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The Taurus New Moon
by Kaye Shinker -April 24, 2009

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Happy Solar Return to all of our Taurus readers!

The good news is Venus Retrograde is over.

The bad news is that Mercury Retrograde begins on May 7. If you were born on May 7 through May 30, Mercury will be Rx in your Solar Return. (Mercury will station Direct on May 30.)

When Mercury is retrograde in your Solar Return you have the "opportunity" to do everything twice.  This is very annoying to a Taurus who is positive they had it right the first time, however, the early Gemini’s believe that doing everything twice is normal. Check out Easy Predictions with Solar returns.   It is a fun and accurate astrology cook book for 'do it yourself astrologers'. (Note: The financial implications of Mercury Retrograde are covered in The Textbook for Financial Astrology)   

Predictions and an overview for the months ahead have been detailed in the Spring Equinox report. Be sure to read them!

The Taurus New Moon occurs on Friday April 24, 2009 11:22 PM EDT Washington D.C.

Click to view printable PDF chart.

This is a very introspective New Moon with folks taking the time to think about their short and long term goals. There are quite a few interesting aspects occurring during the next 29 days.   I have written articles on the most interesting which is the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune sextile Mars on May 27th.  This is when you start watching for Solar Flares and the Sun Spots.

Mars square Pluto April 26 and Venus square Pluto May 2

This is a control issue.  Who controls energy and who controls money?  The public earns the money and they control where they spend their energy dollars.  It is a hard lesson for the leaders of business and government to learn.

Mercury Retrograde begins May 7 and ends May 30.

Consider enjoying the natural beauty of May.  Walk outside and enjoy the Spring flowers and the flowering trees.  This is not a good shopping month, but an excellent time to catch up on your reading and repairing.  

Avoid spending more than $15 on any one item and save your receipts.  If a task begins with the prefix “RE” then do it. 

Avoid signing contracts and, if possible, avoid signing any agreements till the end of the month.  I know, I say this every time Mercury goes Retrograde, but it is very important! Read The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 for some additional directions to make these three weeks profitable and pleasant.

Saturn Direct May 16th

Note that Saturn turns direct May 16.  Saturn will change the market momentum when it turns direct about 70% of the time, however it is very slow change in direction.  Mercury retrograde does not help.  

When Saturn is direct financial balance sheets are forced to become transparent.  Forensic accountants will reveal their reports and institutions that have cooked their books will make headlines.  Shareholders will be upset and common wisdom will once again explain to investors that a diversified portfolio is required.

The week Saturn moves direct is filled with planetary aspects that energize you and help you get out of the box the Saturn Retrograde slammed the lid on last January.  The planet is moving toward a two year cycle of high creativity.  

Saturn direct will help you organize the steps you need to take to use your creative energy in ways that are financially rewarding. Saturn direct in Virgo is the accountant with a 45 minute attention span. Know the concept and use it.

The Taurus New Moon appears in the Fourth house

Here the New Moon strengthens the opposition to proposed government programs.  It is excellent for agriculture and crops. This portends an excellent planting season.

The position of the New Moon is at point called 'the end of the matter'.  Throughout the month expect headlines that describe “the conclusion of an event/issue.”

The economic area most likely to experience endings is real estate. Real estate loans will find a pattern and folks will be able to negotiate with banks and mortgage companies.  Paperwork will be streamlined and red tape modified.

Pluto in the First House

It will be so amazing to find out that the people are in charge of the economy.  This is the quiet revolution known as the paradigm shift, and folks are not about to let anyone tell them where to shop, what to buy, or how much to pay.

The people are proclaiming the future and forgetting to tell the ‘powers that be’ exactly what they envision.  For management, it feels like a rebellion against the established ways of commerce.

Jupiter and Neptune are together in the Second house.

Optimistically: This Jupiter will expand the earnings of the populace, the bankers, the financial folks. The problem of too much earned income is solved with creative accounting.  Creativity will abound and clever ideas will be monetized.  Loans to banks will be paid back quickly.  Local taxes will decrease because of pressure from local merchants.

Pessimistically, bank failures will continue to make headlines.  Too much money causes chaos in the monetary system.  The amount of money in the system is confusing and creativity for its use abounds among purveyors of fraudulent schemes.  There will be investigations and reporting of white collar criminals as well as common but clever thieves.  Scams continue to dominate the financial page headlines.

Uranus in the Third

Transportation has taken some wild twists and turns and gadgets dominate the vehicles.

The problem is that few vehicles are attractive.  The public is still on strike when it comes to making a purchase for a new vehicle.  Fewer miles on a vehicle translates to longer use.  Folks are visiting the repair shop first before they make a trip to the dealers showroom.  Slow demand for goods means fewer miles for truckers and they have a few extra hours to make repairs.

Venus and Mars conjunct in the Third

Mars passed over Venus a few days ago asking you to let your intentions be known, especially in the area of earned income and working relationships.  Venus will pass over Mars June 21st on the Summer Solstice, and income issues will be resolved.  In the meantime, expect stress in the workplace as well as relationships with other folks.

Mercury in the Fifth

Cyber space takes this lull as the opportunity to expand its presence. Theater and concert venues have interesting new offerings and have some new tricks to keep the audience engaged in their productions.  Interactive is not always required by it is desirable.  Education is the focus of activity and folks are suggesting ways to make public education practical.

Saturn in the Ninth

A bunch of problems appear in the airline and shipping industries, as well as colleges, and philosophical organizations.  They just don’t know how to tackle the problem of cash shortages.  No one wants to cut expenses.  The financial situations in each are stretched to the limits and cutting the labor force will not seem like an option until Saturn turns direct. Various managers see the area where the work force can be trimmed.  Fortunately, educational institutions can ask for early retirement applications. The unintended consequence is that their retirees will move to the internet.

Reminder: Predictions and an overview for the months ahead are detailed in the Spring Equinox report.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology is your basic guide to investing in the markets.
Please read the Lesson Nine Book 2 Red Flags before you invest in any equities.

Kaye Shinker


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