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The Sagittarius New Moon - December 5, 2010
by Kaye Shinker

The New Moon at 13° 28' Sagittarius, December 5, 2010 12:36 EST Washington D.C.

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The New Moon’s longitude is about 90 degrees, therefore in line with the Mississippi River, and the opposite line goes through Bangladesh.

The New Moon promises everyone an opportunity to travel and make new friends around the world. Trading with folks will be interesting and profitable. The holiday season promises to help you organize your philosophy. Books will be the best gift this holiday.

The five days following the New Moon is a good time to start a project.  Try to complete all of your important purchases and mail off any packages before Mercury goes Retrograde December 10.  

As I mentioned in the Scorpio New Moon Report, scandals from every sector of the economy abound.  Leaders are caught with their hands in the piggy bank or the tax payers wallet.  This New Moon will continue to expose leadership indiscretions.

The Ring of Fire will begin to shake, especially along the ocean floor.  From the point of view of the Sun, (heliocentric)   the planets are at odds with each other and putting a great deal of pressure on the fragile surface on the Sun. 

Solar activity is heating up and some flares may be earth directed.  When strong solar winds are aimed at earth they have a tendency to disturb radio and satellite signals.

December 5 Uranus Direct at 26 Pisces
Statistically, this indicates very little change in the general trend of the markets. Index averages will stay within 1% of the actual index price on the date Uranus turns around.  In other words, Uranus direct does not change market trends.  It does seem to have an effect the popularity of new electronic gadgets coming to market.  Expect technology equities to gain strength for the next month.

December 7,  Heliocentric Venus opposite H Mars conjunct Pluto, square H Saturn and square H Jupiter which is opposed to H Saturn (Heliocentric Grand Square)
There will be an exact Heliocentric Grand Square on December 7, 2010.   As I mentioned above, heliocentric means from the point of view of the Sun)  Sunspots that erupt into Solar Flares are dangerous for electrical equipment because they will melt copper.  Be sure to purchase a battery back up surge protector for your electronic equipment. (Read my article, Sunspot Explosion in 2010.htm )

December 10, Mercury Retrograde at 5 Capricorn
I hope you have wrapped all of your big ticket presents and taped the receipt to the outside of the gift.  Fair warning, from this date through December 30th, if it costs more than $15 don’t throw away your money on the gift.  Gift cards are also a problem,  if you must buy one keep the receipt in a very safe place like the bank vault where you keep your credit and debit cards during Mercury Rx.  This will be a rough Mercury Rx because Mercury goes over the Pluto-Mars conjunction December 10-14.

About 80% of the time markets end a Mercury Rx cycle within 2% of where they start. However, this time it may very well be the 20%.

December 13, Jupiter Saturn Parallel and Sun-Mercury are Parallel Mars
I don't typically discuss parallel aspects, however one off my students pointed out to me the Jupiter Saturn parallel and the Mercury Sun Mars Parallel.  He was concerned that this phenomena was very unusual and similar to the chart for the flash crash.  This phenomena could shake up markets during the trading day sending them down very quickly because of international news or solar flares.

December 14 Mars Conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn
This will be a high energy day with geological activity creating headlines.  December 4-14 the Heliocentric Grand Square includes Mars Conjunct Pluto, activating Solar flares. (Refer to my article, Sunspot Explosion in 2010.htm)

December 21 Winter Solstice
There will be a separate report on the Winter Solstice sent in a few weeks.

December 21 Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini
Lunar eclipses foretell interesting events, and in this case, a fun holiday season.   Plan ahead.  

It is rare for a Lunar Eclipse to appear on the Solstice.  It means old projects will have a very happy endings.  New ones will begin with the Solar Eclipse January 2, 2011. (Site to find eclipse path for 2011 Jan 4 over Europe Near East

 So plan to enjoy the two weeks in between.   Rest, Relax and enjoy the events in your neighborhood.

December 30 Mercury Direct at 19 Sagittarius

The Sagittarian New Moon appears in the 9th House (see chart above)

Legal and Judicial activity abounds on Wall Street.  New laws and rules are issued by government agencies keeping the legal departments of financial firms very busy.  Most of the legal issues probably require mediation.  Rules changes will keep programmers busy and managers busy explaining the changes.

Everyone else will organize celebrations and find inexpensive ways to entertain their families and colleagues. This holiday season is perfect for relaxation and good fun.

Mars appears in the 10th House
Emphasis is on the Chief Executive Officers of all companies. Many will find it convenient to retire and change their life style.

Mercury appears in the 10th House
Scandals abound keeping reporters very busy and writers outlining their new book.  New MBA graduates could find these scandals an employment opportunity.

Pluto appears in the 10th House
Government leaders will attempt to exercise additional controls on financial institutions. Since Pluto entered Capricorn they have been striving for additional power and authority forgetting the many unintended consequences. Government and other authorities will succeed where they can exercise their taxing authority.

Neptune appears in the 12th House
Charities are riddled with scandals. Contributions will diminish and many charities will threaten to fold.  Whistle blowers who work in important institutions will take to the web and protests will continue to be organized.

Jupiter appears in the 1st House
Folks will enjoy the energy of Jupiter as he brings prosperity and success.  Employment will increase and business will find interesting new products as well as new customers.

Uranus appears in the 1st House
Folks take seriously their disagreements with regulations and legal authorities.  They will display their outrage with boycotts.

Saturn appears in the 7th House
Trade with other countries will be difficult and aggravating.

Venus appears in the 8th House
Tax revenues will increase due to higher employment and a better business environment.  Local Governments will benefit with higher sales tax revenues.

Kaye Shinker


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