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The Scorpio New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

The Scorpio New Moon appears Nov 9, 2007 at 6:03 PM,
chart set for Washington DC.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Mars is retrograde from Nov 15-Jan 28, 2008.

Mars starts out its retrograde motion in Cancer, therefore, people will have nothing but housing on their minds until the New Year holiday. Everyone will find ways to profit from the housing malaise, and have dozens of ways for you to join in the speculation. This is a good time to just take care of your own property. There will be plenty of time to speculate in February.

Actually, this is a good time to improve your diet. Stock your refrigerator with fresh food that requires little preparation.

Now is not a good time to start a war. Be nice to your neighbors, and keep your sidewalks shoveled. Mars Rx is a challenge to your available energy. It is very wise to avoid initiating any action; and to avoid elective surgery. The Textbook for Financial Astrology details other things to avoid and explains the consequences.

While you are reading Textbook 1 you might want to check the things ruled by Aries and Libra. These things will be in short supply for the next 11 months. Now determine which companies make these items.
Some clues are in Textbook 3. You will probably find some excellent investment ideas.

Start out November with Holiday Shopping
Now is the time to buy presents that are meant for the whole family to enjoy. That includes new puppies and kittens.

The New Moon appears in the sixth house. This indicates that your job, your education, your pets, and your health is the focus of attention. Vitamin therapy and a quick visit to a health food store is a very good idea. You might also look at new ways to exercise and add positive foods to your diet. Remember, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner isn't too many calories until you get to desert!

The first two weeks of November will be a good time to start a new job, or sign new labor contracts. If you are hiring new people think about what is fair for you and the new employee. If you need to advance your education in a topic beyond the elementary level, start researching. This is a good time to start improving your skills and learning the details of any work you have in mind to do in the future.

Hospitals and other public buildings will continue to be the obsessive focus of media attention. The national issue is Health and Sanitation, and it is a worthy topic. Companies that manufacture products in this category will profit.

The Wedding Business
Watch the wedding business this New Moon. Big and traditional will be the requirements of the newly weds, so expect related companies to profit handsomely. The legal and medical professions will be the focus of attention. Are they worthy of investors attention? Doubtful. However, Public Relations and advertising agencies will continue to work overtime putting the best spin on the myriad of products destined for holiday festivities. Jupiter and Pluto in the 7th.

This is musical chairs month in the corporate office. CEO's and CFO's are shoved and young vibrant new executives take on their responsibilities. Often a new CEO means a rise in the price of a stock. Read the Press Release carefully. Neptune in the 10th

Shareholders see that earnings are excellent and expect their dividend checks to increase. Successful corporate executives listen to the shareholders demands. Shareholders have a lightly used advantage; the tools of the web. Maybe they will learn how to organize this month. Uranus in the 11th.

Bank's earnings fall below the black line. Those who can't merge with a stronger partner, fail. The speed of the Internet is the opposite of the speed of government or any entity able to rescue them. The Financial sectors of the market will suffer. Government waste and fraud is also exposed at lightning speed, and yet the rest of the economy performs just fine. Once again the military needs large appropriations as the various departments of government scare each other. Mars is in the second.

Land is a problem
Residential property continues to lose value. Commercial real estate is sending its first sell signal. The slender box on your desk is the next big box store. Watch the IPO's in this area. All harvests should be finished by now. Winter weather is moving in quickly. Cold weather clothing sells. Earthquakes, mud, snow and rock slides are breaking news. First responders will be working overtime. Consider investments in first aid equipment and earth moving machinery. Saturn in the 4th.

Live theater and concerts are the preferred entertainment. Folks enjoy a nice evening with friends and don't mind spending a few extra dollars at the theater as opposed to a movie. Art exhibits, book reviews, even cultural events are favored. Venus in the 5th

Various trade agreements are prepared for signatures. Most are extremely fair. Mercury in 6.



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