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The Leo New Moon
July 30, 2011

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

The New Moon in Leo, Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 2:39:53 PM EDT Washington, D.C.

Leo New Moon

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The Leo New Moon
The second occurrence of a new Moon in a calendar month, according to Wikipedia, has sometimes been called a "Black Moon".  However, there is no accepted name for a second new Moon in a month. Some refer to this occurrence as a "New Blue Moon" - and there is some rich folk lore regarding "Blue Moons " (which is when there are two full Moons in a calendar month), but not much said about two new Moons in a month.   In any case, this month we have a second chance for new Moon wishes.  In the past I have explained New Moon wishes. The directions state that when a New Moon is applying to exact, it is time to sit down and write 10 wishes on to any ole scrap of paper.  I suggest that the first wish always should be for healthy, wealth, and wise family and friends. The last wish should be for the same for the whole world.  The 8 in the middle are just for you and your goals.

This is a friendly New Moon. Folks are feeling happy and generous. They are ready to enjoy the summer weather in the park, on the patio or at the beach. Precipitation dominates the weather news with Midwestern rivers continuing to be a problem.

Important Dates this Lunar Month:

Long Void of Course Moons
Throughout the past few months, students at Astrological Investing have noted some rather long void of course Moons during the trading day. Their conclusion is a long void of course Moon will indicate a volatile market with dramatic ups or downs in the Index averages.  With Neptune at zero Pisces and the other planets in early degrees of their sign, we will find a few dates with a long VOC Moon. Check the blog calendars if you are trading in Australia or London time zones. For New York, VOC Moon for the entire trading day: August 2, August 10, August 15 and 16 and August 25. For more details The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 Lesson 1.

August 3 Mercury retrograde at 1 Virgo
Mercury Rx is an excellent time to schedule vacation.  Wonderful adventures are promised, but be sure to pack any carry-on luggage carefully.  Ninety percent of the time during a Mercury Rx the markets slide up and down only to return to where they started.

During the Mercury Rx it is best to avoid purchases of items over $20.  It is not a good idea to sign contracts, or purchase big ticket items.  It is a time to do things that start with “re”.  Example: read, recycle, repair, restore.  For more details, read the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 Lesson 2.

August 26 Mercury Direct at 18 Leo YEAH!

During the next Lunar month beginning August 28th, on August 30 Jupiter turns retrograde at 10 Taurus
You may want to prepare for this by reading the article, Jupiter transits Taurus.

Jupiter Rx rarely signals a trend change.  Jupiter returns to the early degrees of Taurus bringing a renewed interest in banking and financial services.  Difficult weather patterns in the Spring have generated a great deal of speculation in commodity stocks.  At this point in time harvests are counted.  Jupiter in Taurus usually brings an abundance of corn and beans, therefore expect a lower price.  Drought conditions in the west have forced cattlemen to cull their herds, therefore feed for livestock should be in abundant supply.

The New Moon, July 30th, appears in the 9th House (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4,  page 30 will help you interpret the new Moon for your own country) 

The major topic of conversation in the financial markets will center on foreign trade and emerging economies. Shipping and diplomacy will be the focus of attention.

Venus appears in the 9th House
International trade is in the spotlight for companies and individuals. Businesses are profiting from contacts in foreign countries, favorable exchange rates, and demand for agriculture commodities. Repatriation of cash by international corporations is a very real possibility because of the USA budget crisis.

Mercury appears in the 10th House
Scandals among corporate management as well as government officials continue to make headlines.  Since Mercury is retrograde very few of the scandals are true and reporters will be fired as a result.  News media continues to lose credibility with the public.

Saturn appears in the 11th House
There is an opportunity to settle the debt crisis in the USA.  It will cause a great deal of discussion between and within the political parties.  Repatriation of corporate profits is the demand of fund managers, and it is likely the required method to fix the problem.

Pluto appears in the 2nd House
Folks continue their thrifty ways paying off debt and filling their piggy banks.  Many have big ticket items on their shopping list and intend to pay cash.  USA taps their own energy sources and employment opportunities bring people back to the workforce.  Small business finds excellent workers.

Neptune appears in the 4th House
Neptune remains in Pisces until the Virgo New Moon.  Neptune is exerting its ability to rewrite the rules of traditional banking and totally rewriting the rules of currency.  He is not happy with the price of precious metals and suggests miners add more supply;  Neptune here also signals windy wet weather east of the Rocky Mountains.

Uranus appears in the 5th House
Strange, unexpected weather events as well as sudden explosions dominate the news.  Inventors are testing their gadgets and some are taking their ideas to market.  Speculators will find it difficult to make money.

Jupiter appears in the 6th House
The focus on military spending and an increase in uniformed personnel.  Folks are feeling healthy and finding fun ways to use their energy.

Mars appears in the 8th House
Folks will be annoyed by the activity required to handle the paperwork concerning death, taxes, insurance.

Kaye Shinker

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