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The Libra New Moon - September 29, 2008
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

The New Moon is September 29, 2008 4:13 am EDT at 6 degrees 33 minutes.

Mercury will be retrograde until October 15. That means keep your cash dry and research carefully any of your investment ideas.

Jupiter is applying to a trine with Saturn. Everyone is looking for an easy way out of each financial crisis whether it is personal of global. Jupiter wants to liquidate all assets. Saturn wants to make a profit from the sale. Until these two make the square in 2009, they will have to agree to disagree.

In the meantime, Saturn is making its first of five oppositions to Uranus. Opposition means conclusion, and the conclusion of the Saturn/Uranus myth is castration. Read more in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Part 4

The whole story of both Saturn and Uranus will give you some clues as to how the next two years will play as this opposition continues to move back and forth. One interpretation would be Saturn is trying to force Uranus to stop making giants. Giants are clumsy and unwieldy and slow to respond. They are too big for their britches.

Uranus is given credit for the computer industry. Saturn is often defined as restrictions.

Saturn appears in the first house
This means that the public is cranky, miserly, and very thrifty during the month ahead. The public will create efficient ways to accomplish every task. Instinctively people spend very little during Mercury Retrograde. Instead of buying new things they tend to repair the toys that are broken. Simply the tendency is to stop shopping and put off decisions.

Also they expect the accountants and legislators to fix the financial crisis. Unfortunately, Mercury retrograde is a universal problem and any legislation passed will be full of loop holes. In addition Saturn opposed Uranus in the 7th suggests that the solution will have plenty of unintended consequences.

The New Moon is in the Second
The stress is on personal income and keeping as much as possible in your personal savings accounts Personal income will increase because folks will find new and additional sources for earning cash. The New Moon encourages folks to look around for new ideas and in Libra to maintain a balance of old ideas and new. Note any new inventions and how they would be useful in your particular environment.

On the macro level it appears that profits from energy are financing the changes we are seeing in the markets. The profiteers may have pinched the sleeping giant.

Retrograde Mercury is also in the Second
Confusion tends to keep the shopper at home. This won't stop forks from researching price and quality and convenience of things they think they need and the internet will have a huge influence on sales. By the way this can be difficult for sales tax revenues. Be careful with your change jars, they have a tendency to break during Mercury rx and/or get over filled.

Venus and Mars in the Third
On a personal level this is a great month to have fun in your neighborhood. Practice your entrepreneurial spirit and get acquainted with your neighbors and be sure to find lots of ways to enjoy Halloween. This is a great month for garage sales or recycling any unused items. You will have the energy to do the work and the understanding of the value of your surplus items.

Pluto is on the End of the Matter Line
Pluto is in the fourth house close to the fifth house cusp and this means "The End" If we give credit to Pluto for the sub-prime housing mess and the fourth house represents homes then this could very well be the indication that the mess is over. Very optimistic? It is far too complicated for a quick solution?  Right, but it could happen, or some new financial crisis could take its place.

Jupiter is in the Fifth
The planet of expansion is giving the risk takers new territory to explore. Neither short or long traders have left the market. They are looking at those stocks not on the restricted list and assessing the possibilities. The result will be an opportunity for cash rich companies to take themselves private.
Creative new works of art, theater and music are everywhere and the opportunity for investments in this market category are phenomenal. Be sure visit your local arts and crafts fairs. Talented folks start there.

Neptune in the Sixth
Employment figures are probably wrong. Health reports are probably wrong. Uniformed workers are on vacation. That's it. If you get a new job this month expect the job description to change immediately after your first pay check.

Uranus in the Seventh
The seventh is the house of open enemies or folks that plainly say they hate you, Uranus turns things inside out upside down and backwards. Expect that sovereign funds and pension funds will have to hire lawyers and accountant to disentangle themselves from the current financial crisis.


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