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The Libra New Moon - October 7, 2010
by Kaye Shinker

The New Moon in Libra, October 7, 2010 at 2:44 pm EDT Washington, D.C.

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October 7 is a Super New Moon (the Moon is at perigee or closest to the earth) at 14 Libra at 2:44 p.m. EDT Washington D.C.

The New Moon promises everyone the opportunity to look at what is happening in the outside world. Folks are in the mood to travel watch documentaries, check the activities of philosophers, scientists and religious leaders. They are trying new ideas, buying books, iPads/Kindles, and visiting the world through the internet.  It is an exciting month for higher learning in every field of interest.  Note on the chart how the planets are paired.  Folks will find the discussion of their own relationships an extremely interesting topic.

Once again the Earth’s crust is under tremendous pressure signaling earthquakes and volcanic eruptions especially along the Ring of Fire.  The July eclipse was visible across the South Pacific and this region will feel the pressure of earth movements along the fault lines as it did last month in New Zealand.  Tsunamis and typhoons will make news in this area as well as at the longitude opposition along the path of the Japanese current up to Anchorage Alaska.

October 8 Venus Retrograde at 13 Scorpio

The previous Venus retrograde (540 days ago) reversed a huge down trend in the Dow Index.  Usually Venus reverses a trend and since Venus Rx appears two weeks after the Equinox it will meld with the trend and probably reverse the trend.  This event is true for all indexes, but will probably be noticed vividly in commodities.  Venus Retrograde will cause a reversal about 90% of the time.  The past 10 Venus Retrogrades have seen 6 up markets, 3 sideways markets and 1 down market.  Odds favor an up market.

Venus Rx is not a good time for mergers, acquisitions, weddings, or new business partnerships.  Venus Retrograde is the reason the Lemon Law exists.  Folks just make purchases that do not perform as promised.  It is not a good idea to purchase high ticket items (more than $500.00).  It is a ‘money pit’ aspect, and unless you have plenty of extra time to send things back or collect on the warranties, it is best just to keep your money and credit/debit cards locked away. The problem is that charming color combinations are not hot pink with fire engine red.

Venus Rx is a good time to go for long hikes with your camera or pets. Enjoy the natural world.
More details about Venus Rx can be found in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1.

October 30 Beginning of Heliocentric Grand Square that will be exact on December 7, 2010
Heliocentric means you are viewing the planets from the point of view of the Sun, instead of from the Earth (Geocentric).

From the point of view from the Sun the planets have formed a grand square. They are putting a great deal of pressure on the delicate atmosphere of the Sun and creating Sun spots. Sunspots have a tendency to erupt into solar flares and when aimed at earth experience has shown they will melt copper, therefore sunspots that send out Solar Flares are dangerous for electrical equipment.

October 31 Halloween
Astrologers are usually overbooked on this weekend foretelling the futures of party goers.  It’s fun!

Venus Direct November 18
Go shopping!

The Libra New Moon appears in the 9th House (see chart above)

This is a Super New Moon putting a great deal of pressure on those sectors of the markets that provide education, publish books, and provide long distance transportation for the travel industry.

Saturn appears in the 8th House
Discussions proliferate on insurance and taxes. There are plenty of proposals of ways to improve insurance and maintain reasonable premiums.  Taxes are the main topic of conversation with a plethora of suggestions as to ways to make them lower.

Mercury appears in the 8th House
Government will join the discussions of ways to return the excessive cash on the balance sheets of USA based corporations. The death tax may be settled and discussions will continue on other taxes.  Voters are listening to eighth house issues death, taxes, accounting, and insurance.  All others are not important.  This position of Mercury indicates a change in political leadership in the legislature.  Electors will favor the non incumbent.

Venus appears in the 10th House
The chart of the Equinox continues here putting an emphasis on the feminine leaders in corporate USA.  Female leaders will find the environment very favorable for increasing the profitability of their organizations.

Mars appears in the 10th House
Mars here indicates increased covert military activity.  Male corporate leaders will be aggressive as they promote their industry.  Mars is at home in Scorpio, therefore we will tend to chose investments that are aggressive and likely to earn a nice return.

Pluto appears in the 12th House
Scandals and crimes will bring down the leaders of prominent institutions as well as businesses.  Police and other investigators will gain recognition for arresting criminals both white and blue color. Whistle blowers will explain the corruption they see to concerned citizens as well as reporters.  Corruption in charities, hospitals and prisons will be exposed.

Neptune appears in the 1st House
The public is confused by a lot of the rhetoric.  They feel like everyone in charge of government and industry has lied to them. They will vote with the ballot and the pocket book.  They are unhappy and ready turn everything upside down.

Jupiter appears in the 2nd House
It has the power to increase the value of stock, bonds and commodities. Folks are earning extra cash in interesting places. The job market will improve as employers are finding they need to fill more orders than they anticipated.

Uranus appears in the 2nd House
Strange happenings are in the market place. Investors and traders will sense that there is a something dishonest happening but they are not able to identify exactly what it is.  Entrepreneurs are finding very unique ways to capitalize on the internet by adding subscription services. Web site owners are impressed and sign on to the new ideas.

Kaye Shinker


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