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The Taurus New Moon: It's a Son of a Bull -
by Kaye Shinker - May 16, 2007

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The Taurus New Moon occurs May 16, 2007 at 3:27 PM EDT. The new moon is in the 8th house at 25.33 degrees of Taurus and is conjunct the fixed star Algol.  Algol is very unfortunate and often refers to the loss of one's head, violent or otherwise. The Moon is Out of Bounds as is Mercury and Venus.

This is a scattered chart therefore the marketplace will lack focus.  
It is a good month to check all of your stocks and make sure you are happy with the placement of your stops. Your attention will diverted by all sorts of activities in your personal life. Your goal is to keep your portfolio profitable until the June New Moon. Expect the markets to be erratic. April was a terrific month for the IRS, tax collections were at record levels.

New Moon in the 8th suggest legislation will be proposed to revise in our legal statutes concerning death, taxes and insurance. It is square Saturn and Neptune therefore it will be a difficult legislative month ahead. Investments in insurance stocks and financials concentrating on trusts will be less than profitable.

Financials are under pressure till mid June
What is interesting here is the Moon is Out of Bounds and therefore a maverick.  You can't count on financial and insurance stocks in the market acting in an expected manner. They are under intense pressure to pay dividends. Some financial companies are taking huge risks trying to keep their bottom line black.

Saturn in the 11th suggests that accountants are working on corporate financial reports and earning overtime pay to make sure their company books have a positive spin. But Saturn is opposed to the Neptune in the 5th. Corrupt/dishonest bookkeeping will make headlines and a few equities will be forced into Chapter 11.

Add the Venus out of bounds in a novile aspect to Saturn and scandals begin to emerge from very unexpected corporate boardrooms. Passion and gossip concerning these companies build then nosedive. CEO's will find themselves under intense scrutiny and quickly unemployed.

Oil concerns dominate the Commodities markets.
5th house Neptune means the gamblers have invaded the marketplace. Gamblers heaven is the commodities markets. Commodities contracts are the result of hedges sold by farmers against the crops they anticipate harvesting. Commodities traders will focus their attention on contracts that provide alternative fuels. There will be some very interesting winners. Alternative fuels as well as oil will remain as volatile as they were in April since news concerning these commodities will be unreliable.

April weather was difficult for farmers and planting crops. Crop subsidies already are based on a very complicated formula that will command the attention of the public.

Jupiter and Pluto in the 3rd is excellent for transportation stocks. Railroads, trucking and air freight will increase their customer base. This aspect also brings the automobile shoppers to the showrooms. Dealers are offering plenty of incentive programs, but the buyers are timid at best. The average buyer finds the flex fuel concept difficult. Diesel trucks are popular since these buyers know exactly how much they will pay and plenty of farmers are collectively setting up oil stills in the barn. Some remember the grandpa's stories about horses and plows.

Housing issues are old news.
The fourth house is intercepted which suggests that housing and mortgages are in the background of economic interests. Banks and loan companies are trying to help homeowners with difficult adjustable rate loans. Foreclosure rates will be lower than expected. Bargain hunters need to be wary since mortgage companies are finding ways to give folks a second chance. Be very careful.

Mars pressures Homeland Security

Mars in the seventh in Aries denotes that saber rattling will come from the East. The chart of the New Moon is set for Washington D.C. Mars is at zero Aries and no other planet aspects Mars so the rumors of war and for that matter actual war are everywhere. Hopefully Homeland Security is at the top of their game. Those companies that manufacture military supplies will work triple shift. (Mars was alone in the 7th of the New Moon chart for Desert Storm) Mars is sextile the New Moon providing an opportunity for peace, it will depend on diplomats to keep antagonistic leaders talking.

NOTE: The next few paragraphs use a technique in astrology called declination.  I am always searching different dimensions of astrology to discover how they might relate to financial astrology. In this case I noticed three out of bounds planets and researched the work of the Declination Sig. I'm including the relevant analysis in this newsletter and I'm sorry if your eyes glaze over. I try to keep my analysis of each new moon as easy to read as possible.

Part of the New Moon chart that is different from other New Moons.
The New Moon conjunct Algol is one warning however the Moon, Mercury and Venus out of bounds adds another warning to May. The Moon has just slipped out of bounds on May 16 and during the next few days it will move to 28+N and then move down to 0 N by May 25.

- Quote Pg. 93 Beyond the Solstice, by Leigh Westin:
'"By the time the Moon reaches about 28 N/S , it is not only ending its oob (out of bounds) trek in fixed signs, it also is beginning it in Taurus/Scorpio, an unnatural twist at the beginning, a skew at the end and a free-fall in between. More passion builds and confidence in lunar issues nose dives. About a year after the standstill mid-pint, Luna leaves Leo Aquarius but goes deeper each oob sojourn in Taurus/Scorpio, furthering the earlier on conditioning effect-now zeroing on personal productivity and materiality with an intensification of concern over shared values." (Yes, the Moon is oob after the Scorpio New Moon)

This could signal a free fall in the Markets, but not a crash. Retail will probably take the biggest hit. Fashion and taste are setting up for a switch in color, patterns, and conservative crisp. Saturn will move into Virgo. This oob Moon also signals a change in attitude concerning material possessions. This will be especially true for those with Pluto in the mid teens of Leo.

Also Earthquakes and volcanoes are very intense this month with the magnetic pull of the Moon putting pressure on the Earth's mantle. The ring of fire is ready to blow, but probably is waiting for the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox before it really causes geological problems.

People generally say to themselves "Why Not" with Venus oob

Interesting Venus in Gemini out of bounds gives us new ways to discuss our personal values and also ways to communicate what makes us valuable to ourselves and others. Add the meaning for Venus out of bounds is that we become aware of our individual responsibilities. Folks are rethinking their values and some are even writing in their day planners lists of priorities concerning their personal responsibilities. They are watching carefully their commitments of time and especially money.

On the actual New Moon Mars is at zero Aries and 1 degree of S declination. During the next four days it will move to zero degrees North declination. Leigh repeats throughout the book, "never underestimate a planet at the Zero point".  In this case Mars Angular in its own sign suggests that energy changes quickly.  Rumors are transformed into action.

The Taurus Bull is snorting and pawing the ground.  I sort of imagine he looks like the sculpture of the Bull outside the New York Stock Exchange. The emotional weather vane is very intense. Mind your manners and say please and thank you, watch your back, and check out our next month's newsletter, the New Moon in Gemini at  It isn't as rough and tough, but certainly will be interesting.

Kaye Shinker


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