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Pisces New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - March 18, 2007

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The New Moon March 18, 2007, at 10:43 PM is an eclipse. Basically that means the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. What you start now will continue to completion in six months.

Weather is the first concern since Neptune, Mercury, and Uranus appear in the 4th house. Wet and windy is the forecast especially along the East Coast of the United States. This could make it slow going for grain farmers as their fields may be too wet. Weather in the Far East: China, Siberia, Somalia, the Koreas will be a problem since where the eclipse is visible the weather of that day will stay that way.

The New Moon is in the 5th This means that the next 6 months will see the emphasis of the economy on children, education, sports, entertainment, music, and gambling.

Starting with kids it looks like parents are very dissatisfied with their education and looking for alternatives. For the first time in several centuries there are plenty. Parents and grandparents can afford their choices leaving only the most impoverished or most rural schools in the public system. Spring Break is the time when parents begin shopping.

Sports and sports gambling will become an issue for local and state governments. States and cities have Las Vegas envy and are trying to determine new ways of collecting the sin taxes on what are currently illegal venues. The discussion will center on Las Vegas methods of taxing sports bookmaking, and the ways this city captures the sin tax.

The types of sports favored by the public will change. This will be difficult for ESPN and other methods of distributing sports content. Suppliers of sports equipment whether retail or wholesale will find keeping newly required types of sports gear available to the public a challenge.

Entertainment including music is setting itself up for a dramatic change. Since Uranus moved into Pisces, the I. Pod has changed the delivery of music. Uranus is half way through the sign, it is time for the sounds, rhythms, and instruments to change. I suspect that this new sound will originate in New Orleans and have the same haunting quality of the Blues. Interactive movies,/live theater as well as concert entertainment will capture the disposable income of young audiences.

When the new moon is also an eclipse, it means the projects started will take months to complete. If you have been thinking about research, building, clearing debris, or a new hobby, March 18 would be an excellent day to start.

In the world of Business

Business accountants will grab the headlines for the next six months. Corporate financial officers are under scrutiny for putting zero's in the wrong column. Corporations are very concerned about security. They will purchase all sorts of devises to keep their inventory and cash safe.

The trouble is that this is an eclipse, not an ordinary New Moon so the problems with real estate will linger until September. The real source of chaos is coming from Neptune in the fourth and Uranus there isn't helping. House sales are up in one area and down in another. Interest rates for real estate purchases are totally strange. Renting a house will probably require a magnifying glass to read the fine print. Hard to say this but maybe paying $75 cash for a tent from Walmart would make a wise purchase.


I would like to point to a demographic problem that is popping into the real estate market. Remember in the 1980s when schools closed for lack of students? That particular age group is in their late 20's early 30's. There are not very many buyers available to buy their first house. Their natal charts have Pluto in Libra and this is one group that has been handed everything at bargain basement prices. Now they will lean on their parents for cute little cottage down payments.

Thrifty folks win. Jupiter and Pluto are in the second. earned income is excellent. Banks will offer all sorts of premiums or interest rate specials to folks who open new accounts.

Venus in the 6th means that you will insist that your work environment is fun. Employment agencies are very busy helping workers find new jobs. Contract workers will have very few problems finding employers. The health care business will suffer as a result. Happy people rarely get sick.

Pisces folks will have a major change in attitude. Shocking is the best description. They will tell you exactly what they think. Pisces will be very self confident and taking on interesting new projects. Pisces can expect to find themselves in new jobs, new clothes, new friends, and best of all new hobbies.

The Spring Equinox March 20, 2007, at 8:10 PM doesn't change too much of the above. People spend their money on short trips and maybe another vehicle. They will continue to work hard at the parts of their jobs that make them happy. Saturn in the 11th cuts into corporate profits. Reports are not optimistic throughout the Spring. However, things are peaceful between foreign governments, and the real action in the news is corporate and/or government scandals concerning 'theft' OK, the misappropriation of funds.

The real problem in the USA throughout the Spring is a labor shortage. Neither government nor corporate America can pay employees enough to keep them.


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