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New Moon in Virgo
September 18, 2009

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

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Happy Solar Return to all of our Libra readers! (The New Moon is in Virgo, however the Sun moves into Libra four days later on September 22, at 5:18 p.m. EDT.   Best wishes to all Virgo's still celebrating their Solar Returns.) Read your financial horoscope in our monthly Fiscal Cents predictions.

The New Moon in Virgo will occur September 18, 2009 at 2:43 p.m. EDT Washington DC.
New Moon September 18, 2009 Click for larger view (printable chart)

September 7-30
Mercury is now retrograde in its own sign Virgo. You have earned your rest, take advantage of this confusing time to repair all of your stuff. If you didn't schedule a vacation, take a few days off, sort through your papers and shred them into your recycling bin. Read that book sitting on your bed stand and relax. Trading and investing is dangerous during Mercury retrograde because everyone is too easily distracted. Check Lesson 2 in the Textbook for Financial Astrology for ways to cope with this astrological irritation.

September 30
YEAH! Mercury has returned to apparent direct motion. Time to get back to work, but reread any notes you wrote to yourself. There could be one good idea in the bunch.

September 15
Saturn opposed Uranus from the Sun's point of view on September 2 and from the Earth's point of view Uranus is still retrograde on September 15th. Both conjunctions are at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces. At the conjunction on Election Day 2008 Uranus was retrograde and Saturn was direct as it is this time.

We know change is required, but we know it will have unintended consequences. We know that changes are required concerning the Energy sector as well as the Financial sectors. Both sectors continue to aggravate the markets and neither one knows which way is UP. Both insist on some additional regulations. Both sectors can see each other, but they can't hear each other. Uranus is saying, "Let's change all of the requirements concerning transportation." Saturn is saying, "The task is too difficult. It requires changing all the rules. Everyone in the world has to change at the same time to do it efficiently." Uranus is telling Saturn, "Watch me change power grid. I'm fast! Witness computing. You can't write rules quick enough. "

The opposition's influence continues to expose the failures of the commercial real estate market and the bonds associated with their mortgages. Various pension funds (Saturn) with these investments will have to admit to the problems of default. Commercial real estate's mortgages will have problems until April, then again in July of 2010 when the opposition of these two planets return.

September 19
Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are conjunct at 25 degrees Aquarius from the point of view of the Sun. This aspect occurs from the Earth's point of view on December 21. It is the cause of our euphoria and persistent optimism that every thing will be excellent at the end of 2009. Everyone is saving their money and thrift is their mantra. Folks intend to treat themselves to a very special new toy for Christmas. What is interesting is the number of consumers who have discovered their bank debit card.   Its use has increased diametrically since the first conjunction in May.

October 13
Jupiter turns direct on October 13 at 17 degrees Aquarius.  Jupiter tends to give an abundant supply of things ruled by the sign he transits.  Aquarius rules electronic stuff and usually an abundant supply brings down price.  For example: computers have been cheaper during the past year.  This trend will accelerate through the holidays as Jupiter speeds up in motion.

Jupiter moves to Pisces in January 2010 creating an abundant supply of liquids and drugs. Each Textbook for Financial Astrology describes this astrological phenomena and suggests sectors where there will be supply and demand.

Remember: Pluto is in moving forward in Capricorn. Pluto's forward motion reveals scandalous behavior. It is a paradigm shift and absolutely nothing is working the way it used to, not even the Sun. His forward motion in 2008 presaged the fall of Lehman Brothers. Pluto warning: Technical market indicators do not give clues as to how things are working.

Possible Red Flags
Currency trading is very difficult with profits on either side of the trade very thin. Commodities trade is also in a seemingly hopeless quagmire of subsidies that are artificially inflating the prices of abundant produce. Individual governments are unwilling to give up their power to control their favored exports and insist that their trading partners lower prices and subsidies of goods they import. Stalemate is the result.

The New Moon appears in the Ninth house - September 18
The New Moon in the Ninth house suggests complicated discussions with various world trade organizations concerning imports and exports of transportation vehicles, especially those using alternative fuels.

Everyone hopes for an agreement that will benefit their bottom line but the conversations are hopelessly mired by misunderstandings and probably very funny mistranslations.

By October 1st there will be a few agreements with really weird caveats. 

(Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon)

Saturn conjunct the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde applying to the conjunction.

International trade is in the News. The majority of the discussions center around commodities. It is rare for the commodities markets to get this much attention, but the Ninth house discusses foreign trade and occupied by the New Moon with Saturn conjunct the focus of traders attention is squarely on the commodities and raw materials.

Jupiter in the Second House

Jupiter here suggests an improvement in wages earned. The savings rate will increase as a result. After September 30 folks will find themselves shopping exclusively for bargains. There is a whisper of a chance that Congress will learn from experience and lower taxes. Banks with high credit card exposure continue to suffer.

Neptune in the Second House

Fraud and dishonesty continue to make financial news headlines. Schemes to defraud individuals and businesses are everywhere. There is no free lunch and if it looks too good to be true, it is. Credit card scams continue to be exposed. Expect interest rates to remain low, however keep your earned income in a savings account.

Uranus in the Third House

Weird accidents make headlines. Cash for Clunkers will have some very outrageous stories raising doubt as to the real success of the program. Folks will review their need for various types of vehicles, and find some interesting alternative transportation. Message delivery folks will continue to find competition. The internet is cutting into their profits. Remember how quickly personal computers moved into homes worldwide?  Homemade electricity promises to do the same.

Mars in the Seventh House

Often the solution to economic challenges becomes international disputes, disagreements, and danger of war. There is also a danger of geological disturbances especially around the Equinox, September 22nd.  Storage facilities for inflammable materials are at risk and wild fires will plague vulnerable areas. All of the above suggests the need for heavy duty machinery as well as first aid equipment.

Venus in the Eighth House

Folks are very concerned over the collection of taxes and the amount of their various insurance premiums. The population feels a certain amount of control over these costs. They are protesting every cost increase. Some are protesting taxes while others are trying to determine the best way to convince insurance companies to bring down premiums. There will be a great deal of discussion concerning inheritance taxes and small business.

Saturn in the Ninth House

Pirates give shippers problems. Shippers, in general, will continue to have problems unloading their cargo. Airlines are forced to continue cost cutting.  Lawyers, religious leaders, and legislators are threatened with job losses. Efficiency is the problem.

Mercury in the Ninth House

Legal issues abound and most will be settled in October. Collecting tariffs and exchanging currency are the issues. Confusing paperwork will add to the problems of merchandise stacking up on the shipper's docks. Forgery and Fraud make the headlines and feed the media plenty of interesting gossip.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

Prominent officials and leaders of public institutions are disgraced and accused of dishonest stewardship. Detectives and police are working double shifts and prosecutors are gathering evidence day and night. Rumors of concentration camps are verified.


Goldilocks had the speaker phone on so Ferdinand could share the conversation.

"Baby Bear loves Washington D.C." Mama Bear explained how much fun they were having at the various monuments and museums.

"Papa Bear however is anxious to get back home to our cottage and to be honest I miss my kitchen".

After everyone said "good bye", Ferdinand suggested that it was time to call the airport and arrange for his flight home to Spain. Goldilocks found her phone book, her Llewellyn calendar, a pencil and proceeded to dial.

Above the airline's number she had scribbled Dick Whittington's phone number and remembered his cat lived in India. She wondered if his cat had a cell phone.

Kaye Shinker


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Jupiter does not go Direct until October 12th. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has suggestions on types of business that thrive with Jupiter Retrograde.

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