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The New Moon in Virgo
September 15, 2012

by Marlene Pfeifle CAP

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month

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Early Virgos, you are enjoying an easy trine relationship with Pluto in Capricorn, but now that Jupiter is in Gemini you may be overly optimistic and prone to excessive behavior.  Neptune has moved into your opposite sign, Pisces, and you need to tap into your sensitive nature while trying to remain down to earth and realistic.

September brings us to the close of the summer season, yet the disruptive energies of the summer - the Uranus - Pluto square - still have people highly charged.   Neptune's entrance into in Pisces has come with promises of QE3 by the Fed, and Mario Draghi - head of the ECB - on a bond buying spree.  Soaring markets are distracting attention away from the reality of slow economic growth and bad employment numbers.  The planet Neptune is the planet of dreams, of unreality and miss-information.  Neptune is "at home" in Pisces and offers promises of unlimited possibilities.  

The New Moon in Virgo, September 15 - Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE. (Click for larger image)

Total misdirection, or just a needed adjustment?

Mars is in a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in the first house.  While I normally don't discuss inconjuncts, this aspect is the only exact aspect in the Virgo New Moon chart (aside from the new Moon conjunction), and it suggests a high rate of expended and misdirected energy.

Read this weekend's Eye of Ra Report - "Reviewing long-range Old Gods targets, Week beginning September 10, 2012

An Astrological Trip Around the New Moon in Virgo Chart

The New Moon and Mercury in the fifth house - Schools, education, and teachers are the main interest in the media.  Stocks represented in these areas - which are additionally supported with Jupiter in Gemini - benefit with Mercury and the New Moon in the fifth.  Stocks in the entertainment sector may get a jump as well.

Saturn in the sixth house - The health of the economy is of grave concern.  High unemployment numbers and discontent among workers persist.

Mars in Scorpio in the 6th house - Possible threats of strikes in the workplace with much discontent among union workers.  Danger of fires in the military.

Pluto in the eighth house square Uranus in the eleventh house - An urgent call for government reform in taxes and banking provokes a much greater response than expected in the market.   Difficulty with legislative reforms.

Prices for gold, oil, copper and other metals jump as mining stocks and metals lead the way.

Note - As I have stated before, Pluto square Uranus has been the astrological theme of the summer.  This aspect has heated things up politically resulting in ruthless, negative campaigns between the two parties in the US.

Economically, the Uranus and Pluto aspect has been push pulling the markets.

Neptune in the tenth house, and Jupiter in the first house -   In Mundane Astrology the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are most important, with the tenth house having a special reference to the ruler of the country, the government in power, and the national honor and reputation of the country; the first house represents the minds of the people.

Neptune in the tenth house - Neptune here suggests the position of the government in power is uncertain.

Jupiter in the first house - Normally, without any adverse aspects, Jupiter in the first suggests prosperity. People are contented and trade is good - however with an inconjunct aspect to Mars in Scorpio, people feel something is not right. There is a higher than usual amount of energy expended and aggressive talk. 

Venus in the third house
- Stocks ruled by Gemini continue to outperform the market.  Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.   

Commentary - Understanding the potential of planetary cycles and what the technical charts tell us is our best bet for successful trading. We need to see the whole picture!

I have been reminding readers at the end of each New Moon interpretation that strives to teach financial astrology as a timing tool to use.   Although the mundane reading I give each New Moon gives us a broad picture of the astrological landscape we expect to encounter during the month, I encourage all of you to look at the weekly technical charts that Randall Ashbourne posts on his web site. 

Randall Ashbourne's charts are revealing illustrations of exactly what has occurred in the market and the probability of what to expect -
Each weekend Randall writes a stock market forecast in his Eye of Ra Report on his web site,  The information on the web site is free, I hope you take advantage of the valuable information he shares in his books and on the web site.

Moon Phases
(Read Randall Ashbourne's article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle   be sure to purchase his eBook, The Idiot & the Moon )

New Moon
September 15- 1st quarter Moon, September 22;  Full Moon, September 29;  Last quarter Moon, October 8;   Next New Moon, October 15.  

Note: New Moon periods tend to be a positive time for the markets, often coinciding with temporary highs relative to the direction the market is trending.  There are many of you who have been trading with the phases of the Moon and having much success; and you know by reading Randall's The Idiot and the Moon that there are times when it doesn't always work out that way!

From Randall Ashbourne, in his article on the blog, Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trades
- The most practical sign of the zodiac. The Moon here will want to run through the numbers and see some real evidence that the asking price is actually worth it.  It’s a more careful and considered energy at play.."

From Raymond Merriman's book, The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing -Solar/Lunar Correlations to Short Term Trading Reversals "Moon in signs with the Sun in Virgo - High Probability Reversals: From the NASDAQ results of the Moon in signs with the Sun in Virgo, we can conclude that 4% or greater reversals have a higher probability of occurrence when the Moon is in Taurus or Libra, the two Venus-ruled signs of the zodiac...The probability of a reversal in the lunar signs would be increased if Mercury was in Libra, or Venus was in Virgo, at the same time." (Please take note that the Moon in Libra will oppose Uranus while the Sun is in Virgo and Mercury is in Libra on September 16.)

HEADS UP! - Upcoming astrological events - the following aspects will create a wildly unstable (volatile) market.

September 17 - Pluto Direct

September 19 - Uranus square Pluto exact again! (This aspect will continue to affect us through March 2015)

September 29 - Full Moon

September 29 - Sun square Pluto, opposition Uranus

October 4 - Jupiter Retrograde

October 5 - Saturn enters Scorpio Saturn will transit Scorpio for three years.

Important reading, Randall Ashbourne's article, Jupiter's cycle and its effects on Wall Street Studies have proven that stocks in a sector ruled by the zodiac sign that Jupiter is transiting in do well, and stocks that are ruled by the zodiac sign that Saturn is transiting in pull back.  Now is the time to look at stocks that typically do well when Jupiter is in Gemini.

We need to reevaluate Stocks in the Scorpio sector as Saturn ingresses into Scorpio October 5.

Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter does the research for you!  Regardless if it is a Bear or Bull market, there are always stocks that outperform. Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.   

From Grace Morris' Astro Economics September Stock Market Newsletter

Last month our Recommended Stocks were Cynosure Inc. (CYNO), The Fresh Market (TFM) and Group Inc. (WWWW). As you can see in our Winners’ Box, TFM is up 22% for the month and CYNO is up 17%, WWWW is up 7%. Not bad! My personal favorite continues to be Michael Kors (KORS) recommended in February 2012 shortly after its First Trade. Its recent earnings report was above expectation. It was $29 in February and is now $54. Notice another of our recommended stocks LinkedIn (LNKD) gained 46% this past month. LNKD is the best performing of the Social Media stocks. Social Media is currently a favored sector and LNKD is a leader. We pick leaders!."

Grace Morris' trading edge in predicting the next set of favorable sectors is using planetary cycle analysis. Also, using Value Line and the Investors Business Daily as tools her recommended stocks are those favored sectors.  Click to purchase Grace Morris' Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter

Order Grace's book, How to Choose Stocks to Outperform the Market 2013.  Available for shipping after September 15. Get a head start on profitable stocks, the economy, real estate cycles and business trends for the year ahead.

Other resources - Michael Munkasey's Company Data Complete data - IPO dates and dates of incorporation on all the stocks in the NYSE.

Safe Trading! Marley


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