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The Taurus New Moon: It's a Son of a Bull -
by Kaye Shinker -May 5, 2008

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Astrological Events for May - This New Moon is a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is at Perigee or closest to the earth. Usually this means large earthquakes and exploding volcanoes around the ring of fire!

Saturn turns direct May 3, meaning that CFO's are exerting their influence in companies.
Jupiter starts retrograde motion May 9, therefore, expect slower sales and methodical buyers.
Jupiter is sextile Uranus most of the month meaning new IPO's have a good chance of success.
Mercury is retrograde from May 26-June 19. 80% of the time the Dow average returns to within 1% of where it started at the beginning of the retrograde period. Detailed explanation can be found in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1.

Taurus New Moon and the theme is Agriculture
Agriculture is the theme of Taurus, and the New Moon is ready to give the farms too much erratic weather to complete planting. The weather will be the tale for the commodities markets.

Financial institutions fall under Taurus and the New Moon will highlight their difficulties and thus create a pessimistic equity prices for some.

Governments and their institutions are able to enjoy less pressure and demand for service. Folks are pleased with their work and unlikely to complain. Hospitals have fewer patients and have time to improve their facilities.

Spending earned income and rebates
Mars is busy forcing folks to work and earn money. A tremendous amount of individual energy is devoted to deciphering bank and credit card charges. Folks will protest and change institutions if necessary. Others are spending money to make money. This Taurus New Moon I'm sure folks will approach the IRS refund checks as free money. With Mars in Cancer the rebates are spent on home improvements.

Weather is a problem
From the east coast through the mid-west, dry winds will not help seeds spread broadcast or blossoming trees. Commodity speculators are very busy. Their exchanges will make a good profit.
Fourth house Saturn is in a wide out of sign opposition to Neptune and at the end of this series. Neptune represents interest rates and appears in the ninth. The sub-prime mess continues bringing in the final groups of foreign investors. It continues to be difficult for banks and investment houses to show a profit and write downs continue to make headlines.

Pluto in the seventh
This appears to be an excellent forecast for international relations and treaties. Protectionist issues will be resolved and advantageous fair trade agreements will be signed. Reality economics is more powerful and the international trade online will add to the reasons to clarify treaty agreements.

Economic gurus focus on foreign trade
Neptune is at the top of the chart and the focus is on foreign trade. Oil is probably the number one topic, but it is to the point of being impractical and the paradigm energy shift is required. Businesses that notice the required need to find alternate energy sources will have the edge on successful pricing power or pricing of power. Neptune is in Aquarius and it is creative with things that plug into electricity. Example: My Ranch supply store has half an aisle devoted to portable solar panels to electrify fences. Last year they had three samples. Price points $80-$170. My electric for fences, about $20 per month.

Management plays Musical chairs
Every earnings miss signals corporate officials and managers are being asked to seek opportunities elsewhere. There is a need to change the governance of companies since shareholders are unhappy with results and communications concerning results. This theme has been present since February. Executive Search service companies will be busy. Uranus is in the Tenth and insists on change

Dividends will be paid
Venus is in the eleventh suggesting that companies will continue to pay dividends and many will surprise investors who believe business is in recession. Look closely at the earnings per share history of any stocks you might choose to buy.

Goldilocks has been corresponding with Dick Whittington. His cat story enchants her. Ferdinand lost in the Bull ring but won his life and will return to the pasture. Goldilocks can't afford flowers in Euros. Dick is looking better every letter even though he is a politician.

Kaye Shinker

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