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The Gemini New Moon
June 1, 2011

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

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Happy Solar Return to everyone born under the sign of Gemini! And Happy Solar Return to early Cancer Suns.

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New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

Gemini New Moon 2011

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New Moon in Gemini, June 1, 2011 at 5:03 PM, EDT Washington D.C.

The Gemini New Moon is also a partial Solar Eclipse

June is " time between times" with the July Solar Eclipse, July 1, 2011, at the next New Moon.  The emphasis for June will be to clear away paperwork, read insurance policies, evaluate portfolios and determine the best ways to invest partnership funds.  It is a good time to evaluate possible new directions anticipating changes in communications and travel. "Expect Weird"

This is a partial solar eclipse It should be a quiet eclipse unless it hits a planet in your personal chart or your country’s chart. (link to map -

"The eclipse begins at sunrise in Siberia and northern China where the penumbral shadow first touches Earth at 19:25:18 UT. Two hours later, greatest eclipse occurs at 21:16:11 UT. At that time, an eclipse of magnitude 0.601 will be visible from the Arctic coast of western Siberia as the midnight Sun skirts the northern horizon. Although most of Alaska and northern Canada will witness the partial eclipse, the southern limit of the penumbra falls along a curve from south of Fairbanks to central New Brunswick and Nova Scotia." - NASA

Check the horoscopes of family and friends for planets within 5 degrees of 11 Gemini and 9 Cancer. Click through to the article, Economic Implications of a Solar Eclipse in your Personal Horoscope, for ideas of how these eclipses will influence events for the next few months.  

Many USA corporations have planets in Cancer, Be sure to check their charts before investing. The Textbooks for Financial Astrology contain the astrological charts for the Dow 30, and a number of the popularly traded commodities.

The Ring of Fire as well as areas prone to earthquakes and volcanoes remain dangerous since Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus form an Aries stellium opposite Saturn from the heliocentric point of view. (the point of view from the Sun's center) Solar flares erupting from clusters of Sun spots continue to endanger communications.

Calculate the New Moon chart for the area where you live and check the 4th house for weather problems.  Example: Los Angeles finds Pluto in the 4th house suggesting geological challenges whereas the East coast has Neptune in the 4th suggesting continued problems with too much water. (Instructions for calculating this type of chart can be found in Textbook 4,  page 30 )

Important Dates this lunar month:

June 3 Neptune moves retrograde at Zero Pisces

This is rather an unusual time for Neptune to turn retrograde because it is happening within days of the eclipse. About 60% of the time the Dow averages move up after Neptune turns retrograde. This month the markets will be influenced by the erratic weather. Commodities will continue to be very volatile since Neptune appears in the 4th house of the eclipse chart.

June 4 Jupiter begins his transit of Taurus which will continue until June 13, 2012.

The emphasis will be on agriculture throughout his transit of Taurus. Banks and various financial institutions will also find headlines in the Financial News. Their sources of income have changed dramatically and only those with great managers and cash resources will survive the Jupiter in Taurus transit.

June 13 Saturn moves direct at 10 Libra

The Dow trend is up about 75% of the time. There have been a number of changes concerning accounting rules for corporations and most of the businesses have been reprogramming their computers during Saturn retrograde and are feeling confident that they will be able to report their earnings accurately. The SEC continues to remain very busy finding dishonest bankers and brokers.

June 15 Lunar Eclipse at 24 Gemini/ Sagittarius 4:14 PM EDT

It will be a visible in the Eastern Hemisphere. The lunar eclipse will provide opportunities for companies as well as the general population to check their communications equipment and make sure it is working efficiently. If you are considering an investment in a company with a planet near 24 degrees Gemini, it is a good idea to put off the idea for a year. The transiting South Node insists on costly reorganization of the house/planet it transits. With a lunar eclipse the reorganization is usually successful but time consuming.

Happy Father’s Day June 19

NOTE! Long Void of Course Moons - For New York VOC moon for the trading day: June 9 all day, June 21 after 11:00 am and all day June 22

During the trading day a long void of course Moon will indicate a volatile market with dramatic ups or downs in the Index averages.  With Neptune at zero Pisces and the other planets in early degrees of their sign, we will find a few dates with a long VOC Moon.  Check the calendars on Astrologicalinvesting.blogspot.html if you are trading in Australia or London time zones. Lesson 1 in the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 describes the hazards of a Void of Course Moon.

The New Moon, June 1st, appears in the 8th House (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4,  page 30 will help you interpret the new moon for your own country) 

Partnerships are examining their assets and evaluating the cost effectiveness of various investments. They are working through stacks of paperwork in order to determine whether previous ideas are worthy of attention or the circular file. Insurance businesses will be inundated with difficult questions as will the various taxing bodies. Partnerships are changing their priorities.

South Node appears in the 8th House with North Node in the 2nd

The Nodes in Sagittarius/Gemini should mark the bottom of the housing market with a gradual leveling of price while they transits these signs. Their position in 2 and 8 indicates renewed discussions on various financing plans. Individual home contract loans could regain their popularity.

Saturn appears in the 12th House

The problem of governments at every level will be to admit that many of their programs need to be returned to charity. Government agencies are perplexed by the demands of natural disasters and lack the resources to help.

Pluto appears in the 3rd House

Local transportation continues to challenge everyone. Communications equipment refuses to conform to regulation. Folks are finding ways to use their own communications resources to empower their life style.

Neptune appears in the 4th House

Now in its home sign Pisces, Neptune is exerting its ability to bring turbulent weather to areas east of the Mississippi. Stationary for about two weeks before turning retrograde he is confusing weather conditions and generally making agriculture a very difficult job. He is not helping folks evaluate values in the real estate market.  (link to article, Neptune in Pisces)

Uranus appears in the 5th House

Uranus loves to surprise everyone. In the 5th everyone has a good chance of winning a small prize or making a profitable call in the market place. Do not be afraid to make a well reasoned risk.

Jupiter appears in the 6th House

Finally away from the opposition to Saturn and moving into Taurus, Jupiter will increase the supply of corn, beans, copper, and bling. The price of these items will gradually decrease and commodities volatility will make financial news headlines. Employment opportunities increase and it is important to watch carefully for new job openings. (link to article, Jupiter in Taurus)

Mars appears in the 7th House

Military expenditures are questioned. The public demands butter for guns, however threats from the Near East continue. Mars is rather lazy in Taurus and prefers not to be involved in any conflicts.

Venus appears in the 7th House

Wedding industry continues to thrive and new business partnerships are formed. It is an excellent time to formulate a business plan where starting with a minimum of capital is required.

Mercury appears in the 7th House

Many treaties and alliances are called into question. Trade treaties present confusing problems for diplomats.

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