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The New Moon in Pisces
March 4, 2011

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead


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The New Moon in Pisces, March 4, 2011 at 3:46 pm EST Washington D.C.

The first four months of 2011 will focus on Money
A Financial Astrologer looks first at the money houses in the chart for the New Moon. The Capricorn New Moon fell in the second house putting an emphasis on how you earn money one hour at a time. The Aquarius New Moon appeared in the fifth house, therefore the emphasis was on taking risks with money. The Pisces New Moon falls in the eighth house and the focus of attention will be insurance and taxes. The Aries New Moon will appear in the eleventh and discuss earnings from career, dividends, and interest on investments.

New Moon in Pisces, March 4, at 3:46 pm EST
The Pisces New Moon signals the final month of Winter and improving weather for everyone.  It forecasts Spring cleaning as well as sweeping away all of those cobwebs in your brain.

Chiron has moved into Pisces sharing his ability to educate, heal, and think with compassion. He does not mind stirring up the status quo and is always on the prowl for action.  Expect those who feel they have nothing to loose to continue their protests until the current leadership and bureaucracies are deposed. 

The Nodes have changed signs to Sagittarius and the next few months indicate that housing has reached its bottom.

March 8 Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

March 12 Uranus enters Aries (click to read my article, Uranus In Aries, on the web site)
Uranus creates all sorts of new stuff for the sign it transits.  Now keep this in mind every time you see a new invention arrive in the market place.  Set aside 5% of your portfolio just for the purpose of investing in a unique idea.

Sunday, March 13th - Daylight Savings Time begins in the USA and Canada at 2:00 am Remember to turn your clocks FORWARD one hour Saturday night before you go to bed!

In the UK, British Summer Time begins March 27, at 01:00 GMT.

States in Australia observing Daylight Savings Time will continue enjoying the longer days until the first Sunday in April when Daylight Times ends at 2:00 am AEST. (3:00 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

March 19 Super Full Moon
We have a Super Moon when the moon is closest to the earth (perigee) at the same time as a Full or New Moon.  Weather will be a difficult problem and usually the bad weather starts about 3 days before the Full Moon.  Super Moons tend to ignite the Ring of Fire with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  However, we can also expect activity in the area where the January 4th eclipse was visible. (Site to find eclipse path for 2011 Jan 4 over Europe, Near East

March 20 Vernal Equinox - International Astrologers Day
This is the official date for the Astrologer's New Year.  Astrologers and even New Age groups consider the date worthy of a party.  Everyone should plan a celebration with a walk/run in your local park.

In the Northern Hemisphere we welcome Spring and in the Southern hemisphere we welcome the cooler days of Fall and the rewards of Harvest.

The equinox chart promises jobs, fun and interesting partnerships even for those who consider themselves a bit shy. Weather is a problem and now is a good time to check your emergency supplies.

March 28 Jupiter opposed Saturn at 14 Aries/Libra
This is the final opposition from the point of view of the Sun (heliocentric) as well as the earth (geocentric).  Jupiter and Saturn are playing a tug of war with the Sun’s atmosphere producing solar flares and beautiful auroras.(click to read my article, Sunspot Explosion 2010 on the web site)

Readers in the northern latitudes keep your cameras in your pocket and expect beautiful auroras. (please share if you capture a good photo!)

Investors are advised to research new IPO’s since historically many terrific new companies are formed during the opposition.  Entrepreneurs are advised to consider starting your new enterprise during the next six months.  Record your first payment for a product or service as that will be the natal chart for your business.  Check The Textbook for Financial Astrology book 1 for instructions on how to set up a favorable day to start your business.

Statistics show a market correction a few months following the exact opposition, and in this case, probably mid-May.

March 30 Mercury Retrograde at 24 Aries
Ok, time to take a vacation from the world of investing and trading.  An excellent time to clean you desktop, your desk, your room and clean up your environment. Double check every appointment and do not shop without a list.  This is not a good time to purchase anything that costs more than $20 (inflation is catching up with my directive) and do not sign any contracts. Statistically 90% of the time the Dow will be at about the same number when Mercury turns direct as it was when Mercury turned retrograde.

March 31 thru April 2nd - Void of Course Moon
On March 31st at 9:44 am EDT the Moon goes Void of Course in Pisces and remains Void of Course until April 2nd when the Moon enters Aries at 7:16 am EDT. This is an unusually long period for a Void of Course Moon. The discussion concerning this phenomena appears in Lesson 1, The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1

New Moon appears in the 8th House (see chart above)
Folks are concerned about income from partnerships, death, inheritance, taxes and insurance. They are assessing their net worth as well as their talents.  Expect changes in insurance offerings as well as pension funds.  Tax laws are very volatile, therefore personal budgets will be very difficult to calculate.  Thrifty is the best solution.

Mercury appears in the 8th House
Publishing is changing dramatically.  Icons of the industry will be required to close their doors and/or declare bankruptcy.  Watch the IPO market for new ideas in media and sharing content. Social networking continues to facilitate gatherings of protestors. Their complaints are numerous.

Uranus appears in the 8th House
Uranus here suggests an opportunity to capitalize on changes in tax laws, insurance policy requirements, and legal requirements for business partnerships.

Traditional banks need to reassess their business plans. Out of the box thinking is required to find investment opportunities. Be Aware: alternative banking enterprises will appear across the internet.

Jupiter appears in the 9th House
Import/export trade rules need to be revised as the expense outweighs the benefits.  Legal disputes arise concerning contracts and payments that are connected to currency valuations.

Pirates continue to plague shippers and the international communities are determined to use every possible deterrent.

Saturn appears in the 3rd House
Communications devises and vehicles fail to find customers.  Generally retail sales are slow as consumers are not impressed with improved designs or color.  Publishing traditional paper books becomes unprofitable.  Big box stores and shopping malls continue to suffer from customer deficit.

Pluto appears in the 5th House
Schools continue to be under funding pressure.  Students find alternative schools desirable. Theater, the arts, and sports suffer from the inability to increase revenues to match costs.

The North Node here indicates that speculators are taking advantage of what appears to be a bottom in the housing market.

Venus appears in the 6th House
Employment of female workers improves as their computer/clerical skills are in demand.  Folks are steadily improving their personal health, therefore buying fewer pharmaceutical products.

Neptune appears in the 7th House
This is a time to triple check the price of everything you purchase.  Scandals will dominate the news as new Ponzi schemes are identified. If it is to good to be true it is.

Mars appears in the 7th House
Mars here warns of natural disasters including fires, floods earthquakes and volcanic activity. The super full moon on March 18th adds to the probability of difficult challenges from mother nature or the Sun.


Kaye Shinker


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