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The Taurus New Moon
by Kaye Shinker -May 13, 2010

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The New Moon is in Taurus, however the Sun will enter the sign of Gemini seven days later on May 20, 2010, at 11:34 pm EDT. Happy Solar Return to everyone born under the sign of Gemini! And Happy Solar Return to late Taurus Suns.

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New Moon forecasts show general trends and the financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead:

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The New Moon in Taurus, Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 9:04 am EDT Washington, D.C.

The focus of the New Moon's attention is employees, especially workers in uniform. This is a good time to start a new job especially if you are required to wear a uniform. Folks looking for jobs will find work where companies have a strict retirement age. Employment improves as retirement requests will be a bit higher than expected.

Baby boomers born in 1945 will be 65.

The markets are on a tear. News of inflation will send blue chips higher as well as small caps. Very little is stopping their momentum as folks are spending their money to stay ahead of inflation. Business is investing in capital goods for the same reason.

The challenge is weather which is stormy and wet.

April 20 Chiron entered Pisces

Chiron is defined as the Maverick and the Wounded Healer. While he transited Aquarius he changed how we communicate with friends (text messages, Facebook, etc). In Pisces he will change or recreate the organization of companies who use oil, gas, water or chemicals to make the wheel go around. He tends to force innovation in ways that are difficult to foresee. (List of things ruled by Pisces Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1)

May 23 Jupiter opposes Saturn

This is the first of the classic financial astrology aspects. It seems to create Sun Spots and Solar Flares and therefore earthquakes, tsunamis and erupting volcanoes.  All of this activity tends to keep humanity nervous and busy.  Markets will also be busy and nervous. The general trend is up. After June 8 the trend switches direction.  Volatility and low volume plus a plethora of rumors keep the retail traders away from their computers.  It is a time when people begin to switch their priorities concerning ways to spend their earned income. Energy companies will continue to notice a decline in the use of gasoline and electricity.

Saturn, the book keeper is telling Jupiter, the salesman to cut back on expenses immediately if not sooner. Individuals continue to use debit cards and cash.

May 28 Uranus enters Aries

It is like everyone sat down and read their resume.  People begin to think aloud "what can I do that is unique" and "how can I use this skill to make my life fun and profitable?"  Innovative Aries is very practical in the sense of using the resources at hand to create things that individuals can use everyday. The sewing machine, the paper clip the rubber band are everyday gadgets that solve an individual problem. (Sometimes it is a problem you didn't know you had! Think out of the box about machines ready for improvements.) Uranus will transit Aries for the next eight years bringing a plethora of improvements to a variety of machines. Investors are forewarned to read about every new product that comes to market. Read the article, Uranus in Aries.

May 30 Saturn Direct and Neptune turns retrograde

These are annual events that usually mark an extreme high or low in the market.  What you are looking for is the aspect that follows, and in this case, it is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction.  The market will be ready to take off higher. It has a case of euphoria.

June 6 Jupiter enters Aries (Jupiter will return to Pisces on September 9)

Therefore, Jupiter will happily increase the supply of materials, heavy machinery, hats and shampoo for a short period. Bargains found here will be true bargains. Next winter you might need a snugly hat and a big bottle of shampoo.

June 8 Jupiter and Uranus conjunct

This conjunction occurs about every 13 years, and historically good for bringing up stock market prices. However, the next aspect is a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on July 11.  On average markets rise into a Full Moon and fall into the New Moon.  This means after June 8 recheck all of your stops and hide your credit cards in a bank vault. It isn't another disaster, but it is best to be prepared.

The New Moon in the 6th house (see chart above)

Employment opportunities are available, but you have to be alert because some of the opportunities are not under a job title you would expect. Vehicles will contract mystifying mechanical problems. Repair shops and spare parts stores will earn extra income.

Venus in the 7th house

Great for partnerships where shared communications is important.  Earned income will increase for partnerships selling creative solutions to difficult problems. It is a good time to meet and discuss partnership agreements and to watch for opportunities to invest in real estate.

Mars in the 9th house

Advertising is rather aggressive/hard sell. The customers for advertising agencies really need to sell products, and in particular, travel related items. Higher education companies are sending representatives wherever they believe eligible candidates might gather. Import and export tax issues become news headlines.

Saturn in the 10th house

The overall look at the New Moon chart suggests CEOs are going to have a challenge managing their companies. Leaders of corporations are retiring or resigning. They are tired. Folks shopping for bargain stocks will find this a good time to buy stocks in companies where there has been a turn over in top management. Governments will find many of their top officials handing in their retirement applications.

Pluto in the 1st house

The public insists on taking control of its power. They are communicating their ideas through the various networking tools available on the internet. People no longer have to arrange elaborate gatherings to share ideas, and they are beginning to notice.

Neptune in the 3rd house

News concerning fraud and scandal concerning various labor unions will make headlines. Even though Mercury turned direct May 11 (two days before the New Moon) it still isn't a good time to buy a new vehicle. Lifestyles are changing rapidly and it is important to determine exactly the type of vehicle required.  Expect products to find ingenious, creative, new methods of packaging. Some will be good investments.

Jupiter in the 4th house

Seismic activity continues and weather patterns will drain insurance companies reserve funds. House prices have reached their low. The final group to sell at the bottom of this market cycle are homes with a lot of land or square footage.

Uranus in the 4th house

Many factors, including Icelandic volcanoes, will push the jet stream off of its normal pattern. Even daily weather forecasts will be unreliable. This promises to be a very strange hurricane season with storms moving along unexpected pathways.

The real estate market is full of very unusual bargains especially if the house/land is near water. Expect local governments to have difficulty assessing real estate taxes.

Mercury in the 5th house

Folks are taking risks, especially in the commodities markets. Metals and grains are rumored to be in short supply.  Be careful.

It is a good idea to participate in out door events.  Sporting events, picnics, weddings, concerts are well attended and everyone enjoys getting together and having fun.  If you are planning an event be sure to schedule some games, contests and drawings.

Kaye Shinker


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