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The Virgo New Moon - September 11, 2007
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The New Moon in Virgo is also a Solar Eclipse. It occurs at 8:44 am EDT and is best observed in South America and the Antarctic.

The March 19th Solar Eclipse in Pisces fell over China and the Far East.  China has suffered not only natural disasters, but also a crisis of confidence in their manufactured products. The ring of fire in the Far East has also been activated. Expect a difficult growing season in South America and further activation of the fault lines along their western coast. Here is an interesting animation of the eclipse:

Vast amounts of energy will be spent in foreign markets with most of the focus on South America. South America exports fruits and vegetables to our winter markets, and they also use bio fuels which are very dependent on an excellent growing season.  Commodity folks need to focus on the weather maps.

There is money to be made in either an up or a down market. When the Sun is in Virgo and Libra it is a buying opportunity for folks who prefer to buy long. This is when you can pick up equities that have pulled back but have a terrific balance sheet and a history of increased earnings over the past few years. It is not a time to buy a fad.

The New Moon chart is full of oppositions and squares. This means a number of deals will be concluded during the next month. Deal Makers will find it easy to convince all parties to compromise and complete the acquisitions, mergers and spin offs. Shareholders will agree that the benefits are fair and even if the deal seems a bit unusual, they won't mind.

Corporate income promises to exceed expectations in almost every category. Executives will earn bonuses and options above and beyond their expectations.

Vast amounts of energy will be spent in foreign markets with most of the focus on the Americas.

Scandals will plague/fuel the media and with their attention focused elsewhere, corporations will just merrily find their own way to profitable enterprise.

Real Estate has a good chance of healing itself since Chiron, the wounded healer, appears in the 4th at the position of "end of the matter". This is not the Depression of the 1930's where bankruptcy meant that the banker had to become a farmer. Most of the sub-prime loans are on urban houses where it is easy to renegotiated with minimum disturbance to the commercial paper trade.

Saturn in Virgo will put a great deal of emphasis on accurate accounting. Odds are you will not read/hear much about this issue, since most reporters never took a math class after 8th grade. Politicians probably flunked 8th grade math, so business will be able to solve its fiscal problems without government interference.


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