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The Scorpio New Moon - November 6, 2010
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

The Scorpio New Moon, November 6, 2010 at 12:52 EDT Washington, D.C.

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The New Moon promises everyone the opportunity to repair and refurbish all of their vehicles.   It is also a good time to work inside decorating and preparing for the holidays ahead.

The New Moon in a fixed sign conjunct the 4th house cusp puts a great deal of emphasis on the security of individual homes and families.

As I mentioned in the Libra New Moon report, scandals from every sector of the economy abound.  Leaders are caught with their hands in the piggy bank or the tax payers wallet.  This New Moon will continue to expose leadership indiscretions.

The Ring of Fire should calm down a bit.  However, the positions of the planets from the point of view of the Sun are at odds with each other and putting a great deal of pressure on the fragile surface on the Sun. The problem is solar flares and when these strong solar winds are aimed at earth they have a tendency to disturb radio and satellite signals.  We are at the beginning of an applying Heliocentric Grand Square that will be exact on December 7, 2010.

Sunspots that erupt into Solar Flares are dangerous for electrical equipment because they will melt copper.   Read my article Sunspot Explosion in 2010.htm that has just been put on the web site.

The July 11, 2010 eclipse was visible across the South Pacific including Chili.  I consider that the path of the eclipse causes damage to the earth's protective magnetic shield - as if creating a tear in the earth's protective shield - which is why locations along path of the eclipse become so vulnerable. The Scorpio New Moon falls directly on 80 degrees longitude predicting increased earth movements along nearby fault lines.

Neptune Direct November 7
This is a buy signal that starts to appear about November 2.   However, you must be very careful with your stock purchases because in many cases the Press Release from the various companies are not exactly truthful.   As Neptune turns direct expect whistle blowers to reveal information that will materially affect the prices of some high-flying stocks.

Pluto Conjunct the North Node November 9
The conjunction indicates problems in the commodities markets.  Expect the prices for grains and possibly metals to become very volatile throughout the weeks ahead as new hedge contracts for grains come into the marketplace.

Anticipate a good snow cover for the northern plains where the promise of abundant winter wheat will bring down price. Expect entertainment venues (stocks) to attract scandals resulting in lower revenues.

Venus Direct November 18
The various indexes for the stock exchanges continue to move up after Venus direct about 75% of the time.  25% of the time the momentum begins to slow and the markets trade in a 1-2% range for months.

Go shopping after November 18th
The holiday shopping season is very short this year. You have about 3 weeks to find your gifts, wrap them and hide them. Tape the receipt to the gift once it is wrapped. Black Friday will fill the Mall and Cyber Monday will clog the internet. Retail stocks should benefit.

Jupiter Direct November 18
OK,  two changes in planetary direction on the same date and it is also a Thursday!  Let’s call it a good pajama day. Jupiter will remain in Pisces for two months giving you the opportunity to study and buy into the Aries sectors/ machinery and materials. The Textbooks for Financial Astrology will help you determine the sectors favored by Jupiter's transit of Aires during the next six months.

The Scorpio New Moon appears on the 4th house cusp (see chart above)

Rain and snow are the problem with the snow cover heavy on the fields of winter wheat (good for wheat).  Expect measured increases in the price of beef and fowl during the next few months. The New Moon on the 4th house cusp favors the election of the opposition party especially along the 80 degree longitude line. ( By the way Venus conjunct the Sun in Scorpio also favors the election of the opposition party as it did in 1994 )

Mercury appears in the 4th House
Agriculture is making new plans for the use of the land. In addition to new types of crops younger farmers are adding the machinery for home made electricity. Excellent prices for 2010 crops will allow farmers the opportunity to invest in new machinery and diversify their crop production.

Mars appears in the 4th House
Mars here indicates continued stress in the housing markets with new revelations about inept bank employees. Publicity concerning documentation difficulties further inspires a wait and see attitude among buyers. Dry weather is a problem for cotton and sugar crops along the 90 degree longitude line.

Pluto appears in the 5th House
New types of art and film gain public attention. Entertainment is going to the people with small cities tours. The internet continues to create new venues for clever artists. It is becoming very apparent that the source of income for entertainment has changed dramatically. The commodities market will be amazed by the demand for copper.

Neptune appears in the 7th House
Advertising agencies and public relations departments are confused. Mergers and acquisitions are announced but many are flawed and need to be withdrawn. Currency negotiations between Central banks are chaotic and resolutions seem unsolvable. Accusations of unfair practices are true, but it will take months to untangle the web of deceits.

Jupiter appears in the 8th House
Leaders in government will bring attention to the need to collect corporate cash parked abroad. The public will favor the need to bring back cash since it will increase funds available to shareholders as well as employees. Share prices for cash rich companies will increase as we close the year.

Uranus appears in the 8th House
Strange weather as well as accidents will cause insurance companies to complain about using up their reserves. Investors and traders will find these companies difficult to assess as to future earnings therefore the prices for these stocks and funds will stagnate.

Saturn appears in the 3rd House
Problems concerning transportation are the main concern of citizens. Vehicle maintenance is required. It is a good time to check investments in companies that service vehicles and provide spare parts.

Venus appears in the 3rd House
Folks are shopping seriously for the best deal on all their electronic gadgets. They will buy new electronic toys but not without a deal. If you are considering investments in communications related stocks be sure to check earnings and yield. The migration of revenue from print media to electronics will be obvious in their earnings statements.

Kaye Shinker


* Jupiter went Retrograde July 23rd, 2010 and will go Direct November 18, 2010. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has suggestions on types of business that thrive with Jupiter in Retrograde.

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