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Pluto in Capricorn
by Kaye Shinker
December, 2008

Pluto gave us a preview of what is going to happen when he took a brief sojourn in to Capricorn January 27, 2008-June 14, 2008.  However, using Heliocentric Astrology*, Pluto remained in the sign Capricorn and added to the confusion in the market place.  (*explanation of Heliocentric Astrology at the end of the article)

Pluto entered Capricorn November 28, 2008 and is there to stay until January 24, 2024. On page 33 of The Textbook for Financial Astrology I list all of the areas of the economy ruled by Capricorn.

Before we go back a few months and look at the preview Pluto gave us during the Spring, let's First look back at Sagittarius, examine the areas ruled by Sagittarius, and review the areas Pluto destroyed while he was in Sagittarius.

Investment companies, publishing, advertising and air transport to name a few have literally been destroyed when you compare them to their 1996 selves.

Investment companies used the world banking system to finance their margins and speculative trades. The financial services were changed instantly into banks to prevent the failure of these institutions during September and October of 2008. They are now no longer Sagittarius companies. Illiquidity forced them to changed their sign to Taurus.

In late September 2008 Pluto moved from 28 to 29 degrees Sagittarius, Mercury turned retrograde. The Dow and S&P plunged more than 20% in a week. Then rebounded. Global leaders attempted to rebuild the investment houses of cards built by computers and Algorithm Geeks. However, Mercury was retrograde and the contracts of governments became an accident waiting for Pluto to move into Capricorn.

Other areas ruled by Sagittarius such as Universities, Religious institutions, military and shipping have changed radically, but they have changed quietly. Their investors/administrators insisted changes should be orderly.

Now, let's go back a few months and look at the preview Pluto gave us during the Spring. Remember, the market anticipates the economy by about six months; however, the investors seem to be about three months ahead of the economy. Exact aspects in the astrology anticipate the headlines by about a week. Let's look at the headlines throughout the Spring.

Capricorn rules currency and Investment houses /domestic.
Currency - The dollar was devalued and commodities increased in value. It was becoming apparent in February 2008.  AMBAC AND MBIA, the bond insurers, were about to unravel the venerable domestic investment houses on Wall Street. The mortgage scandal and the housing bubble became headline news with the fall of Bears Sterns March 14, 2008.

Real estate is the preferred asset of the banks. If the price of real estate falls dramatically then the assets of a bank will also fall limiting the amount of money they may loan to customers.

Capricorn rules business property - If business quits buying property and stops building new stores and offices, then the price of commercial real estate will plummet. The assets of the bank will plummet. Part one of the paradigm shift is to rearrange commercial property. Malls are losing tenets with bankrupt stores escaping their leases. The challenge will be to find new tenets and that will take creative imagination and reinventing the Mall concept.

However, most investors think about industries that make headlines. Office towers, malls, and strip malls are ruled by Capricorn. Could these investments approach antiquity? Almost everyone I know has designated their former guest bedroom to office space. After all the closet is a handy place to hide their ugly file cabinets.

A new economy world wide - Governments and Corporations are too large and too complex to manage efficiently. During Pluto's transits of Capricorn he will destroy and reinvent replacements. What will arise is a new economy world wide and as a result the definition of wealth will change.

If you think back to the 1760's and the Industrial Revolution in England, you will see my point. Production moved from the countryside to the city. Cottage crafts became mechanized and labor moved to the factory. The economy of mass production of fabrics, soaps, and cooking utensils was obvious. Then transportation, housing and food preparation changed with Pluto in Cancer from 1912-1939. Pluto in Cancer destroyed the economy of the extended family. Pluto in Capricorn will fix the mess. Community needs to be reestablished and the internet as well as other communications devises will make it possible. Bragging rights will go to the first fellow to get off the grid.

I list some of the things ruled by Capricorn in Textbook for Financial Astrology. Think about clocks and watches, gerontology, nursing homes, security systems and vaults. Did these change dramatically?

Capricorn rules coal and alternative energy. There should be some interesting volatility in equities that represent these sources of energy.

Or think about air conditioning and heating what could be new and interesting in these industries. Salt is a Capricorn commodity. What could possibly happen to salt?

And what has the public learned during the Spring and Summer of 2008? The money in their pocket can virtually bankrupt corporate America. All they have to do is refuse to spend it. Housing became over priced, so did oil. Demand destruction was fun. The customer is ready to challenge every industry that raises prices above the fairness rating determined by the public.

Pluto's transit of Capricorn brought Europe to the Americas in 1516. American gold destroyed the economy of Europe.

Pluto's transit of Capricorn in 1752 brought the concept that people could choose their government, in the Americas they were land owners.

Pluto's transit of Capricorn from 2009-24 will bring a paradigm shift. The people will demand less government, fewer taxes, individualized products.

Alarmist and fear mongers think in straight lines. They see bigger government with more control. However, the universe is curved, and, in my opinion, Pluto in Capricorn will force people to take personal responsibility for their own health, welfare, security, education, livelihood. and prosperity. In other words, the current demand for bailouts, public and private will spend themselves out of business. Survivors think out of the box with their own muscles, creativity and capital. Example, 1780.

*HELIO explanation - I mentioned that markets get all chaotic and confused when Pluto changes signs. The reason is that from the point of view of the earth Pluto appears to go retrograde and when Pluto is on the verge of entering a new sign, it appears that he has returned to the previous sign.

From the point of view of the Sun planets do not have a retrograde motion. When they enter a sign they stay there. If traders lived on the Sun they would have no problem trading.  Everything would go in predictable cycles.  However, traders live on earth and the electrical energies they emit do not go in a straight line but chris cross and curve and making all sorts of gyrations.  

July, August, September, and October of 2008 Pluto was in the sign Capricorn from the heliocentric point of view while from the geocentric point of view he was in the sign Sagittarius. See, you are about half confused! Ok, so were the markets.  Add a Mercury Rx and Saturn Uranus opposition and Wall Street plummets.  Add to this that the sign of Capricorn rules government and business.

1516 and 1762 were the previous dates when Pluto stirred the pot with a mix master.  Montezuma and King George had quite a time.

Kaye Shinker

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