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The Pisces New Moon, March 15, 2010

New Moon forecasts show general trends and the financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead:

The New Moon in Pisces, Saturday, March 15, 2010 at 5:01 p.m. EDT Washington, D.C.

New Moon in Pisces March 15, 2010  Click to view printable PDF chart.

Happy St. Patrick Day, March 17. Happy Easter, April 4, and Passover, March 30 - April 6.

The Spring Equinox, March 20, is also International Astrologer's Day, when we astrologers all gather and have Lots of Fun!   It is celebrated by astrologers because it is first day of the astrological year - when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aries.

The Vernal Equinox will start the 2010 paradigm shift.  Publishing and media are already victims of this shift and now is the time to start new businesses to capitalize on the dramatic changes.

The New Moon is in Pisces
The New Moon is in late Pisces at 25 degrees.  The Sun moves into Aries in five days.  The main topic of conversation is insurance and taxes. Everyone is finding both extremely confusing, even the professionals. Financial stocks will continue to make headlines as they continue to focus on the debt crisis.  Investors should look carefully at cash reserves of any stock where they have an investment.

Suggestion: Finish and send your tax returns.  Review all insurance policies and double check your legal documents.

The New Moon stellium has Mercury conjunct Uranus, which means there has been unexpected changes in the interpretation of many legal phrases in your various documents.  Now is a good time to clarify any ambiguity.

Now is also an excellent time to record all of your outrageous ideas.  In fact, maybe you will need two notebooks to keep track of them.  Once you have collected a bunch find a partner and start a long discussion.

April 7 Pluto turns Retrograde
Pluto retrograde is an excellent indicator of the market trend reversing. The statistics are about 85%.  Look at the overall trend for stocks during the past four months and gauge the overall trend.  Example: Pluto turned direct September 11, 2009 and the Dow was 9500.  The trend was a quick move up.  At that point the Dow average began to stall (less than a 5% change) and the past few months show the average between 10,000 and 10,600.  The Pluto retrograde trend change now suggests a volatile market, therefore invest accordingly. Pluto retrograde also indicates an excellent time to begin researching new businesses and products worthy of your investment decisions.

April 7 Saturn returns to Virgo while retrograde
Sorry late Pisces and Virgo (including me), but four more months of hard work is the prediction!  Saturn opposed/conjunct your Sun means retracing your steps and fixing everything that is broken and cleaning up the clutter in your life.  For everyone else it means reviewing your employment situation and sources for earned income.

New Moon in Pisces in the Eighth House
Taxes will be discussed on every level of government.  Suggestions are requested by government officials. Insurance premiums are discussed and discussed and discussed.  Most financial institutions are under intense pressure to think cost containment.  Basically, people are overwhelmed by paperwork and not very pleased.

Mercury in the Eighth
Discussions concerning the death tax are highlighted.  People continue to pay down personal debt and financial observers notice a huge increase in the use of debit cards.  Individuals are seriously shopping price on their various insurance policies.

Thunderstorms and tornado's find expensive targets.

Uranus in the Eighth
Accidents, explosions, and probably problems from solar storms will challenge the emergency services. Investments in emergency equipment are a good idea. Check the stocks of manufactures of heavy equipment.

Venus in the Eighth
Sara, a member of AYA (Association of Young Astrologers)who I met at the NCGR conference in Boston suggested an idea. Reverse credit cards.  If you need an expensive item collect gift cards that do not expire until you have enough to purchase the product.

Notable losses of earned income tax garners quite a bit of publicity. Tax collectors will also discuss ways to tax gamblers in the casinos and on Wall Street.

Mars in the Eleventh House
Military appropriations will find new problems. Congress is in the mood to review military appropriations and will discuss every penny the defense department requests.

Saturn in the Second House
Those who expected a refund have spent it. Those filing now have to pay the tax collector. There is nothing like having to pay a huge chunk of taxes to make a taxpayer upset. Everyone is feeling a loss of income due to taxes and they are not pleased. Protests appear everywhere. Folks are very angry with their local taxing bodies as well as federal.

Pluto in the Fifth House
Folks are finding it difficult to pay for last months fun.  Their earned income has not increased and the total on bills due has increased.  As a result, people are researching new ways to increase their earnings and decreasing their expenditures.

Commodities traders will find their market very volatile.

Education for children will be in the spotlight as the Kindle or iPad replace the slate.  Educational institutions will like this inexpensive alternative to bound books as they look for ways to cut costs.

Neptune in the Sixth House
Unemployment statistics will remain high, but technology industries are hiring folks with creative talents. Avatar and Alice are sensations in the movie industry therefore expect film makers to search for new employees with tech skills. The service sector is creative and employees find interesting ways to help their businesses. If you have suggestions of ways to increase your business now is the time to discuss them and find their exact costs.
Pharmaceutical businesses have technical problems that are confusing their ability to earn a profit. Until these issues are solved it is probably best to avoid long term investments in this sector.

Jupiter in the Seventh House
Now is an excellent time to strengthen trade alliances for countries as well as companies. Partnerships formed during this New Moon will find each partner able to contribute to the prosperity of the other. This is a good time to chose new professional contractors for your business.

Kaye Shinker


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