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New Moon in Libra
October 18, 2009

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

Happy Solar Return to all of our Scorpio readers! (The New Moon is in Libra, however the Sun moves into Scorpio five days later on October 23 at 2:43 am EDT.  Best wishes to all Libra's still celebrating their
Solar Returns.) Read your financial horoscope in our monthly Fiscal Cents predictions.


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The New Moon in Libra will occur October 18, 2009 at 1:33 a.m. EDT Washington DC.
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October 13th, Jupiter Direct (review from Virgo New Moon report)
Jupiter turns direct on October 13 at 17 degrees Aquarius. The market signature is a reversal; therefore, check your stops. Jupiter tends to give an abundant supply of things ruled by the sign he transits. Aquarius rules electronic stuff and usually an abundant supply brings down price. For example: computers have been cheaper during the past year. This trend will accelerate through the holidays as Jupiter speeds up in motion. Jupiter moves to Pisces in January 2010, creating an abundant supply of liquids and drugs. Each Textbook for Financial Astrology describes this astrological phenomena and suggest sectors where there will be supply and demand.

Remember: Pluto is in moving forward in Capricorn. Pluto's forward motion reveals scandalous behavior. It is a paradigm shift and absolutely nothing is working the way it used to, not even the Sun. Pluto forward motion in 2008 presaged the fall of Lehman Brothers. Pluto warning: No institution is too big or too small to fail. If you are investing you need the charts of individual companies. Technical market indicators do not give clues as to how things are working behind the scenes.

October 17th, Mars enters Leo
Mars moves into Leo for an 8 month visit, October 17, 2009-June 7, 2010. In this sign Mars represents creativity, generosity and a sense of pride that may become pompous. Mars adds volatility to the sectors ruled by Leo. The emphasis for the next eight months will be gold, theater, entertainment, children and gambling. Commodity exchanges everywhere will be very busy trading contracts and earning money for their shareholders.

October 29th, Saturn enters Libra
The sign Saturn transits is where we find problems. Saturn moves to Libra suggesting the sectors where there will be problems in the economy are the consumer, high end retail and apparel. The consumer plans to be very thrifty shopping only replacing required items and purchasing fewer bits of clothing because they are staying home. Saturn in Libra likes to level the playing field. Computers level the playing field. The trend of commuting to work through the kitchen will continue.

Throughout the transit of Libra discussion will center of fairness. Rules/laws are made, but enforcement is extremely difficult. With local law enforcement stretched and under funded, enforcement of traffic laws will be a municipal challenge even with cameras.

October 31st Happy Halloween
Here in Cajun Country Halloween is considered a dress rehearsal for Mardi Gras.

November 4th, Neptune Direct
Neptune turns direct at 1:10 p.m EST, and statistically the direct motion has the effect on the market of signaling the end of a down turn and, therefore, a buy signal. It often signals a time when the world of merchandising and advertising present some very creative ideas to the public. In Aquarius you will find these ads first on your digital toys. Watch new ways to monetize the internet during the next six months. Content providers must be paid or they quit providing content.

November 15th, Saturn Square Pluto
The aspect is in effect for several weeks before and after the exact date. It tends to reverse markets, but rarely more than 5%.

This square forces changes in leadership of corporations all the way down to small businesses. Saturn is in Libra and insists on a level playing field and everyone must be treated equally. Pluto is in Capricorn and folks are not pleased with institutional leadership and they are not pleased with even their own clubs. They will insist on change or withdraw their support. The excuse is fairness, but the reason is failure of the old boy/girl network when replacing leadership.

The taxpayers are not pleased and states with elections this month will be the first to notice.

The New Moon appears in the 3rd house - October 18th (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4, page 30 will help you interpret the new moon for your own country)

The New Moon in the third house means there will be an emphasis on neighborhoods, elementary education, transportation and communication. Mainstream media has huge monetary problems and partnerships with the new media continues to make headlines. Huge meetings and long discussions will center around the concept that content is everything and the web has to find ways to monetize it. Stocks involved in these discussions will be under pressure as various communications companies try to position themselves for valuable content.

When you reset the New Moon chart for California the Libra stellium falls in the 4th house. Astro-meteorologists would suggest increased earthquake activity around the New Moon. Uranus and Neptune will move into a semi-sextile, therefore the Mid-west will have too much precipitation.

Saturn in the Second House.
Transiting the final degrees of Virgo, Saturn is trying to present the various monetary challenges in the world of health care. Earned income continues to decrease and therefore tax revenues are falling. Every level of government is complaining. It is a case of financial stagnation. No one wants to take financial risks and the savings rate continues to climb. Thrifty shoppers start stashing supplies for the holiday season.

Venus in the Third House
Discussions concerning vehicles will dominate. Folks are very serious about using their money to acquire useful vehicles and avoid the luxury styles. Earned income is spent on necessities and left over cash is saved. Investments will be conservative with gambles on risky ventures at a minimum.

Mercury in the Third House
The publishing industry is in the midst of a huge overhaul of ways to deliver the written word. They have formed new partnerships with the electronic delivery systems as well as ways to share content. There is a great deal of concern about local travel and folks are finding more efficient ways to move from here to there. New partnerships in the auto industry will make headlines in the financial news.

Pluto in the Fifth House
Exposure of illegal risks by hedge funds and even some mutual funds continues. Many state sponsored retirement funds were invested in risky equities and their managers will have the opportunity to discuss the investments with government officials. Expect lower retirement payments for retired state employees. Institutions with endowment income will have to take major budget cuts.

School budgets are stretched and parents find any suggestion of changing the school year on length of daily instruction impossible to fund.

Jupiter in the Seventh House
Often Jupiter here indicates a plethora of new IPO's coming to market. Most are well received. In this case those with connections to the electronic industries will find the best reception. Negotiations concerning foreign trade will be successful especially concerning vehicles. Boutique investment firms and banks are proliferating.

Neptune in the Seventh House
The number two export of the USA is movies/content. This rather unique feature of the American economy will make headlines as various business merge, divest and spin off their media components. Electronics delivers stories to the audiences of the world. Distribution of content must be creative as they rearrange their systems. Contracts with talent must be carefully renegotiated.

New software applications as well as recombined old software makes it possible to add new customers.

Uranus in the Eighth House
Please pass the idea around to government officials looking for unique ways to tax the wages of your favorite workers. Insurance is also looking for unique ideas as folks find paying premiums a luxury and not a necessity.

Mars in the Twelfth House
Mars starts its 8 month transit of Leo with his energy focused on using creativity to make the best use of funds delegated to governments and institutions. Prominent officials and leaders of public institutions are forced to put some energy into their work. Technology that they rely on to keep the public safe is not working as promised.



"Mama Bear did Papa Bear authorize a greenhouse on the roof of the cottage? Please ask him if I should let these workers use the back stairs."

Goldilocks had the speaker phone on so Ferdinand could share the conversation.

Papa Bear picked up the phone.

"Baby Bear loves Washington D.C. Mama Bear has a kiosk ready to set up on the Mall, so I thought it would be OK if CNBC planted their green shoots on the roof of the cottage."

"Oh, Ferdinand you wouldn't mind mowing the grass would you?"

“Not a problem Papa Bear, but I was hoping to go home to Spain as soon as I could reserve a spot on one of the airplanes flying horses over from Europe for the Breeders Cup. However, Goldilocks has had all kinds of trouble booking a flight out of New York.”

Goldilocks moved closer to the speaker phone. “Papa Bear, an invitation for all of us to Dick Whittington's cat's wedding arrived today. It will be Valentines Day. It's in India at his school for kittens. It sounds so romantic."

Papa Bear growled and handed Mama Bear the cell phone.

Mama Bear shared Goldilocks' excitement then asked her to take a few days to visit them in Washington D.C.

Kaye Shinker


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