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The Leo New Moon
August 9, 2010

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

The New Moon in Leo, August 9, 2010 at 11:08 pm EDT Washington, D.C.

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This is a Super New Moon, meaning that the Moon is perigee (closest to the earth).  Super Moons usually activate the Ring of Fire and, in this case, the area south of the equator where the July 11th eclipse was visible is the most vulnerable.  It is a time of super high tides and earthquake activity or volcanic eruptions that may quickly initiate a tsunami.

The New Moon appears in the fifth house and promises everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy the music, the theater, the youngsters, sports events, gambling, and even a flyer into the speculative markets.  It is a time to resurrect your hobbies and adopt a few new ones. 

The New Moon is unaspected, therefore it appears the public is oblivious to all the economic changes taking place.

There are a few more scary aspects to survive, but we are prepared.  The past few weeks have kept us alert and restored our self confidence.  We have met the challenges offered by the squares and oppositions of some pretty heavy weight planets.  Nothing can scare the intrepid readers of  They have filled piggy banks, made a few excellent investments and our entrepreneurial spirit prevails!

August 14 Uranus returns to Pisces
(link to Uranus in Aries article on the web site)
Uranus returns to Pisces for the next six months to give us the creativity to invent our way out of the oil, chemical and pharma problems.  His deadline is March 12, 2011.  

There are so many needs to fill and so many things to improve.  New inventions are required in every Pisces sector. ( The Textbook for Financial Astrology discusses what sectors are ruled by Pisces.)

Some sectors are phenomenally difficult, like content for the iPad and the Kindle.  Some will be very simple. Example: a glue to keep the inner sole of a shoe in place.

Uranus is ready to complete his Pisces assignment. It is your job to keep an investor's eye open for the extraordinary work being accomplished by ordinary folks who are finding a need and filling it.

August 16 Jupiter opposed Saturn at 2 degrees Aries/Libra
This is the classic W.D.Gann aspect Victor Ledeboer explains in his book, The Master of Time,  An Epos of W.D. Gann's Master Time Factor

The aspect also has a habit of increasing Sun Spot activity. is the web site you need to watch daily. You are looking for Solar Flares that form an arc. These are the ones with the power to kill satellites, electrical grids, and ignite Auroras. Weather is a primary factor in all markets, therefore keep your investments in areas where general needs are the greatest.

August 20-September 11 Mercury Retrograde at 5 degrees Virgo (Turns Direct September 11)
If you can take a vacation, now is the time. If not, use your days off for fun with friends and family. The usual warning to avoid buying anything that costs more than $15.  It is a good idea to repair, read and relax.  Lock you credit cards in a vault and research all major purchases you plan to make.

August 21 Saturn square Pluto at 2 degrees Libra/Capricorn
The pressure is beginning to subside on some markets, but it is still difficult to make money. Corporations are changing their cultures rapidly. Many leaders are retiring as quickly as their resignations are accepted. Earned income is a problem throughout the country and dollars are stretched. This is the mid-point of hurricane season in our neighborhood (South Louisiana, Houston) We have been prepared for weeks.  I recommend everyone consider our lists. Double check your reserves and hopefully none of it is required in your neighborhood.  We had snow here last winter. Local wisdom predicts winter snow is a sign of a difficult hurricane season.

The New Moon in the 5th house (see chart above)

Schools are always in the spotlight at this time of year and the New Moon in the house of children highlights that sector of life. The discussions of children and their education will be a major topic of conversation. Local tax revenues say cutbacks are required. The unaspected New Moon says that no one is willing to pay more taxes.

Speculation in commodities will return as traders notice this market seems to promise better profits. Also the materials sector of the economy remains promising for traders looking for quick profits.  (Please be aware - commodities are a tough market to trade.)

Mercury in the 6th house
Mercury is thinking about organizing the work place.  Office supply retailers will benefit.  Since many new employees are forced to work on contract, they will be required to stop by these retail establishments and purchase basic supplies.  Software suppliers as well as community colleges will also see a demand for training in basic accounting.

Saturn in the 6th house
There continues to be irritating situations in maritime affairs concerning the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Information concerning the wells continues to leak to the media as well as the underground and internet press.

To quote my favorite book, Mundane Astrology, by Manik Jain, “An important subordinate may abscond with papers relating to the sea-enterprises which give the ruler a red face”. There must be quite a few secret papers and directives awaiting exposure by whistle-blowers. Official bureaucracy will continue to be exposed for failure to perform their tasks.

Venus in the 6th house
This position for Venus forecasts hurricanes and damaging windstorms. At least one of these storms could stir up a hidden treasure.

Folks who enjoy cleaning up messes will have little trouble finding work and extra income. These workers need to vigilantly observe the safety rules.

Mars in the 6th house
Summer colds plague the population. Nothing serious, but annoying.

Employment in the uniform services will be under stress. Employers continue to hire part-time and temporary workers. Agriculture will provide some temporary jobs. Employment in the transport industries will increase throughout the month.

This Mars position will spark wildfires, and air accidents.

The USA east coast will tend to attract hurricanes.

Pluto in the 9th house
In spite of the challenges presented by the squares to Pluto in the ninth house, this month should be very favorable for the new economy.  The internet will continue its pervasive outreach to the citizens of the US each day making it easier and easier to do business with the world.  Education will be forced to rethink the focus of their programs and adapt most of their classes to the new media.  Sudden resignations and/or retirement of education and religious leaders will challenge the boards of these institutions to find replacements.

Neptune in the 11th house
Corporations continue to hoard cash.  Most of the cash is earned from sales abroad and they are not interested in paying a double tax on it. Therefore, boards of directors will not increase dividends or order stock buy backs.  Many will suggest that research is a better way to spend money.  Shareholders will not be happy.

Uranus in the 12th house
Folks are restless and impatient. They are easily distracted and vulnerable to accidents.
Along with Mars in the 6th, Uranus in the 12th is also an indication of wildfires as well as explosions. TV news prefers the color red, therefore expect these events to lead their reports.

Jupiter in the 12th house
Scandal after scandal pours out of public institutions. Fraud, deception and embezzlement are the usual problems, however many clever criminals on the public payroll will have stories unique enough to find headlines. Secret documents will find plenty of space on the internet.

The July 11th eclipse on the USA dollar's moon will continue to stress the public's disapproval of its value. The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book IV will help you understand the details of the problem.

Kaye Shinker


* Jupiter went Retrograde July 23rd, 2010 and will go Direct November 18, 2010. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has suggestions on types of business that thrive with Jupiter in Retrograde.


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