Best Custom Apparel for Promotional Products

Custom clothing is a nice way to spread your marketing message — your audience wears your logo and sells your brand to everyone they meet. If you’re considering setting up a corporate clothing program for your employees or company stores, where fans of your brand can buy items like beanie and hoodies, it’s important to include clothes that your audience will actually wear.
So, what kind of promotional clothing should you include in your corporate clothing program or store? Here are some basic features to make sure your clothes stay in rotation for months or even years:
The type of fabric can be a game changer when we talk about wearable promos. Request samples so you can feel the fabric yourself before making a decision. Comfort is important but in some cases you may want to consider function as well. If you’re looking for polos for your employees to wear while working outside, for instance, you’ll want options with moisture-wicking technology to help keep them cool while outdoors.
Our men’s performance polo includes UV protective fabric and moisture-wicking technology for a long-lasting lifespan. Shirts with tag information printed directly on the fabric or with tear away options provide additional comfort without an itchy tag.
If you’re hoping employees will add your apparel to their rotation of office attire go for items with subtle logo placement. The best custom apparel is subtle and classy so recipients can proudly wear their new pieces to the office, happy hour and even on the weekends.
Promotional t-shirts are certainly popular promos, but they’re not the only custom apparel that connects with a wide audience. Actually, outerwear positively affects a recipient’s opinion of your brand even more than a t-shirt. It might benefit your brand to go for custom apparel like hoodies, hats or even wearable custom promotional products.
Promotional hats appeal to mass audiences and are available in many different styles. Customized scarves make nice gifts and thoughtful additions to your company store, particularly in the winter. Personalized gloves come in various styles and colors to complement your brand message. Dream big, and don’t get stuck on t-shirts.
Look for items that fit people of all shapes and sizes. You want your promotional clothing to appeal to your entire audience, regardless of the size they need.
When it comes to promotional apparel, put yourself in your audience’s shoes — would you add the promo piece to your own wardrobe? If so, then you’re probably on your way to selecting a smart promotional piece.