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The Pisces New Moon, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras! Or, as they say in New Orleans, "Laissez les bon temps rouller!"

The Pisces New Moon is exact February 24, 2009 8:35 PM EST Washington D.C.

New Moon Feb 24, 2009 - chartClick to view printable PDF chart.

The energy for the Pisces New Moon is focused on the home, entertainment, and children. New ideas emerge ready for everyone to enjoy. The planets are very connected to each other through an incredibly rare batch of Mutual Receptions and tight aspect orbs.

  • Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius - Aquarius is ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology, and is co-ruled by Uranus in modern astrology.
  • Uranus is in Pisces, ruled traditionally by Jupiter. (co-ruled by Neptune in modern astrology). Jupiter is in Aquarius the sign ruled by Uranus.
  • Jupiter and Neptune are in mutual reception being in each other's traditionally ruled signs.
    Uranus and Neptune are in each other's modern ruled signs!
  • Aquarius is ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology. Saturn is in the Mercury's sign of Virgo. Mercury is in Saturn's sign Aquarius. Mercury and Saturn are in mutual reception


Mutual Receptions are very much like two friends swapping houses for a while (or as Randall Ashbourne describes in his article, War of the Gods, like two Kings in each other's kingdom) In other words, they are on their best behavior as they understand they have a mutual respect and responsibility to do no harm in the house they are visiting.

The mythology of each planet describes how each planet behaves in the best and worst of circumstances. I have a mutual reception between Mercury and Neptune in my natal chart, and I think the energy plays out for me as if the two planets are bartering their energy. In all examples the energy of the two planets in mutual reception is positive.

The mutual receptions between Uranus and Jupiter, Jupiter and Neptune, and Uranus and Neptune are in effect for all of 2009.

The planets are giving us world wide chaos folks.  Hang on tight to your seat belts we are in for a wild ride, as folks are harnessing the innovations in technology and energy. Hence, a paradigm shift in the economic system will occur and the planets are having way to much fun at our expense.

On the USA East coast the focus is public transportation, home, children, entertainment and employment. On the West coast, it is employment and legal relationships. Set up a chart for your part of the world and notice which houses are occupied by the huge stellium of planets. That area of activity will be very intense.

Venus turns retrograde March 6, and will turn direct April 17. It is a difficult time to start any project that requires precision or keeping in step with current events. You miss important details and Venus keeps you from recognizing problems as they arise. A good example: The USA Weather Bureau was authorized February 8, 1870 and has Venus as well as Mercury retrograde.

The financial implications of Venus retrograde are covered in The Textbook for Financial Astrology. This means your purchases tend to become money pits, therefore save your receipts and be sure to have a warranty.

It is not a good time to buy a house and those who have a Solar Return during this time period will need to put off expensive new purchases until your 2010 birthday. Venus retrograde through the houses is delineated in Easy Predictions with Solar Returns.

Venus retrograde is a time for interesting news. Often international conspiracies are exposed. On a personal level, old friends return to your life. The Mayan's believed that Venus retrograde predicted difficulty with neighbors.

Mars is moving to a conjunction with Neptune March 9 giving us a preview of the American ingenuity that will emerge at the end of May. Creativity will get us out of this.

For example, in my little area's newspaper, there was a report on two clever Louisiana mechanics who demonstrated two energy saving inventions that attach to your car's engine to save gasoline.

Here is a link to a web site that keeps track of the latest green inventions that demonstrate their ability to generate electricity. Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD

If you are wondering where you might participate, look into heritage seeds and composting.

The Saturn Uranus opposition will release its pressure for a few months and allow the scandals it is revealing to make headlines. This month the scandals will appear in health care, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, prisons, chronic disease and imbedded bureaucracy.

The Aquarius New Moon had the opposition in the fourth house and tenth house revealing excessive perks for executives at corporations where public funds were dispersed. The Scorpio New Moon 2008 had the opposition in houses five and eleven. The Madoff scandal involved investors seeking high dividends.

Pisces New Moon Predictions

The New Moon in Pisces appears in the fifth house which means the emphasis for the month ahead will be on entertainment, sports, and children. Every entertainment venue will find headlines because the public is sick and tired of political news. People are willing to spend their few extra dollars on the opportunity to laugh. Those with a talent for the turn of a phrase or the outrageous will find their talent in demand.

Neptune in the Fifth house
When Neptune falls in the fifth it indicates a great deal of ingenuity in the entertainment industry. Advertisers are looking to place their clients ads wherever crowds gather and they are looking at every possible venue. The public is looking for creativity and venues that promise fun. Speculators will try various markets. The stock exchanges have hidden treasures and the maverick investors are determined to excavate a few.

Mars in the Fifth house
Mars suggests that folks will find ways to exercise by becoming involved in games and sports. The idea is to escape cabin fever, exercise, and enjoy the crisp weather. People chose to laugh, play and keep busy. Mars is moving to a conjunction with Chiron and folks instinctively know that healing is the result of having fun.

Uranus in the Sixth gives the holistic medicine community an opportunity to tell about their craft. Folks are ready to seek alternative healing and forced life style changes will be the impetus to research alternative therapy. This will also be true in Veterinary medicine.

International shipping will find some interesting ways to deal with pirates, and excessive oil shipments. Cruise packages will find happy bargain hunters. Finding jobs requires access to the internet.

Venus in the Seventh will propagate some very high profile partnerships. Rich venture capital funds will find opportunities especially in the new technology arena. Aggressive public relations firms will find exciting opportunities to sell their clients wares. Advertising agencies are still learning how to develop web partnerships to gather the eyeballs needed to sell their client's products.

Saturn in the Twelfth
Officials involved in public institutions will have a very difficult month. Revenues are short and demands that they abide by the letter of the law will be enforced. Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living administrators will find critical headlines concerning the health and safety of their inmates. Unemployed relatives might complain about the costs and bring their relatives home.

Pluto in the Third
The public will find that it can walk and chew gum! Multitasking is the key word and everyone is doing it. The first task is to dissolve the transportation issue into its component parts. People will use the opportunity to find alternative methods of getting their work done. The public is staying in their community and businesses that decentralize will be successful. The second task is to dissolve the issues concerning trading with neighbors. The business opportunities can not be overlooked and narrow thinking of legislation to prevent neighborly trade becomes an issue for discussion.

Jupiter in the Fourth
McMansions are the topic of discussion, and the Jumbo loans required to acquire them are in the headlines. A number of these homes will require new owners; but posh is out of fashion making them difficult to sell. Commercial real estate is a big problem that is beginning to emerge as retail moves to the computer screen.

Mercury in the Fourth
There is the promise of favorable weather for agriculture although winds may delay those crops dependent on spreading the seeds broadcast. The weather for the year ahead looks good for agriculture. Remember abundant supplies bring lower prices.

Goldilocks was sobbing uncontrollably when Mama Bear came into the kitchen.

Mama asked "What happened?"

"You were so right Mama Bear. That Artful Dodge was just another one of those Credit Default Swaps trading scoundrels picking the pockets of the rich and stuffing his pockets full! He wanted to shave my head so he could sell my hair and get back into the market. How did you know, Mama Bear that he was such a evil person?" She sniffled as she tearfully explained.

Mama Bear placed a bowl of porridge in front of Goldilocks. Baby Bear climbed into her lap wiping her tears with his 'kerchief. Goldilocks continued to sob.

Baby Bear playfully poured honey and cinnamon into Goldilocks' bowl, sniffed it and then tried to feed Goldilocks with the spoon dripping porridge.

Finally, Goldilocks moved her hands away from her face and Baby Bear snuck the spoonful into her mouth.

"Wow that was good" Goldilocks wiped her tears away with the braids that A. Dodger planned to pilfer from her head.

Baby Bear fed her the whole bowl while everyone giggled over the silly role reversal.

Mama Bear put a fresh bowl of porridge on the table and Baby Bear once again poured on the cinnamon and honey. Papa Bear joined the group devouring one bowl after another until the kettle, and honey jar were empty.

The decision was made; a new menu item for tomorrow's customers. Goldilocks and Mama Bear cooked porridge, Baby Bear and Papa Bear went shopping for more honey and cinnamon.

'Delicious porridge at the Bears kiosk' The word spread up and down Wall Street quicker than a hot stock. Business was great right up to the opening bell. Goldilocks and Mama Bear collapsed at the kitchen table exhausted. Finally, Goldilocks asked Baby Bear "Did Artful Dodger stop by and ask for me?"

"Sure did, Papa fixed him. Papa sat him down and thanked him for our great innovative business idea. Then he shook his paw in Artful's face and yelled, 'Don't come back Mr. Dodger till you get an honest job' " Baby Bear told the story mimicking Papa Bear's deep baritone voice.

"Business was great Mama, now can we go to Disneyland?" Baby Bear pleaded.

"As soon as Papa says the Bulls are back. "


The Textbook for Financial Astrology is your basic guide to investing in the markets.
Please read the Lesson Nine Book 2 Red Flags before you invest in any equities.

Kaye Shinker


A Special note for members who own The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3

In the Appendix there are Incorporation and IPO charts for the 30 stocks included in the Dow. Those of you who own the book should delete AIG American Insurance Group, and replace it with Kraft. Since the change occurred during a retrograde Mercury, we anticipate additional changes.

The information for Kraft is: Incorporation Dec. 7, 2000, Richmond, Virginia 12:00 PM EST.(We use 12:00 pm since it is the middle of the business day and this particular state does not stamp a time on their incorporation documents) The IPO date is June 13, 2001 9:45 am New York, New York.


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