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The Virgo New Moon - August 30, 2008
by Kaye Shinker

The Virgo New Moon is 7° 48' Virgo and occurs August 30, 2008 at 3:58 PM EDT, Washington, D.C.

Four important astrological events occur during the month ahead. Jupiter turns direct on September 7, and on September 8, trines Saturn. Pluto will be direct on September 9. These events foretell extreme activity on Wall Street.

Basically investors and traders are anticipating a shift in favored sectors for the six months ahead. Start your research on the New Moon and remember the rules of supply and demand. On September 24 Mercury turns Retrograde and traders will have earned the vacation Mercury Rx indicates. Mercury direct will be October 15. A long ocean cruise is indicated.

Pluto is marching forward into Capricorn ready to dig up the corporate dirt. The idea of personal responsibility will begin to move into your conscious behavior and before the next eclipse you will hear your friends and neighbors discussing the topic. (details in article). Avoid tempting investments in commercial real estate since we are moving into a paradigm shift in business and government.

New Moon in the 8th conjunct Saturn
Insurance and taxes are the focus of attention. Investigations into illegal activities among national and International corporations proliferate. Whether it is non payment of taxes or stealing money from the corporate treasury, the managers of those who care for other peoples money can expect various officials investigating the money trail.  Saturn in Virgo insists on meticulous book keeping.  Every scrap of paper must appear in the accountant's records.  Large pension funds will gather most of the headlines, but none are exempt from the scrutiny of members or official investigators.

The diversion of the Olympics is over and the reality of political races has center stage. Politicians who promise lower taxes and the opportunity for citizens to get off the electrical and gasoline grid will capture the imagination of voters. Voters discuss what is practical, what is doable, and who can get it done. Political party is irrelevant. By the way, the Mundane maps for winning or losing by political parties show nothing. The mood of the public in November is a coin toss.

Tech's new customers Venus, Mercury and Mars in the 9th
Higher education has an interesting dilemma, lots of students. The baby boomlet is ready for college, and retiring baby boomers are taking classes. Professors will have plenty of students and technology will help manage the problem. Tech workers will find plenty of overtime opportunities and tech companies will watch their equipment march out the door to college. Travel for adventure or education will enjoy renewed interest. Retired folks are bored and ready to research new ways to spend any extra income.

Pluto in the 12th
September is the month where prominent officials are exposed for various infractions of the law. Of course their opponents do not want them to be reelected. Secret documents are opened and expose various irregularities among bureaucrats.

This is weird. I use a mundane astrology book, Mundane Astrology, by Manik Chand Jain, and this is an exact quote for Pluto in the 12th.  

"Silently reveal that the concentration camp is there, though under a euphonious label." *

There are rumors that these are being built in the States.  Pluto in the 12th usually means all government officials are busy trying to eradicate gangs and any Mafia and making headlines in the process.

Jupiter has everyone feeling terrific
Jupiter in the first indicates that generally speaking everyone is happy with their individual circumstance. There is plenty of work and communities feel prosperous. The American consumer has discovered they are the sleeping giant. Folks are amused and taking the time to have fun, laugh, and enjoy their hobbies. Summer weather is still prevalent and extra moments of time are spent out of doors. The Malls are vacant as a result. No one is thinking about winter.

Inflation challenges
Neptune rules inflation and the challenge this New Moon is how to spend your earned income wisely. People will discuss the various ways they are rethinking their budget. Fuel and food are obvious when they consider their income and stretch their dollars, but there are other necessities that will sneak into the inflation scenario.
Neptune in the second suggest that behind the scenes the financial guru's are working on yet another way to rip off each other as well as the public. This is probably a good time to avoid get-rich-quick schemes and to keep your spam filter up to date. Banks are raising fees therefore be prepared to vote with your feet. The power is in the purse of the consumer not the CEO or CFO.

Uranus in the Third
Uranus in the third means communications and transportation are a mess. Businesses that depend on precise communications to operate their systems will be bombarded by glitches and businesses that fix the problem will be over employed. Add the Mercury retrograde to the mix and if you or your letter gets to the destination it will be a great magic trick. Your challenge is to turn every mix up into a really funny story. But of course the minute you think you can deal with the energy Uranus emits, he does something else.

Goldilocks has sublet a townhouse in Manhattan.  The three bears should expect a guest appearance. Remember she likes everything 'just right'.

Kaye Shinker

* Reference: Mundane Astrology, by Manik Chand Jain, published by Sagar Publications, New Delhi, India 1978


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