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The Textbook For Financial Astrology  
Books 1, 2, 3, & 4,
by Kaye Shinker
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Astrological Investing


Kaye Shinker's original four books, The Textbook For Financial Astrology, are being replaced by a series of lectures on financial astrology that will soon be available on this web site.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology

The Textbook for Financial Astrology, by Kaye Shinker

This textbook has been divided into four sections and is designed to be used with the online classes Kaye offers.  It is a Textbook, but it is equally useful as a guide to investing using the aphorisms of Financial Astrology.   Scattered throughout each book are useful foundation financial charts.  These include the NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, OPEC, the Dow Index, the dollar, the Euro, the USA. Textbook 4 includes natal commodity charts for corn, coffee, wheat, oil, gold, copper, and soybeans.


See details for Textbooks 1, 2, 3 and 4 by clicking on each image.

The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Part 1The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Part 2The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Part 3The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Part 4

"The key to being a good Astrologer is to abstain from trying to outsmart the universe" – Kaye Shinker

Kaye Shinker,
author of The Textbook for Financial Astrology

At the end of her life Kaye was actively teaching students of financial astrology at, writing articles for the web site, blogging on the astrologicalinvesting blog, traveling for speaking engagements and doing personal consulting.   Kaye had been elected Director for Education on the NCGR Board and was serving on the NCGR-PAA Board of Examiners. forward in 2012

"I am basically an intermediate trader. Though I use astrology in my trading, it is very important for me as a trader to pay attention to technical charts." Marley

Astrologer Marlene Pfeifle approaches the market from a different point of view than her former partner Kaye Shinker. Kaye was her first financial astrology teacher who always pointed out that selecting equities that will outperform the market over the long term and slowly gain in valuation was what she wanted to teach her students.  However, with the understanding that one needs to select fundamentally strong stocks in the financial sectors receiving dynamic Jupiter transits, Marley uses both technical and geocosmic analysis and buys and holds for short to intermediate periods of time.  Marley is an active intermediate trader and likes to trade equities that are in the sector Jupiter is transiting, and the S&P ETF, SPY.  

About the New Moon Newsletter - In Lesson Eight, titled Mundane Astrology, in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 4, Kaye Shinker outlined how to read a New Moon chart.  Kaye always read the New Moon chart from the point of view of Washington D.C. and gave predictions in the newsletters foretelling events which included economic, political, sociological, entrepreneurial, and meteorological conditions.

Marley's New Moon reports are different. Using New York, NY for the location of the New Moon chart instead, she focuses on the economic issues and political conditions affecting the financial market.  

"In my reading I'll interpret the house placement of the New Moon for the NYSE and major aspects going on as represented in the chart.

However, knowing how astrology actually coincides with market cycles and understanding the market trend will help you become more profitable in the market - more so than just reading transits in a mundane horoscope.  Knowing both astrology and technical aspects is your best bet.

Each weekend, my associate, Randall Ashbourne writes a stock market forecast in his Eye of Ra Report on his web site,  The information on the web site is free, I hope you take advantage of the valuable information he shares in his books and on the web site." Marley

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Marlene Pfeifle (Marley) and Robert Hand at the Texas STAR retreat


FRONT - Left to right - Astrologers Robert Schmidt, Richard Tarnas, and Kaye Shinker at the NCGR National Conference.

Kaye snickering at Robert Schmidt's joke along with Richard Tarnas.

Kaye's photo essay of the NCGR conference in Baltimore can be seen
on-line at the NCGR web site.

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August 7, 2009 - Kaye Shinker was interviewed by CNBC and was quoted in their article titled, Dow 12,000?

"...So, as the market logs its fourth straight up week, we decided the only way to solve this, short of an arm-wrestling match, was to consult the stars.

“Next week seems pretty good,” said Kaye Shinker, author of “The Textbook for Financial Astrology,” adding that the Dow could go to 9,800."

April 17 - 2009: Astrological Investing featured as the Site of the Week at

"...As I write it seems many don’t have the cash to invest anymore, so clearly those that do must be more careful than ever. Here’s a site established to explain how astrology helps investors reach the right decisions, with lots of information for the casual surfer and with more available after you complete their free registration."

award - Site of the Week at


April 26, 2007 - Astrological Investing is written about in

Dear Kaye Shinker and Marlene Pfeifle,

Here is an brief article that I wrote which references your site:

Astrological Investing - One Approach to Making Money

Astrological Investing - One Approach to Making Money

The stock market has been uneventful today so I ((RAH)) decided to look around on the Internet for some interesting material. I searched Yahoo for "astrological investing" and up popped 2,660,000 hits. I guess lots of people keep track of the stars and planets as they pick their investments.

I found Astrological, a good place to start learning about financial astrology. The site is well organized and has lots of interesting articles by Kaye Shinker and Marlene Pfeifle, the site's principal contributors.

Financial astrology is not for me, but there are a multitude of approaches to investing, so if studying the heavens works for you, keep looking at the sky.

Posted April 26, 2007.

Best regards,

Richard Howard


WOW!Astrological Investing was honored to be featured in Astropro's Web site Of the Week (WOW)for October 22, 2007. WOW is a weekly selection of a notable astrological or related web sites, distinguished for exceptional content and execution.



Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!

Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!

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