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The New Moon in Gemini
May 20, 2012

by Marlene Pfeifle CAP

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month

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The New Moon in Gemini on May 20th - Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE. (Click for larger image)

Are you ready for this? TWO new Moons in Gemini this year! Gemini is the sign of the twins so it naturally makes perfect sense to have two in Gemini - however, two new Moons in the same sign doesn't happen often in Gemini, or any of the signs.  Only when a new Moon is at the very earliest degree of a sign can it happen. The Moon's cycle is 28 1/2 days - this new Moon in Gemini is at 0° 20' Gemini; the next new Moon in Gemini will be at 28°43' on June 19th.

But more importantly than twin new Moons, this New Moon is a solar eclipse! 
And a Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, follows on June 4.

I'm going to digress from my usual format of presenting the new Moon report, and discuss eclipses... and how this eclipse, and the following Lunar eclipse could potentially impact the financial market.

Eclipses happen on either a new Moon or a full Moon
A new Moon eclipse is a solar eclipse - a full Moon eclipse is a Lunar eclipse.  An eclipse is important astrologically because the energy has a long lasting influence - just how long of an influence varies.   Study has gone into exactly how long an eclipse has influence, yet there is actually no definitive answer.  Some say energy from a solar eclipse can be felt for as many months that are equal to the minutes/hours the actual eclipse lasts, or the amount of time the shadow of the eclipse can be seen.  Some simply say the energy of a solar eclipse can be felt up to 6 months, or until the next solar eclipse; Lunar Eclipses, not quite as long.

In any case, the reason the influence is long lasting is that the degree of the eclipse becomes very sensitive and the energy of the eclipse can dramatically reappear as transiting planets aspect the degree of the eclipse and other planetary positions in the eclipse chart.  

Transiting planets can trigger problematic international world affairs and harsh geological events.  Events that have potential to impact financial markets.

Malefic energy?
Ancient astrologers stressed the "malefic" quality of eclipses.  In reality, the energy is simply increased, intensified action. Therefore, challenging aspects (squares and oppositions) from outer planets, which are difficult to begin with, have added intensity which makes them more problematical.  Trines and sextiles - the so-called "easy" aspects can also be problematical, but most of the time the end results are fortunate.  

Both the challenging and the easy aspects in an eclipse chart portend transformation and change.  In the end, it's really how well things are managed.

Earthquakes are associated with eclipses
The area over where the shadow of the eclipse passes is especially susceptible to seismic disturbances.  This solar eclipse begins in eastern Asia and crosses the North Pacific Ocean where it ends in the western United States. The greatest point of the eclipse is in the Pacific Ocean at 49°05.3'N 176°16.8'E.  The ring of fire will be activated. View image of the path of the eclipse

Overall increased volatility in the financial market
Near the date of the eclipse, before and after,  there is a marked increase in volatility.  Eclipses have coincided with market reversals in either direction.

Check the first trade or IPO charts you are holding or considering to buy/ sell.  Look to see if they have planets within 5 degrees of 0° and 14° in mutable signs. (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)
As for individual stock prices, solar eclipses have both positive and negative effects, depending upon which planet it aspects in the stock's IPO or First Trade chart.   (If the chart of incorporation is impacted by the solar eclipse it may or may not influence the price of the stock.)

Solar Eclipses have a predicable influence on individual stocks.

With Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune you may see a positive affect on the price of the stock - but especially so with Venus and Jupiter, the money planets.  

If the chart has Saturn or Pluto within 5° of 0° Gemini be careful - this eclipse could impact the stock very negatively!

Oppositions and squares are important to watch as well, but the conjunction makes the strongest impact. Trines, sextiles and minor aspects are not reliable indicators of whether the price of a stock will move up or down

Sixteen of the DJI incorporation charts will be impacted by this eclipse.  However, only four of the Dow's IPO charts will be. 

Exxon-Mobil (XOM) and AT&T ( T ) have Pluto at 0° Gemini in their chart incorporation. This suggests some sort of shake-up or transformation of the corporation.  It will be interesting to see if it will have an influence on the price of the stock.

The IPO chart of Verizon (VZ) has Jupiter at 0° Gemini. This is very promising for the price of stock! Also, because VZ is in the "Gemini Sector" (governed by Gemini and the planet Mercury) this eclipse foreshadows a very promising year for VZ as Jupiter transits Gemini.

If you are interested in obtaining all the DJI charts, click here.  The charts and data can be purchased separately, but are also found in Kaye Shinker's, The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 3.

An astrological trip around the Solar Eclipse chart:
Intense, high energy is suggested by the planetary positions. 

The very powerful Scorpio chart rulers, Mars and Pluto, are trine - meaning, energy flows easily and in support of each other when in action.  

The high energy of the chart is even more pronounced because the solar eclipse falls in an angular house.
Angular houses in the horoscope are dynamic.  Planets in, and rulers of, angular houses express the most action and have the strongest impact.

Mars, co-ruler of the chart, is in an angular house (10th); Uranus is the 4th house, also angular; and, one must to give importance to how close Jupiter is to the 7th house cusp.  Jupiter this close can act as if it were actually IN the 7th,
which is very fortunate.

What makes this new Moon Solar Eclipse formidable is the square between Neptune and the 7th house Solar Eclipse, and Uranus in the fourth house square Pluto in the second. These could be considered ill-fated and very challenging aspects; yet there is a lot of supportive, favorable energy suggested in the chart otherwise, by house rulers and planetary rulers.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in the seventh house square Neptune in the third house

Eclipses portend powerful change and transformation governed by the house and sign it falls in the horoscope.

In the 7th house and square Neptune, this eclipse suggests increased tensions and threatening developments arising in foreign affairs. Scandal, especially involving women, and outbursts of sensationalism in the media are prevalent.   There is outrage over various forms of vice.  Markets react unfavorably to dire political news, the issues of the current debt, national credit and monetary policy.

Solar eclipses in the sign of Gemini suggest multiple newsworthy events
Unexpected incidents involving travel - in the air, by rail, land, and on the sea - are possible, as well as events involving all types of communications, the media, and education.  

Venus in the seventh house trine Saturn in the 11th house
Venus in her own house gives strength to Venusian energy, favoring a positive outcome in events.  Even though Venus is retrograde and not strong by sign, Venus is trine an exalted Saturn in Libra. Saturn gives steadiness and fortitude to an otherwise flighty and unfocused Venus. Additionally, the sign Venus is in is governed by - ruled by - is Mercury. Mercury is in a very favorable aspect with Jupiter - conjunct - and all this mitigates problems and any anxiety resulting from the negative events suggested by the eclipse.  

Venus in the seventh house is fortunate for foreign affairs.  Therefore, a fortunate outcome will result even if there are tensions, difficulties and misunderstandings in foreign affairs and with foreign diplomats and state visitors.

With Venus being retrograde, old problems may resurface regarding money and finances.   However, Venus trine Saturn is fortunate for the general prosperity of the country, and for all money matters, resulting in increased revenue, business, and the value of stocks. 

Mars in the tenth house trine Pluto in the second house
High energy. This adds to the volatility of the market.  National expenditures may increase, as well as taxes and Wall Street is angry over government actions.

 Mars in the tenth causes military questions to rise, warlike rumors and activity is in the news. 

A prominent person either in business or politics may become ill, or die.

Pluto in the second house square Uranus in the fourth house
The house where Pluto falls in a New Moon chart is where to expect transformation and change. Change in monetary policy should be no surprise - especially with Venus retrograde. However, Uranus energy is always surprising and unpredictable.   So what's the shocking surprise?   Who can predict Uranus?!?!

This aspect comes within 1 degree at the full Moon, so we will have to wait and see -

Uranus in the fourth house square Pluto
This spells problems for the current administration. Uranus here puts obstacles in the way and gives the opposition power.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the sixth
This is very fortunate for employment. Public services benefit and new regulations may be introduced. Good for trade and commerce abroad, railways, shipping and education.  Jupiter favors prosperity in general. Mercury gets the word out - lots of media and coverage on the news.



Always keep this in mind:

  1. New Moons statistically are times when the market is up - Full Moons statistically are not.
  2. Eclipses are times of increased volatility in the market and exaggerated energy.
  3. There is always risk in the market! More so during an eclipse.

Knowing how astrology actually coincides with market cycles and understanding the market trend will help you become more profitable in the market - more so than just reading transits in a mundane horoscope. Knowing both astrology and technical aspects is your best bet.   Each weekend, my associate, Randall Ashbourne writes a stock market forecast in his Eye of Ra Report on his web site,  The information on the web site is free, I hope you take advantage of the valuable information he shares in his books and on the web site.

Last weekend, Randall Ashbourne put up some charts showing the impact of Venus Retrograde reversals in his weekly Eye of Ra report, titled, A look at the Venus Retrograde effect, Week beginning May 14, 2012

Randall's charts are revealing illustrations of exactly what has occurred in the past during Venus Rx coinciding with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction. In his report he discusses how statistically the chance of a significant trend change is higher than normal considering not only Venus Retrograde, but the May 13 Jupiter- Sun conjunction in Taurus.

Important reading: Read Randall Ashbourne's article, Jupiter's cycle and its effects on Wall Street.

Safe Trading! Marley


Moon phases (for our subscribers who trade using phases of the Moon)
New Moon May 20- 1st quarter Moon, May 28;  Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, June 4;  Last quarter Moon, June 11;   Next New Moon, June 19.  (Read Randall Ashbourne's article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle)

HEADS UP! - Upcoming astrological events

May 15 - Venus turns retrograde for 33 days. The markets enter an ever- changing environment of unpredictability. Since Venus rules money, it is possible that the Federal Reserve Board goes back and forth on decisions made as it revisits and reevaluates past polices.

It is clear that the orb of the Venus retrograde station is showing an effect.  On Thursday the big news reported was of how an overconfident J.P. Morgan trader Bruno Iksil - whose very fitting Neptune in Pisces nickname, "The London Whale" - made an ill-fated attempt to hedge derivatives.

What?   Derivatives - AGAIN?!?!?   No doubt this will call for stricter regulation of Wall Street and will complicate the efforts of banks to fight certain regulatory changes.

May 20 – New Moon in Gemini - Solar Eclipse

June 4 - Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

June 4 - Neptune stations retrograde

June 5/6 - Transiting Venus crosses over the face of the Sun!

More than a century will elapse before the next transit in 2117. You might want to go outside and have a look!

June 19 - Second New Moon in the sign of the twins - A Blue New Moon in Gemini
What do we do now that it is "Sell in May and Go Away" time?

Regardless if it is a Bear or Bull market, there are always stocks that outperform. It is time to look at stocks that typically do well when Jupiter is in Gemini.

Throughout Kaye Shinker's Textbooks for Financial Astrology Kaye discusses how to pick stocks. The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1, lesson 9 includes lists of industries Jupiter will expand through the signs.

Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter does the research for you.  "In the coming cycle the shift, look for Media (including Social Media), stocks, Education, Leisure, Travel, Transportation (particularly air), Retail-Internet and high-tech products." Grace Morris

The Textbook for Financial Astrology is your basic guide to investing in the markets. 

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