficiency.  Saturn insists of full disclosure.  In addition to accounting, Virgo is concerned with health and safety, homeopathic medicine, pharmacies, testing of consumer products, and health care. Saturn will his focus attention on Senior Citizens, farmers, uniformed service workers, and union employees.

The energy of Saturn's transit of Virgo has its advantages. He will help you keep track of the details in your life. He will teach you to budget your expenses and find ways to help you conserve energy. Saturn in Virgo will help you consolidate your errands and make useful lists.

Saturn transiting the houses in your horoscope
In keeping with Saturn's transit of Virgo I will provide you with a list of how it effects the financial aspects of your individual horoscope. ( You can click this link to create a free chart from, if you don't have one. Simply follow the directions on the web site to draw up your horoscope with current transits)

Transiting Saturn in:

  • 1st House: You lose weight because you are cautious about food.  Read your health insurance policy and find the loopholes. Fix them. You take responsibility for your own money.
  • 2nd House: You overhaul your financial plans and develop patience with these plans. You have to work harder to earn the same amount of money. Avoid 'get rich quick schemes'
  • 3rd House: Transportation is a problem and you need to budget the expense. The purchase of used vehicles is a wise use of your savings. New vehicles will have a 'lemon' factor.
  • 4th House: A good time to start new projects that promise conservative financial rewards. Buying a home now is a good idea especially if you have a substantial down payment.
  • 5th House: Investments should be for the long term. Plan to make investments with more than a five year horizon. Remember there is a shift in consumer demand therefore think about what you will continue to buy for the next five years. Admit that you are risk adverse for the duration of this transit and avoid the gamble. Don't lend money to your children, give it as a gift.
  • 6th House: Go to the dentist. Get an estimate. Write a detail resume for yourself.  Read it.  An interesting new job will be difficult to find, but worth the search.
  • 7th House: Competition in business is strong.  You are on your own and your ability to explain facts and figures will help you defeat the competition.  Contracts are delayed and partnerships are difficult, but once achieved they will be long lasting.
  • 8th House: Carefully prepare your taxes and any other legal documents.  Read and question all insurance policies. Partnership resources dry up. Bonds will provide your best investment vehicle.
  • 9th House: Travel arrangements are difficult. Bring a book. Legal problems will present a challenge. Use your ability to decipher the details of each problem. Consider your experience with a company before you buy or sell their stock.
  • 10th House: Rewards, honors, recognition for a job well done happen when Saturn transits this house. As a result you will have more responsibility and less free time. You have confidence in your ability to take a conservative risk.
  • 11th House: Groups, organizations, and friends rely on your leadership ability and you are able to handle the work efficiently. Folks have confidence in your ability to be treasurer. They are correct.
  • 12 House: You evaluate your position in all areas of life. You consolidate your assets and call in favors owed. The best use of the time is to make sure your assets are diversified. Buy and sell until you achieve that goal.

Sectors to search where Saturn in Virgo will have a positive influence
Every planet and every sign rules various aspects of the economy. I arranged the lists to help you think.
Each Part of The Textbook for Financial Astrology has a Lesson that discusses Saturn in the charts of corporations as well as IPO's.

Parts 1, 2, and 4 of The Textbook for Financial Astrology list the various sectors of the economy that Virgo rules. For example Saturn rules accountants and Virgo rules accounting. CFO's are under extreme pressure to balance the books.

Usually we talk about Jupiter's transit of a sign to suggest sectors worthy of your investment research. Transits of signs by Saturn will provide clues as to which sectors are under pressure, and by studying the charts of individual companies you will discover investments that might slowly improve during the time Saturn transits the sign.

Virgo rules household cleaning supplies.  Saturn's transit will restrict and compress the products manufactured by this industry. Consider household cleaning products and their packaging. If you ship 5 pounds of Laundry detergent it will cost more than if you send 1 pound. If you concentrate the active ingredients and tell the consumer to use less then you will save shipping costs. You will also save water, container packaging and grocery self space. Procter and Gamble started shipping Tide Sept 1st 2007 in a concentrated package. This trend will continue through to other manufactures of household products.

Food is Virgo's favorite topic. Saturn will expose and demand safe preservation of food products. Junk food will make headlines, but fresh to market is where the demand will focus. Food Advertisers will promote smarter and cheaper. Consumers will insist on safe preservatives as well as convenient packaging. Cooks will insist that products should be packaged for their convenience.

The minimum wage is tied to Virgo.  And in 1949, was set at $.75. In 1978 at $3.10, and August. 2007 at $5.85.  Although the wage table shows a gradual increase, the legislation usually bundles the years for the increase.

Virgo rules union workers. When Saturn leaves Virgo their economic power will fade into oblivion or at least until 2047.

Interesting trivia - Virgo must have something to do with lead paint since in 1978 legislation was passed to ban its use.

Search the IPO announcements and consider if you want it or need it, and does the product fit the description of Saturn in Virgo.

Kaye Shinker

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